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There is no magic wand to make Mitch go away. We just have to win Georgia. tritsofme Nov 2020 #1
There is no way this will happen jimfields33 Nov 2020 #2
Not necessarily. There are a bunch of bills that some republicans would not want to have their name BComplex Nov 2020 #4
If we got the messaging correct, it could work jimfields33 Nov 2020 #5
No, they just wouldn't play along. Everything would be blocked in protest, until they manage tritsofme Nov 2020 #7
And this differs from the republican's intended actions in what detail? nt aka-chmeee Nov 2020 #43
If you want to advocate for a stunt that won't accomplish anything tritsofme Nov 2020 #44
And several House bills McConnell pocketed.... paleotn Nov 2020 #8
Nope. Kingofalldems Nov 2020 #56
Good. Big solution to MoscowMitch. NCjack Nov 2020 #3
This has been brought up before and it isn't going to work. onenote Nov 2020 #6
Agreed, that stunt will last for a few minutes.. Rstrstx Nov 2020 #21
We're not getting two R's on board to shaft their majority leader. onenote Nov 2020 #27
Any way they can neuter McConnell is a good way Warpy Nov 2020 #9
I agree. n/t EndlessWire Nov 2020 #26
"As Mitch McConnell will gladly tell you, tradition is not written rule." Merrick Garland, anyone? bucolic_frolic Nov 2020 #10
The only problem we have is that, until January, Mitch McConnell still runs the Senate. patphil Nov 2020 #11
Not an expert on Senate rules but I think scipan Nov 2020 #23
No, the Senate is a continuing body, they do not re-adopt their rules tritsofme Nov 2020 #25
But the rules can be changed at any time with a majority vote. Nt Fiendish Thingy Nov 2020 #36
It requires 67 votes to change the Standing Rules of the Senate tritsofme Nov 2020 #38
And one that would be invoked in a heartbeat if Biden and Harris tried this harebrained idea. onenote Nov 2020 #59
How could the Senate enact a rule change that violates the Constitution? Foolacious Nov 2020 #46
You are ignoring another provision of the Constitution. former9thward Nov 2020 #47
So the Constitution says both that... Foolacious Nov 2020 #49
There is nothing in my copy of the Constitution that says that the VP former9thward Nov 2020 #62
Thanks for that clarification. Foolacious Nov 2020 #65
The Constitution does not give the VP authority for priority recognition. tritsofme Nov 2020 #52
I think we should do this. And even if we don't, it's a major chip to be played in exchange for TomDaisy Nov 2020 #12
Downside housecat Nov 2020 #17
Except it's not a major chip. It's some guy's internet fantasy. tritsofme Nov 2020 #33
If they try this, Bitchy Mitchy will change the Senate rules faster than you can say PING MAY sandensea Nov 2020 #13
Really? 3825-87867 Nov 2020 #20
You're right in theory - but just try suing him sandensea Nov 2020 #22
Any port in a storm! 3825-87867 Nov 2020 #24
May it work! sandensea Nov 2020 #31
The Constitution expressly gives the Senate the right to set its own rules. onenote Nov 2020 #28
The Constitution doesn't define the role of the Senate's presiding officer. tritsofme Nov 2020 #29
Really? dware Nov 2020 #32
Executive order? housecat Nov 2020 #14
If he can sign two a minute.... Retrograde Nov 2020 #16
Hand stamp housecat Nov 2020 #19
You Know That If The Shoe Were On The Other Foot.... global1 Nov 2020 #15
No they wouldn't. Because this is not actually a thing. tritsofme Nov 2020 #35
They Would Make It A Thing.... global1 Nov 2020 #45
Cheney presided over 51-49 Democratic Senate majorities twice. tritsofme Nov 2020 #55
The Party Of Trump (Now) Is Not The Party Of.... global1 Nov 2020 #57
That doesn't make this goofy plan any more viable. tritsofme Nov 2020 #58
The "Unpresidented Podcast" guys discussed that in their most recent podcast. GoCubsGo Nov 2020 #18
Because, for the reasons explained in various posts, it wouldn't work. onenote Nov 2020 #30
Unless the filibuster is eliminated, floor votes can be blocked even with Harris in charge. Nt Fiendish Thingy Nov 2020 #34
Kick dalton99a Nov 2020 #37
If it was so simple why didn't Obama have Biden do this to get Merrick Garland a vote Buckeyeblue Nov 2020 #39
Exactly!!!!! nt dware Nov 2020 #40
Did Obama play hardball? JudyM Nov 2020 #48
If Obama was going to play hardball I thought this would have been the one Buckeyeblue Nov 2020 #50
Obama didn't "try" because the idea is absurd. tritsofme Nov 2020 #53
Right. That was my point. There was nothing he could do. Buckeyeblue Nov 2020 #61
Yes, *if* he was going to. JudyM Nov 2020 #54
A lot of magical thinking in this thread. Loki Liesmith Nov 2020 #41
Something must be done about Moscow Mitch, the grim reaper, and suspected (by me) kkk bastard. TryLogic Nov 2020 #42
... Wednesdays Nov 2020 #51
+1 onenote Nov 2020 #60
C'mon Georgia! Blue Owl Nov 2020 #63
Let it be so. Kid Berwyn Nov 2020 #64
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