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Thu Feb 11, 2021, 08:17 AM Feb 2021

John Meacham finally goes there on Morning Joe. [View all]

He said that "every thinking person should read William Shirer's 'The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.'" I listened to the audiobook in 2019 and the parallels are chilling. When a presidential historian of Meacham's caliber goes there, America needs to listen.

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Read that book more than 45 years ago and pulled it out to read again about 6 months ago. Solomon Feb 2021 #1
I did the same. I've been reading now Dmitry Volkogonov's Stalin, less well known, but... NNadir Feb 2021 #10
I'll have to look that one up. thucythucy Feb 2021 #55
Volkgonakov is an interesting guy. He was a Soviet Col. General charged with psychological warfare. NNadir Feb 2021 #61
Wow! Now I have to look him up! thucythucy Feb 2021 #63
"In The Court Of The Red Tsar" is also fascinating (can't remember the author) . . .. hatrack Feb 2021 #97
It sounds like an interesting read from the reviews. NNadir Feb 2021 #99
I have to tip my hat to The Death Of Stalin as the ultimate in black comedy . . . . hatrack Feb 2021 #100
Apparently Stalin introduced Beria to Roosevelt and Churchill... NNadir Feb 2021 #101
Incidentally, if you're never read "Dark Sun" by Richard Rhodes, it's well worth your time hatrack Feb 2021 #102
I read the first, but not the second. NNadir Feb 2021 #103
And as applied to your last sentence . . . . hatrack Feb 2021 #104
Trump is a lot like Hitler Turbineguy Feb 2021 #58
For which fact we are most thankful. niyad Feb 2021 #62
+1 live love laugh Feb 2021 #65
Indeed! Turbineguy Feb 2021 #69
in both cases radio played a huge part both times but RW talk radio will croak w/limbaugh before certainot Feb 2021 #68
Limbaugh may be hard to replace Turbineguy Feb 2021 #70
Wow dianaredwing Feb 2021 #79
school system will be a lot easier to fix, like all major issues, when rw radio dies certainot Feb 2021 #96
RW propaganda radio will be replaced by Incel Neckbeards with podcasts. The Next Generation. nt Progressive Jones Feb 2021 #91
not same. unlike radio, social media, podcasts etc are like TV - part of the free speech spectrum certainot Feb 2021 #95
Hitler failed in his first coup attempt, too. wnylib Feb 2021 #85
Hitler was pretty incompetent too Joelteply Feb 2021 #89
Me too for the same reason, also Berlin Diary, fascinating reads Hortensis Feb 2021 #81
Conspiracy... the movie HBO 2001 ... about the ' final solution ' meeting SayitAintSo Feb 2021 #84
Conspiracy was excellently done AdamGG Feb 2021 #88
Check out Mank... SayitAintSo Feb 2021 #98
People need to listen. North Shore Chicago Feb 2021 #2
We are not out of the woods yet.... HUAJIAO Feb 2021 #27
True. The 74 million who voted for Trump are still with us. CaptainTruth Feb 2021 #74
This message was self-deleted by its author HUAJIAO Feb 2021 #30
DUers have been writing that for years malaise Feb 2021 #3
Great DUers stood up to warn us. Kid Berwyn Feb 2021 #9
+1 Celerity Feb 2021 #11
Most excellent malaise Feb 2021 #18
There is also a movie based on the book. I used to show it to my students. 3Hotdogs Feb 2021 #19
Thank you for posting this n/t solara Feb 2021 #51
YEP !! uponit7771 Feb 2021 #53
Good summary burrowowl Feb 2021 #59
Would you please post this as its own OP for visibility, and so we can rec it? Thanks. niyad Feb 2021 #66
Here's the thing, though. cilla4progress Feb 2021 #92
Thank you, Malaise! Mike 03 Feb 2021 #12
I don't deserve another heart malaise Feb 2021 #20
I'm so glad you supported this view from early on. Mike 03 Feb 2021 #29
Well people are finally waking up malaise Feb 2021 #32
It's not rocket science soldierant Feb 2021 #93
Excellent point malaise Feb 2021 #94
I've not thought of that book for many years, but at 4AM, hearing him merely say the author's name hlthe2b Feb 2021 #4
I've posted that here for five years PCIntern Feb 2021 #5
He said he's resisted using the parallel for 5 years, but after yesterday, can't any longer. catbyte Feb 2021 #6
Thinking people always resist being blunt PCIntern Feb 2021 #7
Politeness is the face of a threat can be lethal. SallyHemmings Feb 2021 #13
Meachem feels the need Springerjjhicka Feb 2021 #15
Oh, I've thought of the parallels the past five years, for sure. Just not that specific book hlthe2b Feb 2021 #31
I started listening to it in 2016 genxlib Feb 2021 #8
The cult will never believe the danger they inflicted. Boomerproud Feb 2021 #14
That's because their not human. Butterflylady Feb 2021 #48
Oh but they do! Their intent was to bring about eternal Trump rule. Blaukraut Feb 2021 #60
Almost happened, definitely will Eid Ma Clack Shaw Feb 2021 #16
Steve Schmidt said it bluntly Tom Rinaldo Feb 2021 #28
PBS's The Rise of The Nazis HootieMcBoob Feb 2021 #17
+1 llmart Feb 2021 #37
The importance of TRAFOTTR localroger Feb 2021 #21
This is another excellent book by Shirer: catbyte Feb 2021 #25
Excellent context. Mike 03 Feb 2021 #26
Kicking Mike 03 Feb 2021 #22
All authoritarians follow pretty much the same playbook... Wounded Bear Feb 2021 #54
Brits do WWII right, there is also Alan Bullock's Hitler A Study In Tyranny bucolic_frolic Feb 2021 #23
Totally agree Mike 03 Feb 2021 #40
Read it the summer after graduating high school. lastlib Feb 2021 #24
"Democracy is not important" said Mike Lee 1cheapbeemr Feb 2021 #33
Is this the quote? 58Sunliner Feb 2021 #42
To me, the most disturbing are those who ignored what was happening around them. BarbD Feb 2021 #34
This quote has resonated with me since 2016: catbyte Feb 2021 #36
It is chilling, but very true. BarbD Feb 2021 #41
+1 llmart Feb 2021 #43
+1 dalton99a Feb 2021 #47
Bookmarking liberalla Feb 2021 #35
Read it in the 9th grade. I always wondered what it would be like kairos12 Feb 2021 #38
But, a Republican that actually wants to read a book mrsadm Feb 2021 #39
I read it twice. rickford66 Feb 2021 #44
Yep. I listened to that audiobook 6 months ago. Hassin Bin Sober Feb 2021 #45
You could make a case for every bogeyman available. gordianot Feb 2021 #46
The Big Lie Desert_Leslie Feb 2021 #49
We may think that the origin of the phrase is common knowledge, Oldem Feb 2021 #78
It seems to me that republicans in the Senate realize that if they vote to convict DJT, Mr. Evil Feb 2021 #50
History doesn't repeat, but it does rhyme... Wounded Bear Feb 2021 #52
The problem is... johnnyfins Feb 2021 #56
knr triron Feb 2021 #57
I struggled through it VA_Jill Feb 2021 #64
Agree 100% Joinfortmill Feb 2021 #67
K&R Roisin Ni Fiachra Feb 2021 #71
I agree with the idea that the circumstances are different. BobTheSubgenius Feb 2021 #72
I've referred people to this for several years. I'm on my third reading (read it every 25 yrs) SharonAnn Feb 2021 #73
Also, read "The Authoritarians". It's free on the Internet. Good explanation of MAGA thinking. SharonAnn Feb 2021 #75
Learning from history Oscarthegreat Feb 2021 #76
I'm reading "The Rise and Fall" right now PlanetBev Feb 2021 #77
The reason people are loathe to go there is that the standard argument is . . . peggysue2 Feb 2021 #80
Read it many years ago. moondust Feb 2021 #82
My biggest fear is that if Trump is acquitted a much smarter and cagier president in the future Nitram Feb 2021 #83
I've said several time the path to understanding Trump Dan Feb 2021 #86
And Willie Geist called them cowards. Lunabell Feb 2021 #87
Trump and his acolytes were itching for their own Reichstag. summer_in_TX Feb 2021 #90
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