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61. You can copy and past mine or go to an emoji website and copy the ones you like
Wed May 5, 2021, 03:20 PM
May 2021

You can use the categories at the top to find ones you like.
Click on them and they will appear at the top of the page...
Then copy and paste into a sticky note* and arrange in the order you want
Then you can paste into webpages etc


Another good site:

*You can try your regular note taking program but I use a free sticky programs

You can add them to your sig line here too
Good! underpants May 2021 #1
Good! IA8IT May 2021 #2
Suck it Donny you fat fuck piece of shit Blue Owl May 2021 #3
I do love a measured, understated response. BobTheSubgenius May 2021 #13
Beat me to it! The Unmitigated Gall May 2021 #22
Welcome to our DU family. niyad May 2021 #30
Thank you so much! The Unmitigated Gall May 2021 #34
Glad you came in from the cold! niyad May 2021 #35
ROFL malaise May 2021 #37
Love this response! Mickju May 2021 #45
He's a hero FakeNoose May 2021 #4
Excellent Post Me. May 2021 #6
Bravo! YDogg May 2021 #47
good Demovictory9 May 2021 #5
Says a lot to me. OAITW r.2.0 May 2021 #7
Precisely! Thank you! 2Gingersnaps May 2021 #28
HOOAH! Baked Potato May 2021 #8
K&R...nt Wounded Bear May 2021 #9
Yaaaaaay! SheltieLover May 2021 #10
K&R uponit7771 May 2021 #11
Excellent! pazzyanne May 2021 #12
I'm so pleased that he is getting his own back! BobTheSubgenius May 2021 #14
The military held.. Permanut May 2021 #15
Knocking them down one by one. Ligyron May 2021 #16
That's really great!! ailsagirl May 2021 #17
That's my JAG Corps! TomSlick May 2021 #18
Hope you are correct, but I don't trust anything with an "r" after its name. niyad May 2021 #36
Nor do I. TomSlick May 2021 #39
Wait. I wasn't aware the Senate has to approve military officer promotions. msfiddlestix May 2021 #49
Senate confirmation is required only for O-6 and above. TomSlick May 2021 #53
Interesting. I never knew this.. I guess it's almost a pro-forma matter sort of speak? msfiddlestix May 2021 #54
I didn't know either until I came up on the Army O-6 list. TomSlick May 2021 #56
Again, interesting! So, no committee hearing appearances as such? msfiddlestix May 2021 #57
No hearings or appearances - just waiting for the decision. TomSlick May 2021 #58
Hmm. Seems about parr for the course I suppose, on the other hand it seems weird to me msfiddlestix May 2021 #60
HOOAH! COL Mustard May 2021 #19
.. soldierant May 2021 #51
Excellent! Well deserved! burrowowl May 2021 #20
What is Alex Vindman doing now? nt Ilsa May 2021 #21
He is retired and pursuing a doctorate. He needs to be rehired. He deserves his Eagles. SunSeeker May 2021 #25
I guess a doctorate in something having to do with policy, Ilsa May 2021 #40
Wow, this is great initiative. I hope it thrives and accomplishes it's mission. msfiddlestix May 2021 #50
Yes, he may have been forced to retire, but he is still defending his country. nt SunSeeker May 2021 #59
they should offer his reinstatement mdbl May 2021 #27
K & round #100 Rec! UTUSN May 2021 #23
Good. Now rehire Alexander Vindman. nt SunSeeker May 2021 #24
I'd be glad for anyone having been mistreated by the former guy... electric_blue68 May 2021 #26
It's a real feather in his cap. tavernier May 2021 #29
Excellent. Hope the f'n, murdering, orange traitor chokes on this. Or strokes out. niyad May 2021 #31
Me too! lunatica May 2021 #46
They need to pull Flynn's bars. LiberalFighter May 2021 #32
Flynn needs to be behind bars. nt SunSeeker May 2021 #41
Great!!!!!!!! Nt USALiberal May 2021 #33
Lt. Col. to Col. Vindman! He is among the bravest in the military. Politicub May 2021 #38
And yet: Mike Flynn. We pay for our fights win or lose. But we certainly won with this promotion. marble falls May 2021 #42
Good to hear. Wish his brother's career could be un-derailed. nt Hortensis May 2021 #43
Congratz to Colonel Vindman. VINDICATION-MAN! Imallin4Joe May 2021 #44
Good! whathehell May 2021 #48
❤️ ✿❧🌿❧✿ ❤️ Lucinda May 2021 #52
I want pretty flowers and hearts in my subject header's too. msfiddlestix May 2021 #55
You can copy and past mine or go to an emoji website and copy the ones you like Lucinda May 2021 #61
that is so cool. thank you! I'll check it out.. msfiddlestix May 2021 #62
🌷🌺🌻🌹🌼🌸💐🌿🍀🕊🐬🐬🐦🐟🧚‍♀️🧚🧚‍♂️&#1 msfiddlestix May 2021 #63
Awesome! Im going to have to grab some of those! Lucinda May 2021 #64
Copy and Paste Emoji Kees Kloost Dec 2021 #65
❤️ ✿❧🌿❧✿ ❤️ Lucinda Dec 2021 #66
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