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3. "Democrats" aren't a protected class, so they use "race" as a proxy.
Sat Dec 11, 2021, 09:30 PM
Dec 2021

But the Voting Rights Act was gutted by the USSC.

Why isn't gerrymandering illegal [View all] Tribetime Dec 2021 OP
About 10 years ago, Dems & Reps in NJ got together and set up each district as safe zones. TheBlackAdder Dec 2021 #1
Link? zaj Dec 2021 #2
Link here. It walk talked on the TV and Radio for a couple of years, esp. NJ1015.com TheBlackAdder Dec 2021 #4
"Democrats" aren't a protected class, so they use "race" as a proxy. zaj Dec 2021 #3
Yeah, Oklahoma ymetca Dec 2021 #5
Scotus has ruled it is legal iemanja Dec 2021 #6
American supreme Court seems to error on the side of less democracy when it comes to voting uponit7771 Dec 2021 #7
Yes, and I'm afraid we'll see that confirmed iemanja Dec 2021 #8
You have to remember Zeitghost Dec 2021 #15
Yes, but what about explicitly anti-democratic and explicitly intended to favour one party? Alexander Of Assyria Dec 2021 #10
They have said that is okay iemanja Dec 2021 #13
Here is a news story about the ruling. iemanja Dec 2021 #17
Thank you. Well, that's just wrong thinking by the majority. Political thinking. Not their job. Alexander Of Assyria Dec 2021 #18
Define represented "fairly" brooklynite Dec 2021 #9
One person one vote, equal representation in legislative body based on population Alexander Of Assyria Dec 2021 #11
"In a logically geographic perimeter"....there's the rub brooklynite Dec 2021 #14
No, but nothing bans it either. So legislatures can do, no problem, including the federal level. Alexander Of Assyria Dec 2021 #19
It seems all my post oh nevermind I fixed it Tribetime Dec 2021 #28
Because both sides do it. Zeitghost Dec 2021 #12
The Voting Rights Act requires it to some extent MichMan Dec 2021 #16
Becuase the Founding Fathers decide it was OK. Jacson6 Dec 2021 #20
The "Founding Fathers" did not have a clue...says Stu Stuart G Dec 2021 #25
They also bought and sold humans. They also settled arguments by duel. Progressive Jones Dec 2021 #27
Chief Justice edhopper Dec 2021 #21
Elections and election laws are decided state by state. That is in the constitution. AJT Dec 2021 #22
Even if as others have noted it wasn't explicitly permitted... localroger Dec 2021 #23
+1000 smirkymonkey Dec 2021 #24
Be careful what you ask for thatdemguy Dec 2021 #26
It shouldn't favor one party or another every voter vote must be equally represented Tribetime Dec 2021 #29
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