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11. Honestly, I'm not worried about a ground war at all
Sat Mar 5, 2022, 09:23 AM
Mar 2022

NATO forces vastly outnumber the Russians and NATO equipment is superior to Russian equipment as well. The quality of NATO personnel is superior too. One benefit of a volunteer military is motivation. I spent roughly two years as OIC (officer in charge) of all Infantry ranges at the largest live fire training facility in Europe, at Grafenwoehr, Germany. Even amongst first rate militaries, conscripted militaries lag behind volunteer forces - mostly because of the motivation of personnel.

A big thing is “power projection”. Russia essentially has none of those capabilities once it gets far beyond its borders, as is demonstrated by their inability to support their current assault on Ukraine (which it even shares a border with).

Launching nukes is the only thing that worries me, but selfishly my kids and I live close enough to a major manufacturing center that’d we’d be killed by the first salvo. We wouldn’t even know the war had begun.

Even if China allied with Russia, it’d still be no contest. Like Russia, China doesn’t have the ability to deploy much of its military power significantly beyond its borders. The Korean Peninsula would be a mess, but to attack Taiwan and Japan, forces would need to conduct an amphibious landing, at which point our superior naval power would come into play.

I believe because of economic reasons alone we’d never see a war with China.

My 11 yr old daughter has been asking a lot of questions lately too NickB79 Mar 2022 #1
Hugs to you and family Nick Duncanpup Mar 2022 #2
The most influential event on the baby boomer generation happened before we were born Walleye Mar 2022 #3
Our oldest grandson is 17... PittBlue Mar 2022 #4
I truly understand Duncanpup Mar 2022 #5
It's not just war or politics either. FoxNewsSucks Mar 2022 #21
My best friend has 2 sons, in their 20's..... secondwind Mar 2022 #6
Perhaps when this all settles Duncanpup Mar 2022 #8
I wish! Thanks for the uplift. secondwind Mar 2022 #15
When I hear young guys say that I ask, OneCrazyDiamond Mar 2022 #24
Hiding under our desks, or under the windows, seemed so long ago...until this. FailureToCommunicate Mar 2022 #7
I vaguely remember this in elementary school Duncanpup Mar 2022 #9
I remember those drills so vividly... FailureToCommunicate Mar 2022 #10
We had those drills until the 4th grade. Texaswitchy Mar 2022 #28
Honestly, I'm not worried about a ground war at all Victor_c3 Mar 2022 #11
May you be right LT Duncanpup Mar 2022 #12
Please use my correct rank, I got promoted to armchair general! n/t Victor_c3 Mar 2022 #13
Barstool general Duncanpup Mar 2022 #17
Talk about bringing back memories. XacerbatedDem Mar 2022 #23
I spent about 4.5 years between Vilseck and Graf, 2003-2007 Victor_c3 Mar 2022 #25
Cool! Thanks for the update. XacerbatedDem Mar 2022 #26
A ground war dosen't worry me much either, but... NeoGreen Mar 2022 #22
I feel for you and your family... 2naSalit Mar 2022 #14
Thank you Duncanpup Mar 2022 #16
I hear you Duncanpup and me too. MLAA Mar 2022 #18
I agree, Dunc! SheltieLover Mar 2022 #19
That's pretty much how we all feel. FoxNewsSucks Mar 2022 #20
My two grandchildren the same. Texaswitchy Mar 2022 #27
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