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boston bean

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Tue Dec 28, 2021, 04:42 PM Dec 2021

No one knows if the DOJ is doing anything about January 6th except [View all]

they have brought cases against those who breached or committed violence upon others that day.

What we do know is there has been zero indication they are pursuing the planners or organizers.

Having lived through fitzmas, 2016, meueller, my confidence is low with them (DOJ) taking any action in those more egregious crimes.

I would change my mind about it though if it were the republicans in control and the Dems plotted an insurrection.

Call me jaded, call me skeptical, whatever. But I think history shows my position and belief holds more credence than those who believe they are doing some super duper secret thingies when there has not been not even one indication they are doing so.

I will be very happy to be wrong.

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Yep, seems to be business as usual, until proved otherwise by the DOJ, which I hope is the case, ... RKP5637 Dec 2021 #1
That is where I sit right now too Bettie Dec 2021 #2
If they were, there would be tells. But there isn't. berni_mccoy Dec 2021 #3
And if there WEREN'T, there would be tells. Eyeball_Kid Dec 2021 #49
Not that you'll look up or anything berni_mccoy Dec 2021 #51
A summary of your correct post. "This country is totally fucked" (nt) NoRethugFriends Dec 2021 #4
Yep, that's pretty much the bottom line, I fear. n/t RKP5637 Dec 2021 #5
Looking at Nicole on MSNBC right now ... LenaBaby61 Dec 2021 #8
That is pretty much the way I am seeing things right now. smirkymonkey Dec 2021 #53
Agreed, not a whiff of any DOJ activity anywhere. No one fighting dem4decades Dec 2021 #6
Read this DU post about Empty Wheel, she has been pretty good at Bev54 Dec 2021 #57
Maybe a general statement XanaDUer2 Dec 2021 #7
Given that the Democracy is at stake, you would think they would have done this if Scrivener7 Dec 2021 #12
That's what worries me XanaDUer2 Dec 2021 #14
Comey had no problem stating Hillary was under investigation a week before Election Day. boston bean Dec 2021 #26
The rules always are different for Democrats, aren't they? Scrivener7 Dec 2021 #27
The rules are meant to keep law abiding citizens in line... dchill Dec 2021 #50
Republicans don't believe laws apply to them Bettie Dec 2021 #58
What I'm saying. dchill Dec 2021 #61
That is what one would think should happen. In its absence, people will invent RKP5637 Dec 2021 #15
Whatever Sewa Dec 2021 #9
After decades of only pursuing slam dunk cases they've gotten scared of uncertainty IbogaProject Dec 2021 #10
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Dec 2021 #11
Sadly, with their ongoing lack of even brief communiques, this seems likely ... FFS. n/t RKP5637 Dec 2021 #16
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Dec 2021 #62
Yeah, and they even let Bannon walk with no bond and no gag order. Grasswire2 Dec 2021 #65
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Dec 2021 #68
"handful of misdemeanors, even fewer felonies"? onenote Dec 2021 #24
Sure. That's what this is about. Scrivener7 Dec 2021 #28
They could open up a special prosecutor. And they better do so before the mid terms. boston bean Dec 2021 #29
In order to appoint a special counsel, they'd have to acknowledge a conflict of interest onenote Dec 2021 #33
It will happen. boston bean Dec 2021 #34
I'm still hopeful as they have gotten cooperation agreements IbogaProject Dec 2021 #13
they have, from several defendants, mopinko Dec 2021 #20
While the impatience with the apparent Enoki33 Dec 2021 #17
Time for the quote from Churchill, gab13by13 Dec 2021 #32
Yep. BlackSkimmer Dec 2021 #18
Here is what the DOJ could be doing behind doors onenote Dec 2021 #19
TY empedocles Dec 2021 #30
No one said there are slam dunk cases. gab13by13 Dec 2021 #36
That's what they COULD be doing. AverageOldGuy Dec 2021 #43
I think this just shows the incredible power of the bureaucracy to move at its own chosen pace... VarryOn Dec 2021 #21
This message was self-deleted by its author traitorsgalore Dec 2021 #22
That's not what Matt Miller just said. gab13by13 Dec 2021 #37
Intent is proven in the transcript. He said, "All we want.... " So it's proven. He broke GA law. ancianita Dec 2021 #39
Don't kill the messenger, gab13by13 Dec 2021 #42
Ah. You are ON it. Now I got it. Thank you. ancianita Dec 2021 #63
jan. 1- exactly 10 month's to figure out shit !! mid term's !!! monkeyman1 Dec 2021 #23
We may worry about it, but multigraincracker Dec 2021 #25
I heard or read somewhere, that Congressional Hearings will be held this coming summer. That's what fwvinson Dec 2021 #31
Liz Cheney has nothing to lose, gab13by13 Dec 2021 #44
Post removed Post removed Dec 2021 #35
If the DOJ is pursuing this I will apologize BigmanPigman Dec 2021 #38
Based on what has and hasn't been prosecuted over the last 45 years, mn9driver Dec 2021 #40
You are not jaded. AverageOldGuy Dec 2021 #41
I am 74 years old, voted for McGovern, gab13by13 Dec 2021 #46
I respect my elders... ancianita Dec 2021 #64
Reflects my sense, feelings and logical conclusion KPN Dec 2021 #45
I don't want to demoralize you, but it looks like the Jan 6th committee CrispyQ Dec 2021 #47
I'm not too happy with the lack of multi-decade prison sentences, and the lack of Progressive Jones Dec 2021 #48
I have zero faith in our government right now. liberalmuse Dec 2021 #52
And this is how democracy is lost Mr. Ected Dec 2021 #54
I agree with you BB, but what is even more important than what those of us here at DU smirkymonkey Dec 2021 #55
Kick. BlackSkimmer Dec 2021 #56
Just a bit stillspkg Dec 2021 #59
Rec. Treefrog Dec 2021 #60
And the face of the House investigation..... Diablo del sol Dec 2021 #66
I'm confident that Adam Schiff has told us the truth. Grasswire2 Dec 2021 #67
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