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What is the difference Sucha NastyWoman Dec 2020 #1
I found a number of definitions and discussions. jalan48 Dec 2020 #4
Neo New Arne Dec 2020 #5
Certainly not Father Figure True Blue American Dec 2020 #13
Father figure drmeow Dec 2020 #28
I do not know why True Blue American Dec 2020 #30
Neo cleaned up and modernized after that unpleasant WWII business nt localroger Dec 2020 #12
neo equals second attempt at ruling the world ?? demigoddess Dec 2020 #20
Actually pretty much nt0 localroger Dec 2020 #45
they don't click their heels when the sig hiel and they don't finely taylored gray uniforms. nt Javaman Dec 2020 #16
And the propaganda is much more polished Yeehah Dec 2020 #19
No difference. Same fascism, different era. Using "neo" just obscures who they really are. ancianita Dec 2020 #21
Right. Same type of people, different era with different conditions Hortensis Dec 2020 #36
Amen. ancianita Dec 2020 #37
Seriously, they're all you say, but fascists, including religious fascists, Hortensis Dec 2020 #43
EVERYTHING you say, too! ancianita Dec 2020 #46
Agree. Your fifth column reminds me of Germany's wealthy who Hortensis Dec 2020 #48
All this while the new version of the world shrugs, moves on. ancianita Dec 2020 #49
:) What a mess. Seriously. Even while the planet is undergoing Hortensis Dec 2020 #50
... ancianita Dec 2020 #51
Anything that has the prefix neo before it means it a new resurgence. lunatica Dec 2020 #31
There is no "neo" to it. It's just facism. plain and simple. overleft Dec 2020 #2
You read my mind...quit doing that!!! Karadeniz Dec 2020 #17
Exactly. You are correct. Media who use "neo" are bullshitters. ancianita Dec 2020 #22
It just means the latest version of an old ideology. lunatica Dec 2020 #33
Technically. At issue for me is that it suits media to call it 'neo because it's now in their face. ancianita Dec 2020 #41
I agree lunatica Dec 2020 #44
... ancianita Dec 2020 #47
That would be the Coroner, Mossfern Dec 2020 #3
Thank you. Orrex Dec 2020 #42
If you can't get The Wizard of Oz right ..... Mossfern Dec 2020 #52
It just so happens that I played the Munchkin Mayor senior year of high school Orrex Dec 2020 #53
Kick and Rec Mike 03 Dec 2020 #6
Or, as we were taught, l'etat c'est moi. Guess that concept needs to be dusted off nowadays. Karadeniz Dec 2020 #18
Beware what is coming andym Dec 2020 #7
Exactly. Mike 03 Dec 2020 #8
Agree leighbythesea2 Dec 2020 #25
Let's put that in perspective from our side Thekaspervote Dec 2020 #11
I'm hoping that these folks have some consequences leftieNanner Dec 2020 #15
More perspective ancianita Dec 2020 #23
Another extremely important factor lunatica Dec 2020 #35
Regarding mocking and derision concretebluetwo Dec 2020 #9
You said it best! OMGWTF Dec 2020 #32
You said it best! OMGWTF Dec 2020 #34
Who could ever forget Ronald Reagan's irrational, "government is the problem"? dlk Dec 2020 #38
I think sometimes the Trump era is more like an old time "company town" that went national bucolic_frolic Dec 2020 #10
Forget 'Neo fascism', it's just good 'ol boy fascism, My Pet Orangutan Dec 2020 #14
The only fascism box he hasn't checked bigtime Dec 2020 #24
I'm sure he dreams about it though lunatica Dec 2020 #39
The GOP has no party platform of principles, policies, beliefs, values, ideology, morality, or goals keithbvadu2 Dec 2020 #26
KnR Hekate Dec 2020 #27
Sounds right. Looks like fascism to me. Never thought I'd see it here. WWII vet dad would be livid. Evolve Dammit Dec 2020 #29
Good article.. I read it twice. Thanks for posting. mountain grammy Dec 2020 #40
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