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Cleveland Black clergy: "Hello EVERYBODY!" George II Jul 2021 #1
Bravo to The Cleveland Black clergy. sheshe2 Jul 2021 #2
She's raised some big money to fund her Peephol's Party on the backs of OH-11 Budi Jul 2021 #3
You make a great point, Budi. sheshe2 Jul 2021 #6
The Cleveland Clergy has come out to denounce the lies Nina Turner LetMyPeopleVote Jul 2021 #4
Um. sheshe2 Jul 2021 #10
I think.... quickesst Jul 2021 #5
Agree on all your points. sheshe2 Jul 2021 #7
Some people support her because their basic instinct is to burn shit down without Blue_true Jul 2021 #39
Haha quickesst Jul 2021 #40
if she wins the primary DU will have to support her as party nominee nt msongs Jul 2021 #8
a big if. nt sheshe2 Jul 2021 #9
The polls seem to be moving against Nina. It is a long time DemocraticPatriot Jul 2021 #26
I won't be supporting her in any way, on any level EVER. But I'll be silent about my disgust for her msfiddlestix Jul 2021 #29
Uh oh. Is she going to call them "establishment" and other insults, accuse them of stopping betsuni Jul 2021 #11
Waiting sheshe2 Jul 2021 #12
The comments and gifs in response to that OP tweet are fun, by the way. betsuni Jul 2021 #13
Stockholm syndrome. sheshe2 Jul 2021 #15
Speaking of nutty, just heard Nina say that "progressives" in Congress should: "Go crazy. betsuni Jul 2021 #17
OMFG. sheshe2 Jul 2021 #19
Perfect! Chili Jul 2021 #21
🤗 sheshe2 Jul 2021 #33
*hugs!* Chili Jul 2021 #34
This message was self-deleted by its author ExTex Jul 2021 #14
Just checking... sheshe2 Jul 2021 #16
That was Tina, not Nina. DemocraticPatriot Jul 2021 #27
Is she really that big of a threat? leftstreet Jul 2021 #18
Yes. nt sheshe2 Jul 2021 #20
I live there Chili Jul 2021 #22
+1 betsuni Jul 2021 #23
Thank you for voting LetMyPeopleVote Jul 2021 #25
So this is a special election ? DemocraticPatriot Jul 2021 #28
yes Chili Jul 2021 #31
Good on You! sheshe2 Jul 2021 #38
Yes, like Trump people have an image of her that is not her true self. Someone needs to tell the uponit7771 Jul 2021 #32
I sure hope it's televised or recorded Chili Jul 2021 #24
K&R brer cat Jul 2021 #30
Rt TY! We Support Dems like Shontel who Cha Jul 2021 #35
Kick dalton99a Jul 2021 #36
It looks like it is getting pretty Hot in Cleveland mercuryblues Jul 2021 #37
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