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Thu Jan 14, 2021, 08:12 AM Jan 2021

I guess I have to say this again: I am to the point where I just refuse to stop and Google some [View all]

obscure acronym in order to make some sense of a post. I will just stop reading that post.

I am not complaining about the use of commonly used acronyms---FBI, PTB, RWNJ, etc. But don't post something like " MTG spoke at the VWCL" and expect us to know that Margaret Taylor-Greene addressed the Valdosta White Citizens League (fictional group---just an example).

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Oh, SCAJRWYW... brooklynite Jan 2021 #1
Supreme court arrests JR with young woman mercuryblues Jan 2021 #2
I don't want to know----- nt (no text) Atticus Jan 2021 #4
South Carolina Activist Judge Rules While Yelling Wildly KS Toronado Jan 2021 #47
Atticus, I'm with you. Maybe it's my age, lol. secondwind Jan 2021 #3
Me too. Seriously, Atti, what is PTB? NCjack Jan 2021 #59
PTB Powers That Be csziggy Jan 2021 #79
I still often search acronyms Yonnie3 Jan 2021 #5
Or Jerry2144 Jan 2021 #19
lighten up! nt USALiberal Jan 2021 #6
I share your peeve. lagomorph777 Jan 2021 #7
I have this peeve. I know that Biden is a D DEM and Trump is a R GOP. NCjack Jan 2021 #61
Yes, that too! lagomorph777 Jan 2021 #80
I share that one and a whole bunch more hvn_nbr_2 Jan 2021 #90
That's a fantastic list. Add: Blind links to Twit, and subject line "This!" lagomorph777 Jan 2021 #91
May I add the "asking for a friend" nonsense? SharonClark Jan 2021 #93
or one more reference to some GD anime or Game of Thrones shit. CurtEastPoint Jan 2021 #8
Lol, ok! Nt USALiberal Jan 2021 #15
This message was self-deleted by its author CurtEastPoint Jan 2021 #9
I don't either SheltieLover Jan 2021 #10
Absolutely infuriates me. There should a "thumbs down" just for this ... marble falls Jan 2021 #20
which illustrates a communication principle NJCher Jan 2021 #51
You summed it up perfectly PatSeg Jan 2021 #76
It's almost as annoying as reading an incomplete report. nt oasis Jan 2021 #11
YES! snowybirdie Jan 2021 #12
I welcome any opportunity to learn new things. I'm a researcher by trade. Doesn't bother me. ARPad95 Jan 2021 #13
I know in medicine we LOVE our TLA's.. three letter acronyms.. Like "the pt has S.F.B" watch out... mitch96 Jan 2021 #14
It's the same in IT geardaddy Jan 2021 #33
"same in IT" I did a little bit of IT in hospitals.. Those guys were a hoot.. I liked the term mitch96 Jan 2021 #38
LOL geardaddy Jan 2021 #45
My first night solo as a hospital clerk Glorfindel Jan 2021 #63
I absolutely agree. Lonestarblue Jan 2021 #16
The Valdosta White Citizens League is concerned by your interest ... marble falls Jan 2021 #17
There are people who are watching cable news PatSeg Jan 2021 #55
Drives me crazy. marble falls Jan 2021 #56
Thank you! There have been more and more of these empty posts lately. Totally Tunsie Jan 2021 #69
I call them 'non sequitir' posts. marble falls Jan 2021 #86
We need a BOA to look for TLAs Xipe Totec Jan 2021 #18
Urban dictionary? irisblue Jan 2021 #26
UD is a Two Letter Acronym nt Xipe Totec Jan 2021 #97
This Limits DU to Newcomers McKim Jan 2021 #21
Recoommend msfiddlestix Jan 2021 #22
Since when did WQL become MTG? TheBlackAdder Jan 2021 #23
Agree. Acronyms are for important figures, MLK and FDR, Hortensis Jan 2021 #54
Atticus, I understand your frustration. I just use the trash thread button. littlemissmartypants Jan 2021 #24
It is pretty annoying, but there is always Google. ananda Jan 2021 #25
Why should people have to go to Google PatSeg Jan 2021 #52
Because fighting it is useless. SlogginThroughIt Jan 2021 #77
Oh, I don't think it is useless PatSeg Jan 2021 #82
I also find that if it looks interesting enough I look it up. TNNurse Jan 2021 #27
First job out of college worked at the local paper, per my editor if your readers need to look it up Cozmo Jan 2021 #28
Similarly, not everyone with three part names Harker Jan 2021 #29
All too often the acronym is unfindable. PoindexterOglethorpe Jan 2021 #30
H & G FailureToCommunicate Jan 2021 #31
I like when people share something they just saw on tv IronLionZion Jan 2021 #32
Exactly.................... turbinetree Jan 2021 #34
Acronym mis-use WestofDenver Jan 2021 #35
Are you *sure* there's no Valdosta White Citizens League? n/t MrModerate Jan 2021 #36
No. nt Atticus Jan 2021 #43
Back when I managed proposals for engineering projects submitted to NASA... MrModerate Jan 2021 #37
What's PTB? KPN Jan 2021 #39
I don't know that one either! Tracer Jan 2021 #42
Forgive me, please. "Powers That Be". Atticus Jan 2021 #44
Not to worry Atticus. I was just messin' with KPN Jan 2021 #53
I honestly thought you meant Pre-Trial Bail. CaptainTruth Jan 2021 #58
Powers That Be. Crunchy Frog Jan 2021 #49
AMEN! Wicked Blue Jan 2021 #40
My grandson uses acronyms in his daily speech. I explain over and over that I am hard of hearing, Tech Jan 2021 #41
Seriously? PatSeg Jan 2021 #64
That's the whole problem with phones FakeNoose Jan 2021 #46
YES! DIN! SlogginThroughIt Jan 2021 #78
Agree, thanks for bringing this up. I am sometimes stumped. Paper Roses Jan 2021 #48
It doesn't bother me. n/t demmiblue Jan 2021 #50
Oddly enough, you listed PTB as being commonly used yet I don't know what it means. CaptainTruth Jan 2021 #57
I'd never heard that one either PatSeg Jan 2021 #73
Well I learned something on Cuomo last night, IFB, Interruptible feedback, that ear thing he wears Baclava Jan 2021 #60
I try never to use abbreviations in my blog postings. Sloumeau Jan 2021 #62
And then come back to the post, PatSeg Jan 2021 #68
I don't have any trouble Googling acronyms I don't know. I consider it part of my education. Nitram Jan 2021 #65
Thanks! lillypaddle Jan 2021 #66
When I was in the midst of seeing whether I could get an Army Commission at age 50 majdrfrtim Jan 2021 #67
That is priceless! PatSeg Jan 2021 #71
I had written a post much like yours PatSeg Jan 2021 #70
I refuse to Google what PTB means Poiuyt Jan 2021 #72
I don't need to Google what Poiuyt means Fozzledick Jan 2021 #84
Very good! Poiuyt Jan 2021 #95
I'm not quite there Blecht Jan 2021 #74
Thanks for the announcement. SlogginThroughIt Jan 2021 #75
Now even newspaper reporters use acronyms without explanation csziggy Jan 2021 #81
FTW? Also titles of threads question everything Jan 2021 #83
Most of the time, as used here, I assume FTW means "For The Win" and is meant to Atticus Jan 2021 #88
LOL (no need to explain this one) question everything Jan 2021 #89
Valdosta White Citizens League might be real. KG Jan 2021 #85
In any realm there will be acronyms to speed up conversation, radius777 Jan 2021 #87
I consider people who post these acronyms as having nothing to offer. Patterson Jan 2021 #92
ACRONYM central scrutinizer Jan 2021 #94
We're keeping "tiaihtsdcotywwytdycybidyd" though, right? Dr. Strange Jan 2021 #96
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