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On White Evangelical Protestants [View all] The Magistrate Jul 2021 OP
Large, organized religions tend to embrace authoritarianism...nt Wounded Bear Jul 2021 #1
Of course. They are socio-political control mechanisms. SheltieLover Jul 2021 #5
And generally very hierarchical in organization... Wounded Bear Jul 2021 #7
Absolutely! SheltieLover Jul 2021 #10
That's why it is so hard to have an intelligent discussion with them. erronis Jul 2021 #2
That's right! MayReasonRule Feb 2023 #48
Sarah Vowell's amazing cbabe Jul 2021 #3
I don't know, plimsoll Jul 2021 #22
If these freaks are in heaven, send me to hell. roamer65 Jul 2021 #4
Just keep them away from me malaise Jul 2021 #40
U and I will stick together. roamer65 Jul 2021 #41
Yes malaise Jul 2021 #42
They can spin it however they want. It's code for racism..whites only PortTack Jul 2021 #6
K & R Nevilledog Jul 2021 #8
I figured out why they are having shit fits cilla4progress Jul 2021 #9
This is true of conservatives generally Jilly_in_VA Jul 2021 #12
Absolutely. cilla4progress Jul 2021 #39
Good editorial, and one of those rare times when reading the comments pays off. crickets Jul 2021 #11
+1 plimsoll Jul 2021 #24
Exactly, the christofascists have been working toward a christian theocracy since Reagan. Thomas Hurt Jul 2021 #13
True also of Dominionists, who are mostly Catholic Alice Kramden Jul 2021 #14
True! And going back more than a century! Grins Jul 2021 #15
+1. Excellent book dalton99a Jul 2021 #16
Son's of Jacob? paleotn Jul 2021 #19
Invisible ink. Just like their invisible god. lindysalsagal Jul 2021 #43
+1000000, required reading for anyone wondering what is really going on today. cayugafalls Jul 2021 #23
Yes, read it way back then.. mountain grammy Jul 2021 #33
I once heard the uber jackass, James Dobson, paleotn Jul 2021 #17
They may be chosen, but not by God. patphil Jul 2021 #18
What will they say/do when it is not their version of Christianity in charge? keithbvadu2 Jul 2021 #20
From a white Evangelical protestant lees1975 Jul 2021 #21
Not Bad, Sir The Magistrate Jul 2021 #27
Wow! mountain grammy Jul 2021 #31
Frank Zappa despised televangelists 90-percent Jul 2021 #25
I love Frank Zappa. Elessar Zappa Jul 2021 #44
frank 90-percent Aug 2021 #47
Absolutely true.. mountain grammy Jul 2021 #26
As I sit here, hubby's reading a book that's making his hair stand on end... Hekate Jul 2021 #28
religion & politics don't f@$king mix ! - like water & oil !!! monkeyman1 Jul 2021 #29
Of course. Didn't everyone know this? NanananaFatman Jul 2021 #30
A departure from the history of the evangelical denominations to whom we owe the 1st Amendment. TygrBright Jul 2021 #32
At Times, Ma'am The Magistrate Jul 2021 #34
It's entirely possible. On the other hand, given our incredibly strong cultural support... TygrBright Jul 2021 #36
Interesting theory. Elessar Zappa Jul 2021 #45
The difference is that the basic doctrines of those colonial "Evangelicals" has changed lees1975 Jul 2021 #46
I think they should be randomly crucified, one in ten thousand annually... hunter Jul 2021 #35
roflmaoooooo Celerity Jul 2021 #38
I am glad they are a shrinking minority Blue Owl Jul 2021 #37
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