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H2O Man

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24. Very interesting!
Sun Aug 1, 2021, 09:21 PM
Aug 2021

Thank you for this. It is important, and exactly the type of thing that should define this country's foreign aid. I am admittedly not well versed in this, as it isn't reported on enough in the media, though it is certainly my responsibility to do more research. The events in so many nations around the globe -- including Myammar -- seem so out of control.

Will we ever learn? I have my doubts. I do not think that we will inhabit the earth as long as Homo erectus or even Neanderthals did. That seems less likely every day.

Bangladesh [View all] H2O Man Aug 2021 OP
Indeed, there IS a storm coming, my dear H20 Man. CaliforniaPeggy Aug 2021 #1
Thank you! H2O Man Aug 2021 #4
I had to pause for a minute and just stare at your last sentence. Yes the enemy is us. housecat Aug 2021 #11
I remember back in the 1980s, H2O Man Aug 2021 #19
My sister and I went to a Bangladesh concert in Ft. Worth in 1972 w/Harrison, Shankar and others. rickyhall Aug 2021 #2
Interesting! H2O Man Aug 2021 #5
It sure was a driving force in the '60s and '70s. We need that power now. housecat Aug 2021 #13
Right. H2O Man Aug 2021 #20
Thank you H2O. 7wo7rees Aug 2021 #3
Sure! H2O Man Aug 2021 #6
Yes the storms will soon be here again malaise Aug 2021 #7
Thanks! H2O Man Aug 2021 #8
Indeed malaise Aug 2021 #9
Excluding island microstates, Bangladesh is arguably the world's most vulnerable to climate change peppertree Aug 2021 #10
Yes. H2O Man Aug 2021 #21
KnR Hekate Aug 2021 #12
Thank you! H2O Man Aug 2021 #22
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Aug 2021 #14
Thanks, Uncle Joe! H2O Man Aug 2021 #23
Think on this: Bangladesh is one of the few nations to offer refuge to the Rohingya. TygrBright Aug 2021 #15
Very interesting! H2O Man Aug 2021 #24
What all this should teach us, in addition to empathy Martin Eden Aug 2021 #16
That is essential ..... H2O Man Aug 2021 #25
Saw the documentary at Ft Carson in 1972 flotsam2 Aug 2021 #17
Thank you! H2O Man Aug 2021 #26
I value your post so highly flotsam2 Aug 2021 #29
That's very nice of you. H2O Man Aug 2021 #30
DURec leftstreet Aug 2021 #18
Thank you! H2O Man Aug 2021 #27
This message was self-deleted by its author H2O Man Aug 2021 #28
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