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40. Look him up
Wed Oct 28, 2020, 03:51 PM
Oct 2020

Yes he's a repub, but a fiscal repub. We don't have to agree with him, but he's not an empty suit. He's regularly on CBS and a critic of trump. We all know these aren't normal times. To defeat trump we need as much help as we can get.

Wish he'd done more earlier... But still. sweetloukillbot Oct 2020 #1
If so, that could help in Arizona and Nevada karynnj Oct 2020 #11
Certainly better than mittens announcing that in this great battle against evil... Salviati Oct 2020 #21
Jeff Who? NonPC Oct 2020 #27
Look him up DownriverDem Oct 2020 #40
Cabinet post dreaming? Chipper Chat Oct 2020 #2
HAHAHAHA! lagomorph777 Oct 2020 #3
Obama had a few GOP members on staff at various times. TwilightZone Oct 2020 #8
No. Fuck Republicans. n/t theaocp Oct 2020 #35
I could see Kasich or Flake or another Republican like that in a cabinet post AdamGG Oct 2020 #20
Qualifications? NonPC Oct 2020 #30
No. Fuck Republicans. n/t theaocp Oct 2020 #36
Not sure about Flake's qualifications, but Kasich or Mass. Gov. Charlie Baker AdamGG Oct 2020 #50
Flake's fake "concern stall" over his Kavanaugh vote rates him oasis Oct 2020 #34
That's exactly why he's so showy about his vote Politicub Oct 2020 #39
Feh. TlalocW Oct 2020 #4
The Kasich/Romney wing n/m NorthOf270 Oct 2020 #12
A Flake presidential run? Wednesdays Oct 2020 #16
I think he'd have to change his last name. luvtheGWN Oct 2020 #18
Depends on the results of this election, really HermitageHermit Oct 2020 #47
I think there's a good chance. I'm not saying he'll do well but I think he'll run... TlalocW Oct 2020 #51
Have to give credit when it's due. Baked Potato Oct 2020 #5
If there were more Republicans like Flake, we could probably have a functioning Congress. TwilightZone Oct 2020 #6
No. Fuck Republicans. theaocp Oct 2020 #37
Not necessarily. TwilightZone Oct 2020 #48
Purity hasn't been tried yet. theaocp Oct 2020 #49
Thank you Jeff Flake. BlueNProud Oct 2020 #7
Flake was a weakling on everything important, but this did take some guts. madaboutharry Oct 2020 #9
What took him so long? calimary Oct 2020 #13
They are weak. madaboutharry Oct 2020 #23
He made a good speech on this topic on the floor of the Senate greenjar_01 Oct 2020 #28
Did he get confronted in an elevator? NorthOf270 Oct 2020 #10
That's good, I guess. Hey, Flake, thanks for Gorsuch and Kavanaugh. catbyte Oct 2020 #14
How brave Tribetime Oct 2020 #15
A regular Profile in Courage, that one is Dream Girl Oct 2020 #19
Where were you when we needed you? icwlmuscyia Oct 2020 #17
"moral values and integrity are things we cannot put aside" LiberalLovinLug Oct 2020 #22
Earlier ? Gilbert Moore Oct 2020 #24
He's a weak fish, but I never thought him crazy, nice of him to go publicly sane /nt bucolic_frolic Oct 2020 #25
Such a maverick IronLionZion Oct 2020 #26
Unfortunately republicans are only and I mean ONLY admirable after they're out of office ffr Oct 2020 #29
Better musclecar6 Oct 2020 #31
"FLAKE" is the perfect name for this spineless coward. AZ8theist Oct 2020 #32
Nicely timed. OnDoutside Oct 2020 #33
Jeff who? dlk Oct 2020 #38
How did you vote on the down ballot? Do you have any allegience? Are you faithful to any ideology? Earthshine2 Oct 2020 #41
Flake... llmart Oct 2020 #42
How did he vote on Kavanaugh? Orrex Oct 2020 #43
He basically was shamed by the two women on the elevator NorthOf270 Oct 2020 #45
Voted 100% in support of Big Business, 100% in favor of taxing the middle class. klook Oct 2020 #44
NcConnell keeps spines in a locked closet. JohnnyRingo Oct 2020 #46
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