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Sun Oct 21, 2012, 05:55 PM Oct 2012

Have you ever visited a prostitute/escort? [View all]

The story about the incidents in Maine where they are trying to shame "johns" visiting a particular establishment got me thinking. It certainly is the "oldest profession on earth" and there seems to be no shortage of customers. I doubt very much that customers break down along political lines. And I'm sure most people wouldn't want to admit it if they had but I've also heard my share of people who HAVE admitted to it both in person and in the media. This isn't meant to be a discussion on the morality of prostitution or whether or not the majority of prostitutes are coerced, abused and are victims, that is a subject that I've seen discussed here numerous times in other threads. Nor is this an attempt to shame anyone who says they have,if they are brave enough to admit it.

73 votes, 1 pass | Time left: Unlimited
I'm a man and I have visited prostitute(s).
17 (23%)
I'm a man and I have not visited a prostitute in my life.
37 (51%)
I'm a woman and I have visited prostitute(s)
2 (3%)
I'm a woman and I have not visited a prostitute in my life.
17 (23%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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No, but I have shaken hands with a congressman NoPasaran Oct 2012 #1
Much skeevier! Curtland1015 Oct 2012 #2
Sex workers are very different in one respect eridani Oct 2012 #76
+100 aquart Oct 2012 #126
+1 HiPointDem Oct 2012 #7
Duzy IADEMO2004 Oct 2012 #21
LOL!!!!! Zalatix Oct 2012 #99
I know you are joking and it's funny. But... Locut0s Oct 2012 #107
sure it is. you are hot, baby. you do it for me, baby. you are all that, baby.... ya. seabeyond Oct 2012 #129
Ok yeah, lol there's that. Wasn't quite what I was thinking but you're right :D I meant more... Locut0s Oct 2012 #158
I gotta admit... LadyHawkAZ Oct 2012 #173
I'll go one up on you - I shook John Edwards' hand in 2008! bullwinkle428 Oct 2012 #181
Nope, doesn't turn me on. UnrepentantLiberal Oct 2012 #3
No, but I'm willing to learn ... zbdent Oct 2012 #4
No, I'm too much of a coward WhaTHellsgoingonhere Oct 2012 #59
Prostitution should be legal exboyfil Oct 2012 #5
I have never slept with or otherwise done business with a prostitute, but I have met some before. porphyrian Oct 2012 #6
Does "take-in" count? Raster Oct 2012 #8
If it were legal Politicalboi Oct 2012 #9
Y'all realize that there's a "show usernames" on the polls, right? Matariki Oct 2012 #10
Where were you @ 5:55? BeyondGeography Oct 2012 #14
Who cares? DollarBillHines Oct 2012 #34
I pointed that out for the folks who *might* care and didn't realize Matariki Oct 2012 #37
I am from the Deep South, and have always referred to them that way. DollarBillHines Oct 2012 #41
Likewise, it was at least thirty years ago aletier_v Oct 2012 #44
After my divorce I needed some female companionship. NashvilleLefty Oct 2012 #11
I was 19, it was my first time, and she was a gift from a friend of my mom. n/t Ian David Oct 2012 #12
Really! PCIntern Oct 2012 #35
Not really. I couldn't get my balls to smell normal for a week. Ian David Oct 2012 #82
Way too much information. UnrepentantLiberal Oct 2012 #147
Something tells me.. shedontlike..rogaine Oct 2012 #180
Maybe, but this was a special kind of weird. n/t Ian David Oct 2012 #182
Haha, are you serious Ian? OMG, please tell us the story. joshcryer Oct 2012 #69
It's a long, sad story that would probably end up on the front page of Redit. Ian David Oct 2012 #81
No. But I see nothing wrong with it. MrSlayer Oct 2012 #13
+1. nt bemildred Oct 2012 #17
Agreed. nt hifiguy Oct 2012 #169
I am a woman who says why would I pay for it Curmudgeoness Oct 2012 #15
The argument would probably be... brooklynite Oct 2012 #29
bingo, loli phabay Oct 2012 #127
Never have... LP2K12 Oct 2012 #16
Nope, but they sure do get a lot of votes now don't they. n/t 2on2u Oct 2012 #18
I did make a preliminary enquiry dipsydoodle Oct 2012 #19
I'm for legalizing prostitution, marijuana and gambling rightsideout Oct 2012 #20
Does Ronald Reagan count? rateyes Oct 2012 #22
Does a gigalo count if he tells you he will love you forever flamingdem Oct 2012 #23
no, but I certainly knew a lot of them, most of them just trying to make an honest living niyad Oct 2012 #24
No I haven't but I have been a serial dater and I bet prostitutes are cheaper in comparison. craigmatic Oct 2012 #25
LOL, I am quite sure this is true. Curmudgeoness Oct 2012 #46
If it goes beyond sex it becomes REALLY expensive. FarCenter Oct 2012 #50
Yeah exactly but all the relationships went wrong so in the end it was a waste in retrospect. craigmatic Oct 2012 #53
i guess it depends on how expensive your date is and the class of the prostitute. loli phabay Oct 2012 #121
really? and do we have a couple more men suggesting all women are prostitutes one way or another? seabeyond Oct 2012 #130
cmon now you know thats not what i said loli phabay Oct 2012 #135
wow... damn glad i always paid my own way. nt seabeyond Oct 2012 #136
still dosent negate the fact that a professional may be cheaper ;) loli phabay Oct 2012 #137
really what you are telling me then, with this offensive line especially, is that all women are seabeyond Oct 2012 #142
Did she say that? UnrepentantLiberal Oct 2012 #145
no never said all women are prostitutes far from it loli phabay Oct 2012 #156
I haven't and it doesn't interest me. I don't have a problem with it though. high density Oct 2012 #26
It is not the 'oldest profession' ismnotwasm Oct 2012 #27
Disagree... brooklynite Oct 2012 #30
Did money predate language? UnrepentantLiberal Oct 2012 #31
One doesn't need money to engage in "business transactions" brooklynite Oct 2012 #32
So your saying females prostituted themselves for furs, fresh meat and shelter? UnrepentantLiberal Oct 2012 #36
Not arguing the morality...only the historicity... brooklynite Oct 2012 #39
It's a theory. UnrepentantLiberal Oct 2012 #42
"I don't think feminists would appreciate that argument." 4th law of robotics Oct 2012 #55
Oh damn I didn't realize I started anything ismnotwasm Oct 2012 #155
. 4th law of robotics Oct 2012 #157
Feminists are not fond of several things in our history jeff47 Oct 2012 #71
It doesn't mean that they did. UnrepentantLiberal Oct 2012 #77
Stands to reason that it probably did. Frank Cannon Oct 2012 #80
Strength is a major benefit with very primitive weapons jeff47 Oct 2012 #83
or, at the beginning of time there was absolutely NO social pressure about the "good" girl seabeyond Oct 2012 #85
While there may not have been social mores against sex jeff47 Oct 2012 #89
again... biology, inherent, beginning of time. marriage would not have been a consideration, seabeyond Oct 2012 #91
There was a reason I put "marriage" in quotes. jeff47 Oct 2012 #94
Monkeys aren't exactly known for supporting traditional values when it comes to sex 4th law of robotics Oct 2012 #92
The average troop of bonobos makes a 1970s sex club hifiguy Oct 2012 #170
Apparently they never got the message 4th law of robotics Oct 2012 #178
at the beginning of time there was no sex.. snooper2 Oct 2012 #154
Hold the phone... UnrepentantLiberal Oct 2012 #93
Single examples do not make a trend. jeff47 Oct 2012 #96
Once is not a trend. UnrepentantLiberal Oct 2012 #97
"Us" started 100,000 years ago. jeff47 Oct 2012 #98
What is "us"? UnrepentantLiberal Oct 2012 #101
No, we live differently. Our biology is the same. (nt) jeff47 Oct 2012 #150
Marriage? nt Curmudgeoness Oct 2012 #47
the drives for food and water are pretty strong too hfojvt Oct 2012 #87
Shamans are the oldest profession. hobbit709 Oct 2012 #79
I would like to fuck a shaman. Bucky Oct 2012 #134
It should be legal. n-t Logical Oct 2012 #28
Prostitutes? Does that have anything to do with this thread? regnaD kciN Oct 2012 #33
Prostitutes visit me. Aristus Oct 2012 #38
Was one. Not sure where that puts me on the option list LadyHawkAZ Oct 2012 #40
You didn't ride around Scottsdale on a bicycle, did you? n/t Egalitarian Thug Oct 2012 #61
Nope, I walked around Vegas on feet n/t LadyHawkAZ Oct 2012 #64
Just wondering, I thought we might have known one another. n/t Egalitarian Thug Oct 2012 #66
I wonder now and then, when I visit Vegas LadyHawkAZ Oct 2012 #70
Just got back from Vegas. joshcryer Oct 2012 #72
A tip from someone who did Vegas LadyHawkAZ Oct 2012 #73
Thanks for that! joshcryer Oct 2012 #74
I can't give a definitive statement on child selling LadyHawkAZ Oct 2012 #75
Was this the early 90s? UnrepentantLiberal Oct 2012 #102
We might have at some point LadyHawkAZ Oct 2012 #104
Talk about fucked up and old... UnrepentantLiberal Oct 2012 #108
24-hr 99-cent bacon & eggs at the El Cortez! LadyHawkAZ Oct 2012 #109
El Cortez! UnrepentantLiberal Oct 2012 #112
Those half chickens and mashed potatoes at the Klondike LadyHawkAZ Oct 2012 #113
Yes! I did. UnrepentantLiberal Oct 2012 #114
Alpine Village was the German place behind the Riv LadyHawkAZ Oct 2012 #115
Rings a bell... UnrepentantLiberal Oct 2012 #116
does visiting my congressman's office count? arely staircase Oct 2012 #43
No, nor would I mythology Oct 2012 #45
I was sex worker - when I was young & pretty. xchrom Oct 2012 #48
No, but some were once neighbors quaker bill Oct 2012 #49
I'm a woman Zorra Oct 2012 #51
Does it count if I was 17teen? panader0 Oct 2012 #52
I'm a woman. Beacool Oct 2012 #54
Lots of reasons. UnrepentantLiberal Oct 2012 #58
erm for sex loli phabay Oct 2012 #122
No woman has to pay for sex. Zalatix Oct 2012 #123
erm some do, do you really believe that no women ever pays for sex loli phabay Oct 2012 #124
I didn't say no woman ever pays for sex, I said they don't have to. Zalatix Oct 2012 #128
this is another stupid. there are lonely women out there just like men. seabeyond Oct 2012 #132
That's why I included women in my poll as unbiased as possible alongide men... Locut0s Oct 2012 #160
that was one of the things i noticed in this poll seabeyond Oct 2012 #164
As a woman I don't need to pay for sex. Beacool Oct 2012 #168
of course if you want to score out of your league you may have to pay for it. loli phabay Oct 2012 #171
No 4th law of robotics Oct 2012 #56
Never have, never will. Honestly, I don't think I could "perform", Nye Bevan Oct 2012 #57
+1 nt rad51 Oct 2012 #67
I've known several, but have never availed myself of their services. n/t Egalitarian Thug Oct 2012 #60
I love that DU3 polls show user names. rug Oct 2012 #62
I did on accident. Separation Oct 2012 #63
This message was self-deleted by its author ErikJ Oct 2012 #65
Voting yes level = BRAVE. joshcryer Oct 2012 #68
No, never have. HappyMe Oct 2012 #78
Visited?? You mean like a social call with tea and crumpets? retread Oct 2012 #84
I voted for Ronald Reagan :-O LeftinOH Oct 2012 #86
I can't believe you would reveal that information... waddirum Oct 2012 #144
The only guy I knew who was open with his experience was a sailor in the 1970s JPZenger Oct 2012 #88
A couple of people voting for option #3 are not women. Starry Messenger Oct 2012 #90
Well i don't know the people but maybe... Locut0s Oct 2012 #106
Whut? Starry Messenger Oct 2012 #111
A couple? Zalatix Oct 2012 #119
Now up to three males voting for option 3. Interesting. Starry Messenger Oct 2012 #146
Why not? Locut0s Oct 2012 #161
To some extent, perhaps. But, purely anecdotally speaking Zalatix Oct 2012 #165
same with men, some people are asexual, some people ar bi, some are gay, some love lots of sex loli phabay Oct 2012 #175
SKIPPY, YOU ARE A BAD, BAD GIRL!!!! cliffordu Oct 2012 #95
I was an escort but was not a prostutite. n/t RebelOne Oct 2012 #100
How do you differentiate the two? Locut0s Oct 2012 #105
Escorts don't necessarily provide sex n/t LadyHawkAZ Oct 2012 #110
Hmm, that's true didn't think of that. nt Locut0s Oct 2012 #117
Glad you agree. It is true. It was up to the escort what happened after the date was over. RebelOne Oct 2012 #174
I worked for an escort service. RebelOne Oct 2012 #172
this post is useless without pics (off course i mean of something like a tree or something) loli phabay Oct 2012 #176
I never partook of their services, but HeiressofBickworth Oct 2012 #103
this "show user name" feature - could result in under stating - you know, Douglas Carpenter Oct 2012 #118
rofl good point.. loli phabay Oct 2012 #120
I think that's almost certianly true.. Upton Oct 2012 #131
This message was self-deleted by its author darkangel218 Oct 2012 #125
You mean "visited" as in 'paid a social call upon'? Bucky Oct 2012 #133
I'll make you a deal. 99Forever Oct 2012 #138
Ok, you're down as a yes. rug Oct 2012 #139
I don't give .. 99Forever Oct 2012 #148
Flying is extra. rug Oct 2012 #149
Welcome to ignored. 99Forever Oct 2012 #151
Tsk, touchy. rug Oct 2012 #153
Ummm... you act like I asked you personally. I might as well have asked if people have ever voted... Locut0s Oct 2012 #159
Voting Republican, while being quite... 99Forever Oct 2012 #166
I found it ironic LadyHawkAZ Oct 2012 #167
I went to a brothel a couple of times with shipmates when I was in the Navy. n/t Ganja Ninja Oct 2012 #140
If I had, I sure as hell wouldn't discuss it on DU! CTyankee Oct 2012 #141
I haven't, but one of my friends here in Asia davidpdx Oct 2012 #143
I have never had an audience with Mitt Romney jsmirman Oct 2012 #152
Pay? For sex? SoapBox Oct 2012 #162
yup the world has changed loli phabay Oct 2012 #163
There's quite a hot hunky black trainer on our Craigslist, laydees... sfpcjock Oct 2012 #177
How about 'I'm a woman and I've been a prostitute' Mimosa Oct 2012 #179
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