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Mon Oct 18, 2021, 09:44 AM Oct 2021

Far Too Many Businesses Would Embrace Slavery [View all]

if they had the chance. They're crying already because too few people are willing to work for low wages that can't support even a single person, much less a family. They're saying they won't be able to stay in business because "too many people don't want to work."

We're about one step away from some industries calling for bringing immigrants into the United States as indentured servants, working for room and board and committed by contract to work for that employer without further compensation under those conditions for multiple years before being able to leave and return to their home countries.

Put that idea in appealing language that didn't use the word slavery and you'd find many small business owners eager to sign onto such a program. I guarantee it.

Call it the "Immigrant's Freedom to Work Compact," and watch employers line up to sign on.

Instead of competing for workers in a fair-pay, living wage environment, they whine about not being able to find people to hire. Meanwhile, they drive to their business in a new Lexus from their home in an affluent suburb and expect their employees to live on lousy wages so the business owners can further enrich themselves.

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It's the sad truth. They would use slaves if they could. Chains, poverty, whatever it takes to ... marble falls Oct 2021 #1
Several companies did use slave labor wnylib Oct 2021 #14
During the war, GM's Opel division was the only heavy industry corporation that retained day ... marble falls Oct 2021 #56
Ford was quite open in his wnylib Oct 2021 #62
Ford used to pass out copies of the 'Protocols of the Elder's of Zion' ... marble falls Oct 2021 #64
He also published an anti Semitic newspaper wnylib Oct 2021 #65
Or prison labor, which amounts to the same thing. nt Binkie The Clown Oct 2021 #2
Sure. Contracting Prisoners out to Work for Local Business Owners MineralMan Oct 2021 #3
That one totally frosts me. Prisoners get no more than $.50/hr. and the products sell for ... marble falls Oct 2021 #57
Prison labor IS technically slavery which is still legal in US outline in the last 2 sentences of .. uponit7771 Oct 2021 #7
And with the U.S. being the country with the most incarcerated people... MiHale Oct 2021 #25
Remember AZ Gov. Jan Brewer's "Papers Please" law aimed at jailing brown people? OMGWTF Oct 2021 #34
That's what they did after the Civil War and it was constitutional under the 13th Amendment. marie999 Oct 2021 #49
That's the goal. FoxNewsSucks Oct 2021 #4
That was from Jack Welch mrsadm Oct 2021 #41
I hope Jack Welch is dead with many pissing on Captain Zero Oct 2021 #45
I hope so too mrsadm Oct 2021 #61
Damn good post MineralMan Devil Child Oct 2021 #5
Thanks! Watch out for this to be proposed MineralMan Oct 2021 #8
H-1B-IS? Marcuse Oct 2021 #6
Actually the slave owners found that sharecropping was a better deal for them. keithbvadu2 Oct 2021 #9
Same thing happened in Europe when wnylib Oct 2021 #24
Yes, but they fought to the death to preserve slavery. MineralMan Oct 2021 #26
Precisely**nm misanthrope Oct 2021 #59
Disturbingly prescient sarchasm Oct 2021 #10
Damn, Skippy! The Magistrate Oct 2021 #11
I truly hope not, Sir. MineralMan Oct 2021 #27
IG Farben berniesandersmittens Oct 2021 #12
Businesses that are unable to pay comfortable living wages shouldn't exist. hunter Oct 2021 #13
That should be the case. However, business owners are fighting MineralMan Oct 2021 #28
Very strict enforcement of labor laws and mandatory living wages... hunter Oct 2021 #44
The California town of about 5000 where I grew up MineralMan Oct 2021 #46
You speak the truth, MineralMan. Texin Oct 2021 #15
Yes, that could happen. However, the COVID-19 MineralMan Oct 2021 #29
The fact that we need child labor laws tell you all you need to know about the Capitalism system spike jones Oct 2021 #16
I've said that for years. Buckeye_Democrat Oct 2021 #17
If "Immigrant's Freedom to Work Compact," became real.......... KS Toronado Oct 2021 #18
This message was self-deleted by its author Maggiemayhem Oct 2021 #19
j 1 Visas Maggiemayhem Oct 2021 #20
j 1 Visas Maggiemayhem Oct 2021 #21
unlimited sex with the employees and you've got a cinstitutional amendment rampartc Oct 2021 #22
Sadly seta1950 Oct 2021 #23
I always said about Wal-Mart Dukkha Oct 2021 #30
Oh, yes. Walmart would love to be a "Company Store" MineralMan Oct 2021 #31
What is going on today Snackshack Oct 2021 #32
Yes, there are parallels there. MineralMan Oct 2021 #33
Too many morally bankrupt. moondust Oct 2021 #35
THEY ALREADY HAVE IT CrackityJones75 Oct 2021 #36
Is there any doubt that low paid workers especially undocumented immigrants are the slave class. Pepsidog Oct 2021 #37
Not exactly slaves, but the 21st century equivalent. MineralMan Oct 2021 #39
Well said. Pepsidog Oct 2021 #48
Immigrants are used as slaves across the middle east Alpeduez21 Oct 2021 #38
Yes. Immigrants can be intimidated into working for little, MineralMan Oct 2021 #40
Just look at firms in Nazi Germany for your answer. n/t Coventina Oct 2021 #42
Yes. We're in danger of something similar. MineralMan Oct 2021 #43
Slavery would suck for some of them, because they'd have to provide adequate food and health care .. dawg Oct 2021 #47
Stop. Immigrants come here of their own free will. mathematic Oct 2021 #50
You are misunderstanding me altogether. MineralMan Oct 2021 #51
As comedian Chris Rock once noted..... A HERETIC I AM Oct 2021 #52
Tipped employees are an excuse for Restaurateurs to pay MineralMan Oct 2021 #53
Look into the racist/post emancipation origins of the tipped workforce. A HERETIC I AM Oct 2021 #55
We are there already... Have been for some time in fact. BadGimp Oct 2021 #54
I have long been of the opinion that what finally put the kibosh on formal slavery in America misanthrope Oct 2021 #58
All true. MineralMan Oct 2021 #60
Texas had slaves 3 times, they might like to go for a 4th. marie999 Oct 2021 #63
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