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John Ludi

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14. If the RWNJs regain
Tue Aug 31, 2021, 04:29 PM
Aug 2021

power in general, look for the entire system to basically implode within a year: in addition to being barking mad, these people can't manage their way out of a wet paper bag. If the MAGA types took over and started their Fourth Reich (now with rednecks!), it would only be a matter of time before our global trading partners abandon us (and the dollar) and we end up on a path to where we are all fighting to the death over the last can of beans.

Just MY take on it all...never been much for optimism.

Dare election of duty...nt littlemissmartypants Aug 2021 #1
lol nt ancianita Aug 2021 #12
I know right! She's a real piece of work. Doesn't even know what a clown she is. ❤ littlemissmartypants Aug 2021 #13
I love your sense of humor. Still. ancianita Aug 2021 #15
We can only hope her constituents are smarter than she is proving to be. littlemissmartypants Aug 2021 #16
If the Republican Party takes over the House leftieNanner Aug 2021 #2
What a collection of dipshits. Who in their right mind would want to stand there, being Carlitos Brigante Aug 2021 #3
She has been a junior Congressmen for less than 9 months FakeNoose Aug 2021 #4
+1,000 malaise Aug 2021 #6
We are not her intended audience. Nevilledog Aug 2021 #7
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++!!! 2naSalit Aug 2021 #17
I'm hoping we get her out in 2022 Rorey Aug 2021 #5
While an election official in her district is looking a prosecution for tampering randr Aug 2021 #8
HEY WITCH WOMAN .... Go "IMPEACH" yourself. Trueblue1968 Aug 2021 #9
Er... don't insult our Wiccan friends 👍 electric_blue68 Aug 2021 #11
hUH??? Trueblue1968 Aug 2021 #20
You refered to Boebert as a ... electric_blue68 Aug 2021 #22
"Freedumb Caucus" louis-t Aug 2021 #10
Putting the dumb back into the Freedumb Caucus Botany Aug 2021 #18
If the RWNJs regain John Ludi Aug 2021 #14
Shouldn't that podium read "House Freedumb Caucus?" Vinca Aug 2021 #19
No. GoCubsGo Aug 2021 #21
Her head would explode when she found out Nancy would be president Norbert Aug 2021 #23
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