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31. I love where I live, but many don't share my opinion
Mon Feb 15, 2021, 09:13 PM
Feb 2021

And that's ok. I live in Pueblo, Colorado. Population 110,000. Our reputation isn't great, and some would rather die than live here, but it's a good fit for me. To be honest, I didn't like it here when I first moved here. It was a huge culture shock. But it grew on me and I like the pace and that it's so quiet. I love that within a half hour I can be in the mountains. In an hour and a half I can be in Denver.

The thing is, I just don't like crowds. I think I've gotten worse as I've gotten older. For a couple of decades my life was very hectic and now I'm just enjoying a calm, slow-paced, quiet life.

To be fair, I know I didn't at all get the NYC experience because our visit wasn't long. I don't think it's possible to make a real assessment of anyplace without being there for weeks or longer. I used to know someone who lived in a resort city somewhere in Mexico, and she said that the entire mood of the native population changed when a cruise ship docked. I realized that if I were ever to go to one of those places I'd want to spend a month or so there and get the REAL experience.

I'm very sorry if I gave the impression that I think NYC is a bad place. I don't at all think that.

I didn't feel at all unsafe. It's just such a crowded place and I don't feel comfortable in crowds. Maybe it's my claustrophobia.

I do appreciate your taking the time to post, and it's obvious that you really do love New York. I bet you're an awesome tour guide when friends visit.

One never knows what life might bring. Maybe I'll give it another chance someday. There are a few other places on my list first if we ever get to go anyplace again.

NYC has no appeal to me Rorey Feb 2021 #1
There's nothing there worth the $40 for a ride in and back Klaralven Feb 2021 #8
I've been there many times--typically for professional conferences. If you have $$$ it can be great hlthe2b Feb 2021 #9
It's the crowds, among other things Rorey Feb 2021 #14
I lived in the northeast over 30 years ago, and spent a lot of time in NYC shrike3 Feb 2021 #21
Frank disagrees 😉 Dem4Life1102 Feb 2021 #10
That's too bad PJMcK Feb 2021 #25
I agree kcr Feb 2021 #28
I love NYC! Lived there moonscape Feb 2021 #30
I love where I live, but many don't share my opinion Rorey Feb 2021 #31
One more reason North Shore Chicago Feb 2021 #2
AMEN! Earbuds and staring at that GD phone screen make me crazy. Pay attention to the world! CurtEastPoint Feb 2021 #3
Exactly... One can become a victim anywhere. I only wear "NON-noise cancelling" earbuds hlthe2b Feb 2021 #4
This! LisaM Feb 2021 #11
Absolutely Rorey Feb 2021 #15
Why I would never wear earbuds while going about my business. And why I rarely look at my phone when shrike3 Feb 2021 #22
Given they are shoved WHILE WAITING for the train, why are they calling them "straphangers?" hlthe2b Feb 2021 #5
Straphangers is a common term for bus or subway riders. LisaM Feb 2021 #12
As I said, I am well aware of the use of the term for those who stand on the subway. They were hlthe2b Feb 2021 #13
It annoyed me too soothsayer Feb 2021 #19
I've only ever seen it used by newspaper writers kcr Feb 2021 #27
The New York Daily News cleaves to mid-20th century tabloid nomenclature. musette_sf Feb 2021 #29
History of mental illness? Huh. WhiskeyGrinder Feb 2021 #6
I haven't taken the subway in a while here in Boston, but that has always scared me here as smirkymonkey Feb 2021 #7
Agreed! ProfessorGAC Feb 2021 #16
Only people with less than half a brain stand on the edge of a subway platform Jersey Devil Feb 2021 #17
Why is he on the streets? judesedit Feb 2021 #18
Situational Awareness isn't just for spy movies. displacedtexan Feb 2021 #20
Terrifying. Makes sense that mental illness is behind it most of the time, Hortensis Feb 2021 #23
Reminds me of the "Mad Bomber" in the 50s. kskiska Feb 2021 #24
If I'm on a subway/metro platform in any city anywhere in the world.... marmar Feb 2021 #26
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