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Bobert will never see March 1 634-5789 Jan 2021 #1
Oh, sure she will. Wednesdays Jan 2021 #12
will this scare her or make her more outrageous? demtenjeep Feb 2021 #27
#SqueakyBoebert, Taylor-Greene, then #RollerNazi. SMC22307 Jan 2021 #2
RollerNazi underpants Jan 2021 #7
#GeorgiaOutOfHerMind SMC22307 Jan 2021 #8
Boebert is probably the one with the nude selfies or sex tape. Frasier Balzov Jan 2021 #3
Probably but, no one cares anymore LeftInTX Jan 2021 #4
Tell that to Katie Hill. Frasier Balzov Jan 2021 #5
IOKIYAR LeftInTX Jan 2021 #6
Katie Hill didn't give it a chance Polybius Jan 2021 #11
for real demtenjeep Feb 2021 #26
Republicans don't go after their own. Hell, even when inciting insurrection. SMC22307 Jan 2021 #21
sad demtenjeep Jan 2021 #24
This message was self-deleted by its author Polybius Jan 2021 #10
This message was self-deleted by its author Polybius Jan 2021 #9
wow demtenjeep Jan 2021 #13
Q-Bert 2 tried today but Q-Bert 1 setting off the mags and getting a 5 grand fine beats her demtenjeep Jan 2021 #14
ohhhh q-bert 1 pulling ahead demtenjeep Jan 2021 #15
Ohhhh QBert 1 is winning today demtenjeep Jan 2021 #16
Greene is awful but Boebert isn't even making an attempt to obey any rules or laws Takket Jan 2021 #17
l agree demtenjeep Jan 2021 #19
Is Nancy even enforcing the fines she announced? Enforce the fines nancy. nt Hotler Jan 2021 #18
she needs to put her foot "up they ass" as my kids parents say demtenjeep Jan 2021 #20
WowI thought Q-bert 1 would be the first to have papers drawn up against her but Greene might be demtenjeep Jan 2021 #22
wow demtenjeep Jan 2021 #23
wow demtenjeep Feb 2021 #25
This poll was done too early Polybius Feb 2021 #28
I can agree to that demtenjeep Feb 2021 #29
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