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What is your covid status? [View all] Demovictory9 Aug 2021 OP
Assume I have not had it, vaxxed. GPV Aug 2021 #1
Likewise...n/t bluecollar2 Aug 2021 #6
Also me Dorian Gray Aug 2021 #34
I had COVID very early on gopiscrap Aug 2021 #2
Same. Cracklin Charlie Aug 2021 #4
Were you in Wuhan before that? All of the eight US cases in January 2020 were directly related to Celerity Aug 2021 #5
At that stage there were so few tests, you could only get one if you had travel links to China. meadowlander Aug 2021 #10
The odds of having COVID in the US in January 2020 are staggering low, especially if not Celerity Aug 2021 #13
We don't know what the odds are because the data is rubbish because there were no tests. meadowlander Aug 2021 #14
I'm sticking to the science, & documented epidemiological data, not contrarian anecdotal conjecture. Celerity Aug 2021 #15
Doesn't the science show covid was here in the fall of 2019? Waste water samples show that, no? boston bean Aug 2021 #27
Show me documented human infections from then and I will gladly retract that part. Celerity Aug 2021 #29
Waste water to predict covid waves. boston bean Aug 2021 #32
That is not in the the US, nor does it list any documented human cases. Celerity Aug 2021 #36
Right, and the science says we don't know because there were no tests. meadowlander Aug 2021 #28
see my other posts, this entire thing is veering off into the weeds Celerity Aug 2021 #30
No. Cracklin Charlie Aug 2021 #20
I believe you were really sick, I did not mean to imply that at all, sorry if it came off like that Celerity Aug 2021 #25
I believe you were really sick, I did not mean to imply that at all, sorry if it came off like that Celerity Aug 2021 #26
It's okay. Cracklin Charlie Aug 2021 #33
I thought I had COVID ItsjustMe Aug 2021 #3
Glad you are ok Demovictory9 Aug 2021 #7
Not had it, twice vaxxed with Moderna, not letting down our guard one bit. DFW Aug 2021 #8
I had COVID in January 2021 before vaccines were available for my age group. JoanofArgh Aug 2021 #9
Pretty sure I had it this March Raine Aug 2021 #11
If there was an antibody test, I'd have been interested to have one before I got vaccinated. meadowlander Aug 2021 #12
I'm surprised how few seem to have had it so far.. cadoman Aug 2021 #16
Um, PCRs are most certainly not "pretty unreliable" Maru Kitteh Aug 2021 #18
I've been tested between 100 and 130 times. No COVID. Maru Kitteh Aug 2021 #17
Asking that question is a violation of HIPPO! NurseJackie Aug 2021 #19
😀 Demovictory9 Aug 2021 #21
Might have had it very early, shortly before the alarms went off publicly in the US. smirkymonkey Aug 2021 #22
Had Covid, permanent damage... JCMach1 Aug 2021 #23
I'm sorry Demovictory9 Aug 2021 #37
I'm fully vaxxed and wear a mask everywhere FormerRepukeR Aug 2021 #24
I don't know many anti-vaxxers FakeNoose Aug 2021 #35
I don't even know anyone who has Covid Victor_c3 Aug 2021 #31
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