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12. I have seen the Dark money in action in NC and Montana. They are not the exclusive force behind the
Sun Feb 14, 2021, 10:20 PM
Feb 2021

GOP but they steer much of the GOP decision making. The Mercers and Koch organizations are the most visible but they are far from the only ones. Even Putin doesn't make all the rules. They are most certainly not made of straw.

The effect of the money is that Trump had over 200 federal judges available to appoint. That is the kind of power the GOP craves to its bones. The Money and the Conservative wing of the GOP have been working up to this point for nearly 40 years through a thorough and well planned exploitation of the party. The Money is persistent and will do anything that permits their push to own and exploit the planet while hobbling legal structures and institutions. My point is that the GOP do not only operate from fear and are beholden to powerful forces that are outside Trump's discretion. Those same forces are pushing to eliminate 2 party government even as we debate.

The GOP do not value law or the Constitution as we do. Some of them think not enough bad happened on Jan 6th. Some of them are waiting for the next step, or event, or opportunity and have reasons to think there is more to come. My point is that some of the GOP voted to acquit because that's the next step in obscuring the rule of law. Those GOP members aren't afraid, they are dangerously bold.

My point is that many GOP do not feel bound by the same sense of truth, the same value of justice that we do, which at least 7 of their fellow GOP senators voted to support. In the minds of those I speak of politics is a game for winners only, and that suits the Dark money just fine.

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