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29. the 'mob' leadership of 1/6/21
Sun Jan 2, 2022, 11:40 AM
Jan 2022

would not have stopped executions if opposition leaders had been found. The 'mob' was already a dog with rabies. It was an attempt to overthrow an election. Of a legally elected POTUS. If that's not a coup attempt...well I just don't know what is...

Posting with no comment [View all] rpannier Jan 2022 OP
Powerful image. n/t DEbluedude Jan 2022 #1
A bit skinny though shelshaw Jan 2022 #2
If his true weight/posture was depicted... DEbluedude Jan 2022 #3
Haha shelshaw Jan 2022 #4
+1 area51 Jan 2022 #6
Many, many.... SergeStorms Jan 2022 #7
Third rate stand in for a practice run. paleotn Jan 2022 #10
He could also never stand up that straight. alphafemale Jan 2022 #12
Not according to the photos from his New Years party, he has lost weight. Jon King Jan 2022 #14
A lot skinny and the coat fits nicely. we can do it Jan 2022 #19
Right? You noticed that too? 2Gingersnaps Jan 2022 #21
"WE'RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER TOPCOAT!" bullwinkle428 Jan 2022 #30
Nope. BlackSkimmer Jan 2022 #34
How true and horrifying this is. We must not allow it to happen. n/t CaliforniaPeggy Jan 2022 #5
Chit, that hits way too close to home. Ferrets are Cool Jan 2022 #8
Reminds me of when I started watching the Amazon series Man in the High Castle.... paleotn Jan 2022 #9
Excellent show. 2Gingersnaps Jan 2022 #22
Well done, granted, but dark. Damn dark. paleotn Jan 2022 #24
Phillip K. Dick ChazInAz Jan 2022 #32
one good thing !! monkeyman1 Jan 2022 #11
"Clever Tyrants are never punished" -Voltaire. JohnnyRingo Jan 2022 #13
He WON'T be punished, its about VOTES!!!! Jon King Jan 2022 #15
Sounds about right Evolve Dammit Jan 2022 #16
There wasn't a coup attempt. brooklynite Jan 2022 #17
Two different things, often conflated. Both occurred. n/t Whiskeytide Jan 2022 #18
It was most definitely a self coup Poiuyt Jan 2022 #25
An NPR politics reporter called it a self-coup attempt. summer_in_TX Jan 2022 #35
the 'mob' leadership of 1/6/21 llashram Jan 2022 #29
Trashing this thread without comment. NurseJackie Jan 2022 #20
Agree. BlackSkimmer Jan 2022 #27
D'accordo empedocles Jan 2022 #33
Exactly! BlueJac Jan 2022 #23
K&R UCmeNdc Jan 2022 #26
+++ llashram Jan 2022 #28
Someone should send this... Snackshack Jan 2022 #31
Thankfully, TFG and his minions can't learn and live in La-La Land Kaleva Jan 2022 #36
Lincoln was shot. The Jungle 1 Jan 2022 #37
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