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The Genealogist

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2. I'm sure a lot of them do have mental issues.
Sat Jan 9, 2021, 05:42 PM
Jan 2021

The RW propaganda machine looks at that and says "Here's someone vulnerable. How can we exploit it to our advantage?" And they will take advantage in any way possible--whether on internet chat boards, through terrestrial broadcasting, cable infotainment, podcasts, or what have you.

What I see as someone who has mental health issues (panic disorder with agoraphobia) is that there remains a lot of stigma surrounding mental health issues. Many still see mental health issues as weaknesses or flaws in character. Fact is, the brain is part of the body. We don't call heart problems or arthritic knees weaknesses or character flaws, and we shouldn't do it with problems that arise in the mind, either. However, insurance companies, many medical professionals, etc. still see it that way.

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