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33. I thought I was going to see a picture like this...
Wed Oct 24, 2012, 05:07 PM
Oct 2012


Sorry, I turn everything into a conversation about the war. I guess it just shows how much it is constantly on my mind.

I Was Just Shot in the Chest [View all] mfcorey1 Oct 2012 OP
this really needs to go the papers where the idiot senator candidate is running for office. Fresh_Start Oct 2012 #1
If that wasn't so close to the GOP position, it would be a REALLY sick joke. HopeHoops Oct 2012 #2
true story after Franlin invented the lightning rod their use spread around the world grantcart Oct 2012 #22
Really, really sick, indeed.... defacto7 Oct 2012 #30
Emergency Rooms are an insult to God. What was Romney thinking? aletier_v Oct 2012 #3
The Western Christian church has tried to eliminate its medical rivals before. bigmonkey Oct 2012 #5
+1 actually the original charge of 'witchcraft' equated to practicing medicine without a license azurnoir Oct 2012 #10
oh my your little pix are REEEEEALLY SCARY!!!!!! magical thyme Oct 2012 #43
Your comment reminds me of what happened in Pillars of the Earth. (Or was it the follow up novel, Dark n Stormy Knight Oct 2012 #50
We can laugh npk Oct 2012 #16
LOL! What a wholesome attitude to realize that if you die your murderer becomes an instrument of God Media Lies Oct 2012 #4
It's a way to have forgiving saving grace for a murderer... defacto7 Oct 2012 #31
If "God" controls everything, why even get up in the morning? CanonRay Oct 2012 #6
That's what all the dead people said just before...they died. russspeakeasy Oct 2012 #15
So you can worship the Holy one! snooper2 Oct 2012 #20
been there, done that.. defacto7 Oct 2012 #27
I regret that I have but one Rec to give this post. progressoid Oct 2012 #7
ditto sarchasm Oct 2012 #56
K&R. Mad_Dem_X Oct 2012 #8
You made me spew my wine! sheshe2 Oct 2012 #9
Great OP n/t azurnoir Oct 2012 #11
THis is on par with those people who deny their children chemo Robyn66 Oct 2012 #12
God's punishing you for not crossing state lines to get cheaper insurance. Bucky Oct 2012 #13
LOL! Up2Late Oct 2012 #14
insert any calamity and see how just how stupid it sounds SemperEadem Oct 2012 #17
wait--are you a man or a woman? librechik Oct 2012 #18
Perfect response, Mr. Mordock/Akin/Romney/Ryan/Republican scum !! AAO Oct 2012 #58
Guns and religion in the same post pintobean Oct 2012 #19
If Romney got shot, I'd be a good Samaritan... Media Lies Oct 2012 #21
shit you would need to do that if he had a nose bleed... kooljerk666 Oct 2012 #45
Post removed Post removed Oct 2012 #64
And we're still reeling from Bush and his bonehead "conversation with some ill-advised god" libdem4life Oct 2012 #23
Stand-your-ground laws are an insult to God. How can we be prepared for God's gift of a avaistheone1 Oct 2012 #24
People like Mourdock & Akin would have us believe Murder is God's Gift Creating Orphans. nt Bernardo de La Paz Oct 2012 #25
So is it only a gift it it results in a PG? Sheepshank Oct 2012 #26
no, she was asking for it if she got pregnant. God was answering her prayer. magical thyme Oct 2012 #44
it would appear my thinking is not convoluted enough to be a Republican...... Sheepshank Oct 2012 #59
One of the top ten threads of the year DainBramaged Oct 2012 #28
K&R yends21012 Oct 2012 #29
George Zimmerman hears ya, brother! moondust Oct 2012 #32
I thought I was going to see a picture like this... Victor_c3 Oct 2012 #33
Thank you for your service. Chellee Oct 2012 #46
All doctors should retire jalAbi Oct 2012 #34
One of the Best F**K YOUs to the GOP I've ever seen! amb123 Oct 2012 #35
Check & Fuckin' Mate! Caretha Oct 2012 #36
I'm so jealous texshelters Oct 2012 #37
Just relax and enjoy it. begin_within Oct 2012 #38
I hate that when it happens...just sittin on the porch enjoying the day and OUCH! HereSince1628 Oct 2012 #39
You win. Brigid Oct 2012 #57
Take this a step further matt819 Oct 2012 #40
Besides, how do we even know that it was a legitimate shooting? (eom) StevieM Oct 2012 #48
Turns out the Bush meltdown of 2008 was also God's plan BlueStreak Oct 2012 #61
So if god intended for a baby to be conceived by rape, Chemisse Oct 2012 #62
About this bullet... MynameisBlarney Oct 2012 #41
Barack Obama was elected and is called to a 2nd term. Shame on Willard for questioning God's plan SmileyRose Oct 2012 #42
Wow, so powerful... GetTheRightVote Oct 2012 #47
I Used This Article As A Reply To My Anti-Choice Friend ChoppinBroccoli Oct 2012 #49
Isn't that the premise of Christian Science? nt Deep13 Oct 2012 #51
Brilliant! SunSeeker Oct 2012 #52
k+r blkbear Oct 2012 #53
Oh. Wow. davidthegnome Oct 2012 #54
Marx was right (NT) The Wizard Oct 2012 #55
yep heaven05 Oct 2012 #60
Tch, women. All they want to do is heal Cherchez la Femme Oct 2012 #63
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