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Brother Mythos

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24. Obviously my use of the term 'redneck' has touched a nerve with you. So, ...
Sun Oct 31, 2021, 12:11 AM
Oct 2021

please feel free to report me to the moderators.

When I see signs in restaurants proclaiming the owners and patrons to be Proud Rednecks (Back in the day, we jokingly called those very same people 'ridge-runners.'), and have had the misfortune of working with people who had 'Redneck' tattooed on themselves in prominent places, I feel free to use the term.

So again, feel free to report my use of the term 'redneck' to the moderators. I post here infrequently as it is, and don't really need to be here at all.

Wooing Newcomers to 'NASCAR Nation' [View all] brooklynite Oct 2021 OP
They have to want a diverse audience first uponit7771 Oct 2021 #1
They can ban confederate flags at NASCAR races, but you will still likely sit next to rubes. Hoyt Oct 2021 #2
They lost me when some Bush voters were called "Nascar dads". I couldn't have anyone thinking brewens Oct 2021 #3
I was trying to imagine a NASCAR race with all electric cars, might be cool Walleye Oct 2021 #4
How would the crew chiefs cheat then? Eliot Rosewater Oct 2021 #7
Why would the type of powerplant matter? MichMan Oct 2021 #13
true Eliot Rosewater Oct 2021 #20
or maybe souped up Priuses DBoon Oct 2021 #11
Jeff Gordon became a liberal when he married his 2nd wife. Eliot Rosewater Oct 2021 #5
:) Nice. Nascar's changing because the old ways lost the "culture wars." Hortensis Oct 2021 #26
If NASCAR suddenly became the most open and inclusive Aristus Oct 2021 #6
If it were that simple, a whole lot more folks would do it. Eliot Rosewater Oct 2021 #8
I have shot a basketball before MichMan Oct 2021 #15
Are they going to denounce that "let's go Brandon" slogan?? 🤬 🤬 🤬 a kennedy Oct 2021 #9
Don't know. Misbehavior by part of the audience. Read that audio's Hortensis Oct 2021 #27
I'd sooner watch... 3catwoman3 Oct 2021 #10
:) Me too, but my husband still watches some and chats with friends Hortensis Oct 2021 #28
Formula 1's popularity is starting to eat into Nascar's ratings. FSogol Oct 2021 #12
No it isn't Darwins_Retriever Oct 2021 #14
WAPO reported the other day that F1 ratings were up 51% over last year. FSogol Oct 2021 #23
F1 and NASCAR competed head to head last weekend at the exact same time MichMan Oct 2021 #16
I watch Formula 1 racing, as I have no interest in that roundy-rounder stuff. Brother Mythos Oct 2021 #17
Wasn't it the F1 race at Belgium when they drove a few laps behind a pace car under caution in rain? MichMan Oct 2021 #18
At least it wasn't an incredibly boring circle track, and they actually drove in the rain. Brother Mythos Oct 2021 #19
Shortened? It was only 3 laps behind the safety car at 35 mph or so. MichMan Oct 2021 #22
Non-redneck? Eliot Rosewater Oct 2021 #21
Obviously my use of the term 'redneck' has touched a nerve with you. So, ... Brother Mythos Oct 2021 #24
You are the one with the touched nerve, I merely pointed out that not all NASCAR fans are rednecks. Eliot Rosewater Oct 2021 #25
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