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12. Yet.... I read a headline somewhere that if he was acquitted, he'd likely be a rich man. There's a
Tue Apr 20, 2021, 07:18 PM
Apr 2021

lot that's sick about this sorry mess, but if that's true--or even possible--that's pretty sick, too.

And again. Treefrog Apr 2021 #1
Unless he requests it, MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2021 #2
Why do people keep posting these disgusting speculations? greenjar_01 Apr 2021 #3
People are celebrating that a white police officer was finally convicted for the murder of a black walkingman Apr 2021 #4
People are promoting torture, rape, and extrajudicial punishment greenjar_01 Apr 2021 #6
Yes enough Apr 2021 #8
Agreed. nt crickets Apr 2021 #13
This. nt Comatose Sphagetti Apr 2021 #17
Yes. I want him to face his sentence behind bars for many many MANY years. hlthe2b Apr 2021 #7
Sorry to disgust you. If speculation isn't allowed, here, I guess we're limited to hard news. Oldem Apr 2021 #9
He'll spend his term in protective custody or in Colgate 64 Apr 2021 #5
Unpleasant. MineralMan Apr 2021 #10
I think it is good they revoked bail, otherwise he might have offed himself. vsrazdem Apr 2021 #11
Yet.... I read a headline somewhere that if he was acquitted, he'd likely be a rich man. There's a Oldem Apr 2021 #12
He will be parked in county jail until sentencing. Brother Buzz Apr 2021 #14
I wonder how many more sarisataka Apr 2021 #15
More gen-pop prison violence fantasy... WarGamer Apr 2021 #16
I think that he's going to .... Dan Apr 2021 #18
He was remanded to jail already. After sentencing he will be transferred to a prison. hlthe2b Apr 2021 #19
Yep, jail is not prison. Dan Apr 2021 #20
Probably 10 years of reading books... writing letters and in 10 years buys a cheap place in Idaho WarGamer Apr 2021 #21
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