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Mike 03

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6. I think what we don't get about the Republican Party is that it's not really
Thu Dec 10, 2020, 06:00 PM
Dec 2020

anything like the Democratic Party. We are a coalition of coalitions who unite around policies.

The Republican Party is like an identity group (or maybe it's identitarian?). They unite around the idea of being in the same group, and opposing liberalism at any cost. And they were conditioned to do that by a RW media designed just for that purpose, not to be serious journalism but to become a sphere where they teach eachother what to think and what to say. You'll notice, it's only a language of opposing things. It is not constructive. It is only a language of tearing down and destroying.

Other than a few figleaf policies, like Immigration and Abortion, they do not care about policies. I don't care what they say, they don't care about deficits or budgets. Not one fucking bit.

I was just reading about a study where they cut up a bunch of things Trump said that were totally contradictory, and Republicans agreed with them no matter how liberal if they knew Trump had said it.

Masha Gessen says something in her new book, that we need to get off of policies and find a more aspiration language to talk about politics. For our own survival.

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