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46. Thanks so much for your superior guidance. It's truly appreciated
Wed Dec 29, 2021, 12:19 PM
Dec 2021

I will meditate on what you’ve said. Thank you thank you!

sounds like this could be the holdup. mopinko Dec 2021 #1
I think so JustAnotherGen Dec 2021 #2
Great post! Thanks JAG! sarchasm Dec 2021 #41
by the look's of this article & comments ------------ monkeyman1 Dec 2021 #147
I've long suspected Pantagruel Dec 2021 #3
Recommend!!!!!👍👍👍 sheshe2 Dec 2021 #4
Stop excusing Garland's absence on this berni_mccoy Dec 2021 #5
I think both Attorney General Merrick Garland and President Joe Biden know what they're doing.... George II Dec 2021 #7
I think they know what they are doing as well berni_mccoy Dec 2021 #13
Pacification, we saw it with the Mueller invesigation. jalan48 Dec 2021 #16
Have we seen the full report yet? dem4decades Dec 2021 #31
No, and we may never see it. The process however served its purpose. jalan48 Dec 2021 #51
President Biden cannot "prosecute" TFG. Justice matters. Dec 2021 #32
Post removed Post removed Dec 2021 #34
By just posting "Biden does not intend to prosecute Trump" anywhere... Justice matters. Dec 2021 #44
Thanks so much for your superior guidance. It's truly appreciated berni_mccoy Dec 2021 #46
Your constant pessimism and doomsday threats don't help anyone but repubs. brush Dec 2021 #71
+10000! ShazzieB Dec 2021 #108
+10000 wnylib Dec 2021 #128
The GOP Senators who held up Graves' nomination JustAnotherGen Dec 2021 #50
Don't all opposition say the same? Justice matters. Dec 2021 #56
Hmmm JustAnotherGen Dec 2021 #64
You are kidding, right? They are and are going to continue doing that regardless. KPN Dec 2021 #91
Note the newly added 'sarcasm' gif. Budi Dec 2021 #62
Yeah, well he damned well better intervene if this thing lingers much longer. KPN Dec 2021 #87
I expect that the long term DOJ employees in the respective yellowdogintexas Dec 2021 #145
Agreed 634-5789 Dec 2021 #119
you have cited the ultimate problem here. Grasswire2 Dec 2021 #131
Get a hobby. we can do it Dec 2021 #11
So nice to see people giving up on democracy. berni_mccoy Dec 2021 #14
Make up your mind. In one thread you say don't count on any indictments... brush Dec 2021 #74
I do not believe you'll receive an answer to that question. NurseJackie Dec 2021 #79
Probably not. Putting him on the spot may shut him up. brush Dec 2021 #81
Getting 5 hides has gotten him Flagged for Review, so he's having a little rest just now Hekate Dec 2021 #113
Here's hoping. 🤞 ShazzieB Dec 2021 #115
We can hope. we can do it Dec 2021 #140
We could always meditate on it Generic Brad Dec 2021 #152
please, s.t.o.p. msfiddlestix Dec 2021 #118
How do you know? He's been flagged. brush Dec 2021 #121
This was a valiant and kind effort. Scrivener7 Dec 2021 #160
Au Contraire .. We're Fighting Cha Dec 2021 #132
👍🏼 IrishAfricanAmerican Dec 2021 #15
You win the internet today wryter2000 Dec 2021 #33
🤩 we can do it Dec 2021 #38
K & R Budi Dec 2021 #66
Me too. He's very consistent. we can do it Dec 2021 #141
Nope - I won't JustAnotherGen Dec 2021 #17
That's the most ridiculous explanation for anything of late berni_mccoy Dec 2021 #22
I really can't wait to see you eat your words relayerbob Dec 2021 #40
I'd be the happiest person in the world to eat them berni_mccoy Dec 2021 #45
berni_mccoy for President JustAnotherGen Dec 2021 #55
He's not a D.A. JustAnotherGen Dec 2021 #53
I was just getting ready to say something about this. ShazzieB Dec 2021 #111
Rofl. Just cuz you don't see or hear him doesn't mean he's not there! Budi Dec 2021 #20
Armchair this fact: berni_mccoy Dec 2021 #24
Haaaahaaaaaha... "Don't Look Up" is the new cool meme flying thru soc media Budi Dec 2021 #69
Yes, and objective critics have given it horrible reviews. George II Dec 2021 #85
Its being mocked relentlessly. As it should. Budi Dec 2021 #86
Have you seen it? It's really excellent. Scrivener7 Dec 2021 #88
Which "pending" charges have expired under the statute of limitations? onenote Dec 2021 #83
You might be waiting a while in that answer. we can do it Dec 2021 #142
Water under the bridge. I trust Bidens appointments. I trust both mens ability to keep the Alexander Of Assyria Dec 2021 #61
As previously pointed out, the problem with appointing a special counsel onenote Dec 2021 #78
PS - The President doesn't have the power to appoint a special prosecutor onenote Dec 2021 #82
K&R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! n/t RKP5637 Dec 2021 #6
Senate rules desperately need some serious re-write... Wounded Bear Dec 2021 #8
THIS. KPN Dec 2021 #97
+1000 n/t MarcA Dec 2021 #103
K&R brer cat Dec 2021 #9
Hmmm, interesting factoid. So much for the "WhY iSn'T hE dOiNg AnYtHiNg?" going around Twitter. George II Dec 2021 #10
Did Garland need this DA to prosecute any of the thugs at the Capitol? berni_mccoy Dec 2021 #19
He's the US Attorney for District of Columbia JustAnotherGen Dec 2021 #26
Ummm.. Biden CAN'T prosecute Trump. That's why we have Attorney Generals. Budi Dec 2021 #28
No shit Sherlock. If you are taking words that literally berni_mccoy Dec 2021 #30
The Armchairs Across America Have Spoken! (Send just $3 cuz we're fighting for YOU) Budi Dec 2021 #39
Have you considered taking Cha Dec 2021 #137
Good news. Maybe some indictements from the Jan. 6 insurrection... brush Dec 2021 #12
Don't count on it berni_mccoy Dec 2021 #18
So we are doomed? JustAnotherGen Dec 2021 #23
Yes. Why did Garland allow Trump to escape pending charges berni_mccoy Dec 2021 #25
Wait - I know JustAnotherGen Dec 2021 #27
👍 The Armchairs have spoken Budi Dec 2021 #36
Yet killin me we can do it Dec 2021 #42
BINGO! wellst0nev0ter Dec 2021 #60
So Merrick Garland -let me get this straight JustAnotherGen Dec 2021 #68
Explains the "Must Doom-post Garland Before He Prosecutes Our Asses!", bs we see daily. Budi Dec 2021 #73
Yes, anyone who questions the progress believes that Garland is a Russian puppet wellst0nev0ter Dec 2021 #109
Thanks for adding the sarcasm thingy. ShazzieB Dec 2021 #117
I actually got in trouble for not adding a "sarcasm" wellst0nev0ter Dec 2021 #120
If we are doomed JustAnotherGen Dec 2021 #29
Mr. McCoy Pantagruel Dec 2021 #43
... JustAnotherGen Dec 2021 #133
Perhaps it's because the DOJ didn't have enough evidence yet to prosecute before... George II Dec 2021 #75
Stop being patient and making sense. we can do it Dec 2021 #143
... George II Dec 2021 #144
Exactly JustAnotherGen Dec 2021 #21
Why did it take six months AFTER THE INSURRECTION to appoint a lead prosecutor? Grasswire2 Dec 2021 #35
It wasn't an appointment of a lead prosecutor JustAnotherGen Dec 2021 #47
That's about 4 months actually. Garland was appointed around March. Budi Dec 2021 #48
He was sworn in on March 11th JustAnotherGen Dec 2021 #72
Yup. 100% spot on, JAGen! Budi Dec 2021 #76
K&R wryter2000 Dec 2021 #37
There were others JustAnotherGen Dec 2021 #49
I remember seeing Johnson make that ignorant statement on video wryter2000 Dec 2021 #52
Exactly JustAnotherGen Dec 2021 #54
How does somebody even say that with a straight face? ShazzieB Dec 2021 #126
I do too JustAnotherGen Dec 2021 #134
K & R Really! Where HAVE we heard Johnson's words repeated, again? Budi Dec 2021 #57
Coincidence? JustAnotherGen Dec 2021 #63
The usual suspects, I see. greatauntoftriplets Dec 2021 #59
Can somebody please explain this for the reading comprehension challenged? SoFlaJet Dec 2021 #58
This message was self-deleted by its author JustAnotherGen Dec 2021 #70
Well, that's bullshit. Neither of them ever said Garland was a russian asset. Scrivener7 Dec 2021 #90
This message was self-deleted by its author JustAnotherGen Dec 2021 #92
Thank you. You have shown that YOU are the only one who said it. Scrivener7 Dec 2021 #93
This message was self-deleted by its author JustAnotherGen Dec 2021 #95
Lol. I pointed out that you attempted to put words in someone's mouth that that person Scrivener7 Dec 2021 #101
Okay honey JustAnotherGen Dec 2021 #105
This message was self-deleted by its author JustAnotherGen Dec 2021 #94
LOL! You said it, then you copied it again in your reply to me. And no one else in Scrivener7 Dec 2021 #96
This message was self-deleted by its author JustAnotherGen Dec 2021 #98
This message was self-deleted by its author JustAnotherGen Dec 2021 #99
Oh, dear. Does disagreeing with you mean "palling around?" There's a word for that. Scrivener7 Dec 2021 #102
? What word. Budi Dec 2021 #110
Thank you. BlackSkimmer Dec 2021 #122
Yep. And swarm-y. Scrivener7 Dec 2021 #123
Very. BlackSkimmer Dec 2021 #124
Maybe the holidays are making people cranky. Scrivener7 Dec 2021 #125
Lol! BlackSkimmer Dec 2021 #127
Indeed. Mr. Evil Dec 2021 #139
So why is RonJonAnon not still holding it up? bucolic_frolic Dec 2021 #65
Who knows? JustAnotherGen Dec 2021 #67
OK, we waited for 1 guy? gab13by13 Dec 2021 #77
Yep - the guy who can prosecute in DC JustAnotherGen Dec 2021 #80
THANK YOU, MERRICK GARLAND! ancianita Dec 2021 #84
Well, I HOPE that's what he's doing. calimary Dec 2021 #158
I hear you. But isn't that what's indicated in this thread and others? ancianita Dec 2021 #159
K&R! Good stuff! dchill Dec 2021 #89
Ron Johnson is involved in the Jan 6 insurrection up to his eyeballs in planning at minimum. usaf-vet Dec 2021 #100
Bravo! JustAnotherGen Dec 2021 #104
Yet another thread that dissolves into accusations and nastiness. demmiblue Dec 2021 #106
I hope I never make that many posts in a thread that I feel I have to delete afterwards! ShazzieB Dec 2021 #129
I did it to lighten the tone JustAnotherGen Dec 2021 #135
No kidding! demmiblue Dec 2021 #138
Seems we're missing a rapid response poster. Guess they retired for the night. Budi Dec 2021 #148
We all want the same thing right? gab13by13 Dec 2021 #107
Well said. Scrivener7 Dec 2021 #114
I think we SHOULD be able to do that. ShazzieB Dec 2021 #130
Yes - but I want to see it in NYC JustAnotherGen Dec 2021 #136
Outstanding News. msfiddlestix Dec 2021 #112
No Reep block (such as Ted Crooz) ??? ananda Dec 2021 #116
Give Garland a chance orangecrush Dec 2021 #146
What is this from? JustAnotherGen Dec 2021 #150
Perry Mason orangecrush Dec 2021 #153
Shoot...I was just about to start a Where is Hell is Garland meme. pecosbob Dec 2021 #149
Tick Tock, the croc is coming. Joinfortmill Dec 2021 #151
don't go gettin' my hopes up. lol. nt BootinUp Dec 2021 #154
What's Ron John the clown afraid of? Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Dec 2021 #155
I've been itching to say this, but Moebym Dec 2021 #156
This JustAnotherGen Dec 2021 #157
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