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Haggard Celine

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8. I agree, they should cancel it.
Tue Aug 24, 2021, 03:06 PM
Aug 2021

I like the fair, too, and normally it would be taking place next month in the county where I grew up, just east of where I live in Mississippi. Everyone knows about our problems right now, with the hospital system near collapse. I hope they cancel it. That would be the smart thing to do, but you know how that is.

Very smart move!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! n/t RKP5637 Aug 2021 #1
Rig a hoop throwing game with a giant teddy bear as a prize. CrispyQ Aug 2021 #2
2 million attendees. She's definitely making the correct decision. bullwinkle428 Aug 2021 #3
Not on the day she would have gone, though. MineralMan Aug 2021 #4
I was there on the Sunday before Labor Day in 2019 (2nd last day). It was totally bullwinkle428 Aug 2021 #43
Good job LetMyPeopleVote Aug 2021 #5
Not going either. ProudMNDemocrat Aug 2021 #6
Whew. That would very likely have been disastrous. lagomorph777 Aug 2021 #7
I agree, they should cancel it. Haggard Celine Aug 2021 #8
good call imo barbtries Aug 2021 #9
There aren't enough wild horses to drag me there this year. Ocelot II Aug 2021 #10
You just enjoy the next monster truck event in safe environs True Dough Aug 2021 #27
Excellent call. Niagara Aug 2021 #11
I know I'm fighting a lonely battle on DU but Tomconroy Aug 2021 #12
I'm ignorant of the evidence provided by Major League Baseball KS Toronado Aug 2021 #13
A lot of games. A lot of crowds. No Covid outbreaks. Tomconroy Aug 2021 #15
I don't know what MLB considers an "outbreak" KS Toronado Aug 2021 #21
That's probably true, but we run some risks even in our homes, Tomconroy Aug 2021 #33
Why even take the risk under the circumstances? PufPuf23 Aug 2021 #19
But what if it actually is safe? There is real life evidence that it is. Tomconroy Aug 2021 #22
A major Spanish Flu outbreak followed a parade in Philadelphia. appleannie1 Aug 2021 #34
Th other day people were saying Obama's event was fine and the same for Lollapolooza. Treefrog Aug 2021 #35
The Obama thing was way over the top. Tomconroy Aug 2021 #37
And now Kanye has a big concert planned in Chicago with no vax requirements at all. Treefrog Aug 2021 #54
When my city (Philly) reinstituted the mask mandates a couple weeks ago BumRushDaShow Aug 2021 #38
You may be right, but to me those baseball seats look Tomconroy Aug 2021 #39
When I was looking up seat widths BumRushDaShow Aug 2021 #42
Of course the churches are indoors. I've been trying to think Tomconroy Aug 2021 #45
Don't forget that some of the data that the CDC used for recommending their changes in mask usage BumRushDaShow Aug 2021 #46
I've read the Provincetown study three times. There were many Tomconroy Aug 2021 #47
Many "outdoor" events have "indoor" components BumRushDaShow Aug 2021 #49
Actually I know virtually nothing about science or Tomconroy Aug 2021 #51
"study proves that vaccinated people can infect others with Covid. It does not do that" BumRushDaShow Aug 2021 #52
The Provincetown study was very explicit about the Tomconroy Aug 2021 #53
But that wasn't your argument BumRushDaShow Aug 2021 #58
Technically, my argument was that the Provincetown study Tomconroy Aug 2021 #59
Neither the Provincetown nor Wisconsin publications BumRushDaShow Aug 2021 #62
Which tells us a little but not too much. Tomconroy Aug 2021 #63
Consistency and validation across different populations and data sets tells QUITE a lot BumRushDaShow Aug 2021 #64
I went to a hip hop concert too. Had a great time. Tomconroy Aug 2021 #65
A "Ct" is an abbreviation for "Cycle threshold" BumRushDaShow Aug 2021 #67
Thanks for sharing. What about masks outside? ecstatic Aug 2021 #40
As far as I can tell there are no studies about masks outside. Tomconroy Aug 2021 #41
We usually go every year geardaddy Aug 2021 #14
Don't blame you a bit. paleotn Aug 2021 #16
Same issues here. There should be masks at minimum. findeerror Aug 2021 #17
Given the current status of cv19, the Minn State Fair Board most prudent step PufPuf23 Aug 2021 #18
I'd think it would be safe to hang out in the Christensen Pavilion early on a weekday. Klaralven Aug 2021 #20
I'm worried about visiting my Mom in the Twin Cities after the Great MN Superspreader Event. n/t TygrBright Aug 2021 #23
I had plans to attend a state fair, and dropped them. lindysalsagal Aug 2021 #24
Yup. I had plans to go to a show at the OC Fair. Initech Aug 2021 #32
Great choice! Dreampuff Aug 2021 #25
Masks or not, you couldn't get me near a crowded place like that MissMillie Aug 2021 #26
We just had our local Organized Labor Day picnic canceled. LiberalFighter Aug 2021 #28
👀 corn dogs and deep fried cheese curds at home?! Mersky Aug 2021 #29
Get the beef corn dogs. They cost more but worth it over the mystery meat dogs. keithbvadu2 Aug 2021 #30
There are all kinds of events going on here with cases exploding, not going anywhere. nt yaesu Aug 2021 #31
We all miss our favorite events and traditions Moebym Aug 2021 #36
Very smart move MM FakeNoose Aug 2021 #44
Some of whom are probably asymptomatic spreaders GopherGal Aug 2021 #61
But you'll miss the butter sculptures! struggle4progress Aug 2021 #48
I never liked crowds. Texaswitchy Aug 2021 #50
I love crowds and I miss them. Iggo Aug 2021 #60
Good idea about not going to the fair. panader0 Aug 2021 #55
I took my family to a county fair TheFarseer Aug 2021 #56
Update: Her Friends Also Decided Not to Go. MineralMan Aug 2021 #57
I absolutely LOVE the MN state fair. CrackityJones75 Aug 2021 #66
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