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Tue Dec 28, 2021, 08:51 AM Dec 2021

A Big Problem With the 1/6 Coup Attempt [View all]

The attempted coup was not treated as a coup, as an attempt to overthrow our government. Wasn't taken as a coup by the MSM, but especially wasn't taken as a coup by Justice. It was looked upon as a peaceful protest turned violent, and is still being looked upon that way.

No one who was arrested inside the Capitol should have only been charged with, "entering or remaining in a restricted federal building,"
nor should any of them only been charged with "parading," nor should any of them only been charged with "demonstrating, picketing in the Capitol."

Those charges do not reveal what was going on that day, those charges hide what was going on that day and yet those are what the vast majority of people arrested that day were charged with.

To the best of my knowledge none have been indicted for "insurrection." To the best of my knowledge none have been indicted for "seditious conspiracy." To the best of my knowledge none have been arrested for "impeding the official proceedings of Congress"
although I did hear that charge was being considered.

All of this is on Justice. We have judges (except the 2 Trump appointed judges) complaining that prosecutors are not seeking stiff enough sentences. Many judges are taking it upon themselves to give stiffer sentences.

Every damn insurrectionist arrested inside the Capitol should have been charged with insurrection.

Just my 2 cents. Nothing is taken seriously if people aren't held accountable. For fuck's sake they stormed our Capitol building, ransacked it, practically demolished it, threw shit on the walls and then they are indicted for remaining in a restricted federal building, for parading, for demonstrating-picketing in the Capitol? We have a woman in Texas who was sent to jail for multiple years because she mistakenly voted at the wrong precinct. It's time for DOJ to get serious.

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One more damn thing, gab13by13 Dec 2021 #1
K&R Arazi Dec 2021 #2
The insurrection plot was so complete, it even had promo swag C_U_L8R Dec 2021 #3
THIS. n/t OneGrassRoot Dec 2021 #4
Biden, Pelosi, et al have known this for a long time. empedocles Dec 2021 #8
I desperately hope so... OneGrassRoot Dec 2021 #10
Indeed. There is a method. And the GOP will pay the price. C_U_L8R Dec 2021 #11
Poppycock! berni_mccoy Dec 2021 #13
Amen, and time is growing short. gab13by13 Dec 2021 #15
DETERRENCE is required -- and it's not being introduced as a concept. Grasswire2 Dec 2021 #43
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Dec 2021 #61
Exactly. It seems "look forward not back" is modern time's KPN Dec 2021 #75
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Dec 2021 #105
+1000 smirkymonkey Dec 2021 #69
Yep, nothing says "no big deal" like not knowing if DOJ will hold people accountable for crimes uponit7771 Dec 2021 #88
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Dec 2021 #104
👍 Joinfortmill Dec 2021 #34
the clock is ticking -- approaching midnight for democracy. Grasswire2 Dec 2021 #42
Sigh. I sincerely hope this isn't delusional. All evidence KPN Dec 2021 #74
Then we've lost, we're great at showing how horrible we are at garnering sentiment. We need to hire uponit7771 Dec 2021 #87
THIS! N/t malaise Jan 2022 #114
And that should be the straw that broke the camel's back. OldBaldy1701E Dec 2021 #7
I fear that Occam's Razor applies here. gab13by13 Dec 2021 #16
Oh, come on. So now we can jail anybody that wears clothing that offends you? erronis Dec 2021 #54
+1. it wouldn't hurt to think a little bit ... -(nt)- stopdiggin Dec 2021 #57
Thinking about what? This reminds me of the old KPN Dec 2021 #77
so you're OK with jailing people that wear T-shirts stopdiggin Dec 2021 #84
Lol. Nobody here said jail people who wore that shirt because they wore it. KPN Dec 2021 #89
you might want to reread the post (#54) that I responded to stopdiggin Dec 2021 #98
Oh no, that is exactly what I said. OldBaldy1701E Dec 2021 #109
Uncommon problems require uncommon solutions. KPN Dec 2021 #76
The desire to remain anywhere near that box is. (n/t) OldBaldy1701E Dec 2021 #110
This has nothing to do with being offended. OldBaldy1701E Dec 2021 #108
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Dec 2021 #106
... and multiple "war rooms", not simply just one. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Dec 2021 #9
THIS! calimary Dec 2021 #72
It's a big fat joke to most of them. gab13by13 Dec 2021 #14
If that isn't damning, I don't know what is. smirkymonkey Dec 2021 #68
Yup. All the librul antifas would be incarcerated for months already with many months or years KPN Dec 2021 #78
The DOJ's ignorance on this is a travesty. berni_mccoy Dec 2021 #5
I don't believe ignorance is the word. Ferrets are Cool Dec 2021 #50
A grand mistake we may not survive HAB911 Dec 2021 #6
Good reframe. Thanks. TheRickles Dec 2021 #12
why weren't insurrectionist arrested on site? CommonHumanity Dec 2021 #17
I think that your own reason is the answer, gab13by13 Dec 2021 #19
I want to know why the hallways didn't run red with the blood of the insurrectionists. Rabrrrrrr Dec 2021 #29
oh, well there's a really swell idea! stopdiggin Dec 2021 #59
+1000 smirkymonkey Dec 2021 #70
2 or 3 weeks ago, gab13by13 Dec 2021 #18
This report both saddens and frightens me msfiddlestix Dec 2021 #38
I wonder if we can find footage of that Grasswire2 Dec 2021 #44
ffffffuck, uponit7771 Dec 2021 #90
not too late for that charging, I don't think... bringthePaine Dec 2021 #20
I think the biggest problem is that it's not over yet MissMillie Dec 2021 #21
With little accountability, gab13by13 Dec 2021 #22
elections are still primarily a state process and province stopdiggin Dec 2021 #60
Oh come on. There were so many transgressions of normal election KPN Dec 2021 #79
So who prosecutes violation of state law? stopdiggin Dec 2021 #99
You wrongly assumed I was talking State laws. KPN Dec 2021 #100
if you don't want to address the points in my post stopdiggin Dec 2021 #102
You are right. I misspoke -- what I typed was not what I was KPN Dec 2021 #103
Remember when Republicans were insistent about Benghazi Mad_Machine76 Dec 2021 #23
And the Republicans could never offer any evidence, let alone prove a damn thing hadEnuf Dec 2021 #53
Our 2-party system almost guarantees that prosecution Mr. Ected Dec 2021 #24
It absolutely does not matter, gab13by13 Dec 2021 #30
Well, of course, hard to call yourself a country based on rule of law Mr. Ected Dec 2021 #40
Not an excuse for relative inaction against an attempted KPN Dec 2021 #80
We still have to do the right, regardless uponit7771 Dec 2021 #91
Good points, but there's an error in your OP. CaptainTruth Dec 2021 #25
Since then multiple other judges have upheld the charges, ruling it was an official proceeding.nt pnwmom Dec 2021 #62
I have a strong feeling fwvinson Dec 2021 #26
You should seriously think about deleting that post, just a suggestion. gab13by13 Dec 2021 #32
It's always good to get a statement from the not loyal opposition erronis Dec 2021 #55
Does Anyone Really Believe DallasNE Dec 2021 #27
If an angry violent mob Mr.Bill Dec 2021 #28
and the ones who didn't die would be in jail for a long time. gab13by13 Dec 2021 #31
And the shooting and killing of invaders would have been perfectly legal msfiddlestix Dec 2021 #93
AMEN!!!! HEAR, HEAR!!! STANDING OVATION!!! LoisB Dec 2021 #33
Except at least 4 judges have upheld charges on obstruction of an official proceeding, pnwmom Dec 2021 #64
Although the crime seems obvious to us, Qutzupalotl Dec 2021 #35
DOJ needs more evidence? msfiddlestix Dec 2021 #39
Yes. An assertion by a prosecutor is not enough. Qutzupalotl Dec 2021 #41
I believe that evidence exists, in spades, on social media of the day. Grasswire2 Dec 2021 #45
all the evidence needed was televised msfiddlestix Dec 2021 #48
All we need was televised Qutzupalotl Dec 2021 #52
it does, but to charge insurrection, Qutzupalotl Dec 2021 #51
They've proceeded in the past with less uponit7771 Dec 2021 #92
Perhaps this shouldn't even be in civil courts. What happened on KPN Dec 2021 #83
I don't like saying this, but this is what I believe. Dan Dec 2021 #36
As in letting Bannon turn himself in after the weekend and be released with no bond. Grasswire2 Dec 2021 #46
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Dec 2021 #107
K&R DLevine Dec 2021 #37
The people who breached the Capitol are just flakes, stooges, and (some) psychos gulliver Dec 2021 #47
Had this happened in a previous century, IzzaNuDay Dec 2021 #49
As we did post WWII with some Axis prisoners. Not publicized but rapid justice. erronis Dec 2021 #56
The media just gave you a mostly peaceful Xmas, just return to normal life, don't waste any time ShazamIam Dec 2021 #58
You should start following Empty Wheel. She has named several judges who are upholding charges pnwmom Dec 2021 #63
+1 DeeNice Dec 2021 #94
There was a multi-tiered plot, there was planning, there were armed people intent on attacking Solly Mack Dec 2021 #65
I agree 100%. We will fail and fall if we continue to treat this KPN Dec 2021 #85
Downplaying what took place is no different than those who claim Covid-19 is no worse Solly Mack Dec 2021 #96
Exactly ... and well said. KPN Dec 2021 #97
There will be public heaings and all the evidence will be exposed before Justice matters. Dec 2021 #66
Bravo !! K&R Duppers Dec 2021 #67
Don't get discouraged CrankyMa Dec 2021 #71
Excellent read and summation. This helps a great deal, important contribution msfiddlestix Dec 2021 #95
Thank you... and an update.. more CrankyMa Jan 2022 #113
hmmm, "... Proud Boy Leader/FBI informant's arrest and removal from DC..." Okay, makes me uponit7771 Dec 2021 #101
The Jokes On Them (Rioters) modrepub Dec 2021 #73
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2021 #81
I think you took a wrong turn somewhere MissB Dec 2021 #82
Should people that break the law be held accountable? kentuck Dec 2021 #86
This shit show has been badly enabled and the M$M is too blame, big time. RANDYWILDMAN Dec 2021 #111
Kicking! calimary Dec 2021 #112
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