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17. The only hope for the GOP
Fri Jan 1, 2021, 11:50 AM
Jan 2021

is if the Lincoln Project folks somehow wrest control from the crazies, or more likely, form their own new political party.

Uh huh... Zoonart Jan 2021 #1
Hopefully it isn't too late for the GOP to pull back from... Vinnie From Indy Jan 2021 #2
Trump is just the symptom, I've got family who had Canoe52 Jan 2021 #22
Condolences on That, Although I Suspect You Have Plenty of Company The Roux Comes First Jan 2021 #47
50%+ in Red States Tiger8 Jan 2021 #53
It's too late. Person of Interest Jan 2021 #29
It's WAY too late Downtown Hound Jan 2021 #38
Well, Old Age and the Superspreader Events They Seem to be So Keen On The Roux Comes First Jan 2021 #48
Years ago the republican party PatSeg Jan 2021 #41
This is what I have been saying. chriscan64 Jan 2021 #49
I've known so many of these people PatSeg Jan 2021 #50
Spot on! Great post. Nt onlyadream Jan 2021 #54
Thank you! PatSeg Jan 2021 #55
Too bad there's no soul in the Republican party to fight for Blues Heron Jan 2021 #3
K&R, ".. it is that they are cowards, and that they are weak..." uponit7771 Jan 2021 #4
They are anti-democratic elected officials who support this attempted coup malaise Jan 2021 #5
They need to go Rebl2 Jan 2021 #12
Precisely malaise Jan 2021 #15
May the terminally ill GOP die a quick and painful death, very soon. Roisin Ni Fiachra Jan 2021 #6
agree housecat Jan 2021 #11
Yes,.. let us make a delicious and delectable beef stew,... magicarpet Jan 2021 #7
When all the famous dictators left office, safeinOhio Jan 2021 #8
In a cult like movement, not fully and many times not at all. paleotn Jan 2021 #20
Seems when it does, it's a close relative. safeinOhio Jan 2021 #21
Yep, but never has the original "magic"... paleotn Jan 2021 #23
They are playing right into Putin's hands. Destabilizing the United States. nt Irish_Dem Jan 2021 #9
The only way to kill fascism is to pull it out of the soil root and all Mr. Ected Jan 2021 #10
Good read...nt Wounded Bear Jan 2021 #13
There's nothing worth salvaging in the Repuke Party FakeNoose Jan 2021 #14
The GOP Brand needs to be Executed. Destroyed. Annihilated. Buried. Tommymac Jan 2021 #16
It is more like it has committed suicide PatSeg Jan 2021 #42
The only hope for the GOP Wednesdays Jan 2021 #17
Good read. This line grabbed me: c-rational Jan 2021 #18
Trump is the party and the party is Trump. There can be on successors.... paleotn Jan 2021 #19
Great article ismnotwasm Jan 2021 #24
Until obscene amounts of money are no longer required to attain public office dlk Jan 2021 #25
"Russians have bought their way into and have completely infiltrated the Republican Party" movingviolation Jan 2021 #44
Luv the headline. BlueWavePsych Jan 2021 #26
Its a bad bet by Republicans with bigger goals... Jon King Jan 2021 #27
The Republican Party will go the way of the Whigs. Marcuse Jan 2021 #28
I will never trust a Republican. Ever. OMGWTF Jan 2021 #30
I'll bet they will still use the lies establish in the Reagan years. Big tax breaks to the rich... usaf-vet Jan 2021 #31
Republicans must fix themselves. They tried to poison the entire system, but the system still holds. ancianita Jan 2021 #32
"patriotic republican" is the biggest oxymoron I've ever heard MyMission Jan 2021 #33
I don't see how the Republican Party survives peggysue2 Jan 2021 #34
"Two sane and healthy political,parties" leaves out the pukes. They are not, will not, can not, niyad Jan 2021 #35
It's an Ok article but fairly trite. gulliver Jan 2021 #36
The author of this piece Downtown Hound Jan 2021 #37
This did not start with Trump. JackHughes Jan 2021 #39
"fight for the soul of the Republican party? -- what soul? vlyons Jan 2021 #40
First of all, the bet isn't whether any of them have read Nietzsche. BobTheSubgenius Jan 2021 #43
Kill the messenger RecoveringJournalist Jan 2021 #45
All the bad actors have one thing in common. Mr.Bill Jan 2021 #46
Hell the GOP didn't even have a platform this past election. Historic NY Jan 2021 #51
When you see or hear TRumpism, just walk away. UCmeNdc Jan 2021 #52
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