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Mike 03

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32. 100%
Wed Mar 17, 2021, 05:13 PM
Mar 2021

This is the aspect of the story that worries me the most. There are hundreds of thousands of guys just like this out there. Not all of them are mass shooters or spree killers. Some might be serial killers.

I'm just as guilty as anyone else of ridiculing the Incels, but they are not a laughing batter. They are driven by a hatred of women and a ludicrous sense of self-entitlement and a refusal to take personal responsibility for their lives. Some will be propelled into violence. They are first and foremost loners; therefore, more difficult to track than, say, a militia or white supremacy group where members cross-communicate frequently or put themselves at risk attempting to recruit new members. Incels are out there all by themselves, ruminating and fantasizing.

I'm glad there are several posts on this topic.


And the Deeply Rooted Toxic Religion leftieNanner Mar 2021 #1
Religion will never be recognized as evil. Cartoonist Mar 2021 #3
I agree completely that the media have wnylib Mar 2021 #18
Apparently, "devout" Southern Baptist leftieNanner Mar 2021 #20
All things except murder, apparently. louis-t Mar 2021 #27
I think in our culture LiberalLoner Mar 2021 #2
Sadly it's so common for men to murder women that if you called that a 'hate crime' ... Hugh_Lebowski Mar 2021 #4
It is definitely being reported on cable news that it was all women Bev54 Mar 2021 #33
Yes, and mentioning that only that women were victims spooky3 Mar 2021 #39
They were discussing it as part of the motivation Bev54 Mar 2021 #42
Not in the sources I noted in my OP, as of the time of the OP. Nt spooky3 Mar 2021 #43
He has a sexual addiction? multigraincracker Mar 2021 #5
Ditto. nt iluvtennis Mar 2021 #7
Suicide is preferable to murder, too. At least in my mind it is. LiberalLoner Mar 2021 #9
Or... mezame Mar 2021 #17
There actually is such a thing as wnylib Mar 2021 #23
Oh...is that a disability like alcohol addiction?? Rustyeye77 Mar 2021 #24
Snipes or snips? That's really important. Really. jaxexpat Mar 2021 #30
Any word on suspect's ''pol'tics''? empedocles Mar 2021 #6
End the patriarchy. barbtries Mar 2021 #8
Wouldn't it be wonderful if the world really believed that? LiberalLoner Mar 2021 #10
because republicans and religions. barbtries Mar 2021 #31
Actually shooting led to this article today about sexism and racism playing a role in recent attacks andym Mar 2021 #11
Glad to see that article. Nt spooky3 Mar 2021 #40
Another thing mentioned here last night is Mr.Bill Mar 2021 #12
Yes, I'm sure that was just due to chance. spooky3 Mar 2021 #46
Looks like this terrorist hit the trifecta here: gender, race, religion IronLionZion Mar 2021 #13
THIS malaise Mar 2021 #15
Because Jesus said murder was okay but sex for money isn't. Not. Ilsa Mar 2021 #21
Like Kyle Rittenhouse, they'll probably crowdfund his legal fees nt IronLionZion Mar 2021 #28
It's all a part of a pattern Larissa Mar 2021 #14
War on Women Everywhere mezame Mar 2021 #22
A fair number of those male gropers are also molesting their daughters, remember. I think I read LiberalLoner Mar 2021 #35
AGREE. Treefrog Mar 2021 #16
I tried to convey this in the other thread on the shootings. appleannie1 Mar 2021 #19
Trans Panic... mezame Mar 2021 #25
I don't think there's any question that misogyny was involved peggysue2 Mar 2021 #26
In this particular case, adding hate crime charges wouldn't make a difference in his punishment Hoyt Mar 2021 #29
But using that logic, you would question why the articles raised spooky3 Mar 2021 #41
100% Mike 03 Mar 2021 #32
I doubt this guy has ever had an actual real emotional relationship with a woman BlueNProud Mar 2021 #34
I wonder what his home life was like? Where did he learn that women are just objects so it's LiberalLoner Mar 2021 #36
How in the name of anything holy does a hate crime law cover all the things it does, but not gender? BobTheSubgenius Mar 2021 #37
That's what BBC reported, and this link says it's true: spooky3 Mar 2021 #38
OH, I believe it's true, as I said. BobTheSubgenius Mar 2021 #44
And with that exception, Ilsa Mar 2021 #45
K&R, the M$M has ran 1241234 stories on Cuomo pre-investigation but wont call this guy misogynist uponit7771 Mar 2021 #47
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