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23. I've suspected Flynn ever since he gave the talk you posted here.
Sun Feb 14, 2021, 04:39 PM
Feb 2021

People thought it was reaching but, now it doesn't look far fetched.

I am guessing a big infusion of Russian money was delivered to this ex military group. Irish_Dem Feb 2021 #1
I would be surprised if there WASN'T foreign money involved. Rick Rolle Feb 2021 #11
I have read that Trump was cultivated for decades by the Russians. Irish_Dem Feb 2021 #12
Jesus H. Christ. What gives with these people? Biophilic Feb 2021 #2
I'd say the crazy in the military Turin_C3PO Feb 2021 #13
I hear you and agree, but I sort of had a belief that the military Biophilic Feb 2021 #18
Visit Colorado Springs and The USAF Academy. Tommymac Feb 2021 #28
Dang, I actually knew about Colorado Springs and had read about the USAF Academy. Biophilic Feb 2021 #29
It is scary Puppyjive Feb 2021 #25
Hmmmm, not what I wanted to hear, but I appreciate you honesty and response. Biophilic Feb 2021 #27
It is scary Puppyjive Feb 2021 #26
mike flynn's finger prints are all over all of this. mopinko Feb 2021 #3
I have long suspected Flynn UpInArms Feb 2021 #4
Mike Cernovich is a massive tool. Initech Feb 2021 #9
I've suspected Flynn ever since he gave the talk you posted here. NoRoadUntravelled Feb 2021 #23
Flynn is never to be trusted, colorado_ufo Feb 2021 #24
whoa, whoa!,whoa!! llashram Feb 2021 #5
The thing common to all: Lying. Projecting a false persona. Baked Potato Feb 2021 #6
None of this Insane Knowledge ever sees the light of day with out the money bottomofthehill Feb 2021 #7
All disillusioned former national security establishment operatives Klaralven Feb 2021 #8
This is freaking scary. I'm thinking Pentagon, White House CIA maybe FBI infiltrated msfiddlestix Feb 2021 #10
Very worrisome. bamagal62 Feb 2021 #14
Holy Shit! peggysue2 Feb 2021 #15
Yeah, Larry Johnson's name jumped out at me too. Denzil_DC Feb 2021 #30
Thanks for the additional heads up peggysue2 Feb 2021 #32
Can that traitorous bastard Flynn be reactivated and court-martialed? niyad Feb 2021 #16
Great idea, but could it work if he was fired? Cozmo Feb 2021 #19
good...shine a light on these goddamn cockroaches... dhill926 Feb 2021 #17
Holy Shit Batman! sarchasm Feb 2021 #20
Ray McGovern wow! catchnrelease Feb 2021 #21
Michael Flynn did make a big deal about is "digital army" nt NoRoadUntravelled Feb 2021 #22
Wow. K&R for the post and the discussion. crickets Feb 2021 #31
Biden and CO. better be smart and have their eyes wide open. Boomerproud Feb 2021 #33
I'm surprised that Erik Prince isn't on this list FakeNoose Feb 2021 #34
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