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10. I don't know why he posted that. But I don't feel hopeful about the sentences, either.
Sat Mar 5, 2022, 07:56 AM
Mar 2022

I've seen nothing but 75 days, 90 days, fines of a couple'a $Ks. Maybe I ain't reading the right papers but I ain't too hopeful about long sentences for these bozos.

Lock them all up! malaise Mar 2022 #1
The Three Percenters advertise their high-powered weapons and tactical gear. Goonch Mar 2022 #2
That .50BMG rifle is easier to pose with than run around with. N/t LiberatedUSA Mar 2022 #3
Doesn't That Thing Weigh 30 Pounds, Plus! ProfessorGAC Mar 2022 #5
Those Amuse Me, Sir The Magistrate Mar 2022 #14
Gosh, they think they look so TOUGH and manly. PatrickforB Mar 2022 #20
Yeah. Maybe he'll get 15 days from a Trump judge. No hope from the judicial side. NT acantharchus Mar 2022 #4
No, that's not going to happen. This dude is going down. Mr. Ected Mar 2022 #6
Let's hope so, because these six month sentences for these dirt bag traitors PatrickforB Mar 2022 #21
🙄 we can do it Mar 2022 #7
Stop your doomposting and misinformation obamanut2012 Mar 2022 #8
I don't know why he posted that. But I don't feel hopeful about the sentences, either. 3Hotdogs Mar 2022 #10
You're talking about the idiots that stormed the Capitol, not the militias that planned the attacks Mr. Ected Mar 2022 #12
From your keyboard to God's eyeballs. 3Hotdogs Mar 2022 #13
Ah, the actual conspirators. OK. PatrickforB Mar 2022 #22
If DOJ doesn't take down the principals of the insurrection, you can stick a fork in the USA Mr. Ected Mar 2022 #25
The low fruit are getting light sentences but the higher ups are getting whacked Kaleva Mar 2022 #17
Here's one who just got 4+ years... Hekate Mar 2022 #23
Ha! No. mahina Mar 2022 #24
"Purge" RealityBasedNewYorkr Mar 2022 #9
Oh brother. tavernier Mar 2022 #11
Neither can I, most nights COL Mustard Mar 2022 #15
That's what I mean. tavernier Mar 2022 #16
Derp. tanyev Mar 2022 #18
Destruction of evidence and conspiracy too. localroger Mar 2022 #19
The great thing is they attacked DC, where nary a TFG supporter exists. Tadpole Raisin Mar 2022 #26
So, what does "3 percenters" mean, anyway, the part of their brain they actually use? XacerbatedDem Mar 2022 #27
do they realize that all information on local computers and internet servers can be regurtitated ? AllaN01Bear Mar 2022 #28
Abort Operation Lardass! Repeat, abort! Buns_of_Fire Mar 2022 #29
A small, picky point--why say, Dark n Stormy Knight Mar 2022 #30
these treasonous fuckers thought they'd be seen as heroes Skittles Mar 2022 #31
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