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Fri Apr 9, 2021, 03:58 PM Apr 2021

POLL: The average age in the US is 38.5 years old (What's the average age at DU?) [View all]

The average age in the United States is 38.5 years old. This is a small increase from 38.2 in 2018. States in the western half of the United States tend to have a lower median age than states in the eastern half. The median age ranges from 31.2 years to 45.1 years.


⭐⭐ I wonder what the average age is for the folks here at DU. I think we're probably older than an average of 38.5 (but I could be wrong.)

Poll Question: How old are you?
113 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Under 20
1 (1%)
1 (1%)
5 (4%)
11 (10%)
36 (32%)
43 (38%)
15 (13%)
1 (1%)
0 (0%)
Over 100... bow down before me!
0 (0%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Maybe you should retitle this so people realize this is a poll and more people answer? Dream Girl Apr 2021 #1
Good idea. NurseJackie Apr 2021 #3
Is that before or after Covid-19? Marthe48 Apr 2021 #2
I hear ya! NurseJackie Apr 2021 #4
I clicked "Undo" when I realized that "Show usernames" would display my age group. Towlie Apr 2021 #5
I think this is fine. This is how age Demographics are gathered in most surveys. You are correct, Dream Girl Apr 2021 #6
That's pretty much what I had in mind. With a maximum of 10 choices... NurseJackie Apr 2021 #7
You don't want us to know your age? Croney Apr 2021 #9
Yeah. It's not a scientific poll. Just for fun, that's all. NurseJackie Apr 2021 #10
So, it looks like the average age at DU is "early Bronze Age". n/t Mister Ed Apr 2021 #8
That's how it's shaping up, isn't it? NurseJackie Apr 2021 #11
If that's close to "Neanderthal Modern", I'm in. JustABozoOnThisBus Apr 2021 #19
lol... young folks don't follow politics Demovictory9 Apr 2021 #28
not sure if this is sarcasm, but if not, you are vastly mistaken, and this goes for many nations, Celerity Apr 2021 #48
was not being sarcastic... it's a fact, older people more likely to follow politics. Thanks for the Demovictory9 Apr 2021 #57
if you have said older people follow politics MORE than us younger ones, then I never would have Celerity Apr 2021 #63
ok. got it. you are right. should have said "less likely than older folks" Demovictory9 Apr 2021 #65
Nah! ProfessorGAC Apr 2021 #29
262,108 user registrations here on DU according to the Home page. IcyPeas Apr 2021 #12
Many of those are inactive or banned... I don't know how many "active users" we have here. NurseJackie Apr 2021 #13
I was a lot younger when I joined DU 16 years ago. mnhtnbb Apr 2021 #14
I'm a little disappointed Disaffected Apr 2021 #15
Yes, that disappointed - and surprised - me as well. smirkymonkey Apr 2021 #20
lol... I used to be one of them MissMillie Apr 2021 #22
Actually, so was I! smirkymonkey Apr 2021 #23
Older but wiser Disaffected Apr 2021 #24
I think the older I am, the more political I have become. smirkymonkey Apr 2021 #42
They're on the Tick-Tock and the Tweeter and the Instantgram. NurseJackie Apr 2021 #21
Don't forget the Me-Pods and boomy-boxes n/t Victor_c3 Apr 2021 #53
Ha! NurseJackie Apr 2021 #55
the last one had over 500 replies at one point, and it was me and a 19yo (at that time) as the only Celerity Apr 2021 #30
Hiiii! Oneironaut Apr 2021 #32
Hello! Celerity Apr 2021 #69
"This is not a very young people friendly place overall" Kaleva Apr 2021 #37
+1 betsuni Apr 2021 #43
Perfect example of what I am saying, and you know what that the term Celerity Apr 2021 #45
Which political forums have your friends found to be friendly? Kaleva Apr 2021 #58
At 59, I can relate. Ever hear of Generation Jones? JarOCats Apr 2021 #60
yes, deffo know Gen Jones, VPOTUS Harris is one, Obama too Celerity Apr 2021 #61
Yes, I know. Prince, too... JarOCats Apr 2021 #67
30 here vercetti2021 Apr 2021 #41
Skinner did some of these demographic polls before. DU skews old. FSogol Apr 2021 #16
Interesting. Thanks for finding them and providing the links! NurseJackie Apr 2021 #17
Anytime. Sorry I couldn't find the polls Skinner did. n/t FSogol Apr 2021 #18
Robb is a Dingbat posted that! madinmaryland Apr 2021 #66
Two points about this thread: 1) The "average age" in the US is NOT the average age of people highplainsdem Apr 2021 #25
It's just for fun. NurseJackie Apr 2021 #27
I'm not objecting to your poll - I'm glad you posted it. We've had a number of these over the years, highplainsdem Apr 2021 #31
The reason I thought of doing it is because of the reactions to... NurseJackie Apr 2021 #44
I've seen similar polls in the past, and DU... Buckeye_Democrat Apr 2021 #26
This is the oldest forum that I've ever seen Polybius Apr 2021 #33
kick for visibility lamp_shade Apr 2021 #34
Many of us have been here for sometime so the average DUer gets older and older Kaleva Apr 2021 #35
Right. I was 27 when I joined in 2003. nt Blasphemer Apr 2021 #39
I feel weird about being 61. betsuni Apr 2021 #36
I'm 62 and babysit a lot so I play with toys and sometimes watch Blippi Kaleva Apr 2021 #38
This is totally normal in my world. betsuni Apr 2021 #40
Interesting. Maxheader Apr 2021 #46
It was my "shower chair" post that got so many positive responses... NurseJackie Apr 2021 #47
Being the nerd that I am, and taking the middle age of each group, the average so far is 60.46 George II Apr 2021 #49
So we're pretty much the same as Congress then -- Klaralven Apr 2021 #50
Just to clarify, this is a chronological poll not an intellectual poll, right? George II Apr 2021 #51
Well, yes... that was the idea! 🤣😂🤣🤪😜 NurseJackie Apr 2021 #52
76 LAS14 Apr 2021 #54
Hi, to our younger generations. Bring friends and bend minds. :) Hortensis Apr 2021 #56
... NurseJackie Apr 2021 #59
Good poll ... kick KentuckyWoman Apr 2021 #62
Jesus fucking Christ... hunter Apr 2021 #64
Great poll, Jackie. sheshe2 Apr 2021 #68
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