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42. Actions have consequences is fascinatingly true
Sun Jan 10, 2021, 02:27 PM
Jan 2021

Why so many people are surprised by this is a conundrum.
I guess 'wants' trump 'wisdom'.

No one acts (karma=action) without expectation of result.
We act because we have desire and think the action will bring desired results.

The wise know that action also brings unforeseen results.
The fool suffers due to the ignorance of limited vision.

The inner-child cries, "I did not do that" once caught in web of karmic comeuppance.

Actions have consequences SheltieLover Jan 2021 #1
Actions have consequences is fascinatingly true sanatanadharma Jan 2021 #42
Very true! SheltieLover Jan 2021 #44
Plus they act on their emotions MagickMuffin Jan 2021 #52
Hahahahahaha dweller Jan 2021 #2
He Fucked Around, He Found Out hatrack Jan 2021 #3
Ride the tiger, fool roscoeroscoe Jan 2021 #4
I'm making an assumption here that he is gay and that shit is NOT welcome in our 'club.' CurtEastPoint Jan 2021 #5
Play stupid games UpInArms Jan 2021 #6
With a little bit of luck ornotna Jan 2021 #7
Lots of red neck barber shops here in WNC. Traildogbob Jan 2021 #29
You have brought back memories OldBaldy1701E Jan 2021 #33
They still exist Traildogbob Jan 2021 #37
Oh I know OldBaldy1701E Jan 2021 #45
"Sure, I was part of mob that smashed into the Capitol, threatening to hang Pence struggle4progress Jan 2021 #8
He's known as the 'Adorable Deplorable'?? Siwsan Jan 2021 #9
If you read the article he claims he "didn't go there for Donald Trump" RAB910 Jan 2021 #10
Dreww just fukked himselff with this caperr. nt Buns_of_Fire Jan 2021 #11
Clever JDC Jan 2021 #19
Now he can live, eat, and sleep in a government building every day. Soooo exciting... BrightKnight Jan 2021 #12
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Jan 2021 #13
He looks both way older and way younger than 32 alphafemale Jan 2021 #14
"You think if we can get into this Capitol, imagine what we could do to our local capitol," theneworiginal Jan 2021 #15
He needs to be arrested. dalton99a Jan 2021 #16
Watch out. Aristus Jan 2021 #17
Seems like some of them really were caught up in the moment. BlueStater Jan 2021 #18
Fears For His Life? ProfessorGAC Jan 2021 #20
"I want to start a war, but please don't hurt me." Idiots. nt Binkie The Clown Jan 2021 #21
Look! An Ashamed Boy!! Generic Brad Jan 2021 #22
So much for their blue line flags matt819 Jan 2021 #23
Hope you lose everything GrapesOfWrath Jan 2021 #24
Oh, gee, the poor little snowflake. PatrickforO Jan 2021 #25
Good news for him. He won't need a successful business for the next decade. nt Gore1FL Jan 2021 #26
A face made for baseball snort Jan 2021 #27
This ain't no party, This ain't no disco, The Feds ain't fooling around... ashredux Jan 2021 #28
please ask him... jmbar2 Jan 2021 #30
They're always "contrite" after being exposed. George II Jan 2021 #31
So.... mgardener Jan 2021 #32
Treason has the death penalty. Just saying. Lucky Luciano Jan 2021 #34
Oh Drew... MontanaMama Jan 2021 #35
A real snowflake. LiberalArkie Jan 2021 #36
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Initech Jan 2021 #38
They talk big, but without their guns and goons they're a bunch of pussies judesedit Jan 2021 #39
He's scared?? Good. I want him to be as scared as the police who were outnumbered. I want him niyad Jan 2021 #40
Being afraid isn't "contrite." BobTheSubgenius Jan 2021 #41
Bwahahahahaha ellie Jan 2021 #43
This attitude is exactly what is splitting the Republican party... AntiFascist Jan 2021 #46
What's the name of this gldstwmn Jan 2021 #47
To this asshole...the legal process played out and you lost...own up it and behave as an adult. roamer65 Jan 2021 #48
He is very recognizable in the inside capitol.vids shown today Demovictory9 Jan 2021 #49
He will be charged and convicted. roamer65 Jan 2021 #50
This guy is mental. BlueIdaho Jan 2021 #51
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