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11. Uh oh. Is she going to call them "establishment" and other insults, accuse them of stopping
Sun Jul 18, 2021, 12:44 AM
Jul 2021

at nothing to defeat her because she's the only one who's right, everyone else is corrupt and not progressive and blah blah blah blah. Waiting for it.

Cleveland Black clergy: "Hello EVERYBODY!" George II Jul 2021 #1
Bravo to The Cleveland Black clergy. sheshe2 Jul 2021 #2
She's raised some big money to fund her Peephol's Party on the backs of OH-11 Budi Jul 2021 #3
You make a great point, Budi. sheshe2 Jul 2021 #6
The Cleveland Clergy has come out to denounce the lies Nina Turner LetMyPeopleVote Jul 2021 #4
Um. sheshe2 Jul 2021 #10
I think.... quickesst Jul 2021 #5
Agree on all your points. sheshe2 Jul 2021 #7
Some people support her because their basic instinct is to burn shit down without Blue_true Jul 2021 #39
Haha quickesst Jul 2021 #40
if she wins the primary DU will have to support her as party nominee nt msongs Jul 2021 #8
a big if. nt sheshe2 Jul 2021 #9
The polls seem to be moving against Nina. It is a long time DemocraticPatriot Jul 2021 #26
I won't be supporting her in any way, on any level EVER. But I'll be silent about my disgust for her msfiddlestix Jul 2021 #29
Uh oh. Is she going to call them "establishment" and other insults, accuse them of stopping betsuni Jul 2021 #11
Waiting sheshe2 Jul 2021 #12
The comments and gifs in response to that OP tweet are fun, by the way. betsuni Jul 2021 #13
Stockholm syndrome. sheshe2 Jul 2021 #15
Speaking of nutty, just heard Nina say that "progressives" in Congress should: "Go crazy. betsuni Jul 2021 #17
OMFG. sheshe2 Jul 2021 #19
Perfect! Chili Jul 2021 #21
🤗 sheshe2 Jul 2021 #33
*hugs!* Chili Jul 2021 #34
This message was self-deleted by its author ExTex Jul 2021 #14
Just checking... sheshe2 Jul 2021 #16
That was Tina, not Nina. DemocraticPatriot Jul 2021 #27
Is she really that big of a threat? leftstreet Jul 2021 #18
Yes. nt sheshe2 Jul 2021 #20
I live there Chili Jul 2021 #22
+1 betsuni Jul 2021 #23
Thank you for voting LetMyPeopleVote Jul 2021 #25
So this is a special election ? DemocraticPatriot Jul 2021 #28
yes Chili Jul 2021 #31
Good on You! sheshe2 Jul 2021 #38
Yes, like Trump people have an image of her that is not her true self. Someone needs to tell the uponit7771 Jul 2021 #32
I sure hope it's televised or recorded Chili Jul 2021 #24
K&R brer cat Jul 2021 #30
Rt TY! We Support Dems like Shontel who Cha Jul 2021 #35
Kick dalton99a Jul 2021 #36
It looks like it is getting pretty Hot in Cleveland mercuryblues Jul 2021 #37
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