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Thu Apr 7, 2022, 04:18 AM Apr 2022

Should NATO immediately become directly involved in the Ukraine war? [View all]

44 votes, 2 passes | Time left: Time expired
30 (68%)
14 (32%)
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Rhetorical question, gab13by13 Apr 2022 #1
We are involved and have been since before it started. Sherman A1 Apr 2022 #2
Thank you, Sherman Al! True Blue American Apr 2022 #4
Spot on! CrackityJones75 Apr 2022 #10
Exactly. We are sending weapons and supplies; Ukraine has enough troops. lagomorph777 Apr 2022 #20
Directly is fighting Russia with our own jets and soldiers ColinC Apr 2022 #66
"We are not directly involved or we would be at war with Russia." Mariana Apr 2022 #82
Kinda afraid to do that in case it would have substantially different results. ColinC Apr 2022 #111
If a clearly worded question have would have substantially different results Mariana Apr 2022 #112
No internet poll is worth much imho ColinC Apr 2022 #114
Depends on what you mean by involved! True Blue American Apr 2022 #3
See post #66 by the OP to see what "directly involved" means. Mariana Apr 2022 #84
France and Germany and US will veto that kind of talk immediately, so no, not gonna happen Shanti Shanti Shanti Apr 2022 #5
They already are! Emile Apr 2022 #6
NATO is allowing the rape and torture of children. marie999 Apr 2022 #7
They are allowing it? CrackityJones75 Apr 2022 #11
Well, there are those pesky fact things Sherman A1 Apr 2022 #12
Even if it did stop with just Ukraine, Crunchy Frog Apr 2022 #108
Now or later HAB911 Apr 2022 #8
NATO should begin an extended bombing campaign Tomconroy Apr 2022 #9
You are welcome to head on over to Sherman A1 Apr 2022 #13
You need a new line. You've overused that one. Tomconroy Apr 2022 #14
Perhaps, when should I tell them you will be there to volunteer Sherman A1 Apr 2022 #16
Nope. A slight variation doesn't cut it. Just another repetitive post. Tomconroy Apr 2022 #19
As are yours Sherman A1 Apr 2022 #21
And yours aren't? nt MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2022 #49
Please see reply 30. Aspire to do as well. Tomconroy Apr 2022 #61
The thing you seem to forget is that in 1962, MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2022 #63
I give your reply a C minus. Tomconroy Apr 2022 #65
And yours gets an F. nt MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2022 #67
So, because some of us want to stop the rape and torture of women and children, marie999 Apr 2022 #15
A very bad limited war as bad as it seems to be Sherman A1 Apr 2022 #17
And if Russia then attacks Estonia, what will NATO do. marie999 Apr 2022 #24
Perhaps you have not heard of Article Five of the NATO Charter. Sherman A1 Apr 2022 #27
I have heard of Article 5 and that does not bother Putin because he sees NATO as cowards. marie999 Apr 2022 #31
I have a good handle on the world's militaries Sherman A1 Apr 2022 #40
I never said he wants to take on NATO, marie999 Apr 2022 #88
If they are NATO Members (and they are) Sherman A1 Apr 2022 #96
All you do is call people out saying they should go volunteer over there Calculating Apr 2022 #91
I am suggesting that the armchair generals might want to go find out for themselves Sherman A1 Apr 2022 #94
I have put people on ignore, but not for disagreeing with me. marie999 Apr 2022 #101
Yes, they need the hardware to destroy Russian equipment. yagotme Apr 2022 #103
You are no Jack Kennedy. Tomconroy Apr 2022 #30
You are making it sound like everyone but Putin is responsible. Emile Apr 2022 #18
Well, there is that, but the poster seems to be on a roll there Sherman A1 Apr 2022 #22
That's one hell of a spin! Emile Apr 2022 #23
As I said they are on a roll there Sherman A1 Apr 2022 #25
Putin is responsible for starting the war. NATO is responsible for not ending it. marie999 Apr 2022 #26
Only Putin is responsible, for starting and or ending it! Emile Apr 2022 #28
So, Germany was responsible for ending the war in Europe. marie999 Apr 2022 #34
You are talking about a war before nukes! Emile Apr 2022 #36
What if Russia attacks one of the Baltic countries? marie999 Apr 2022 #37
What if, is that your argument now? Emile Apr 2022 #39
I'm just asking you seem afraid of NATO helping Ukraine because it could start a nuclear war. marie999 Apr 2022 #42
I already told you NATO is helping Ukraine, did that fly over your head? Emile Apr 2022 #48
NATO is not doing enough and will not do enough to save Ukraine. marie999 Apr 2022 #50
Well stop complaining and get your ass over there! Emile Apr 2022 #52
Really? Sherman A1 Apr 2022 #29
You should take a course in reading comprehension. marie999 Apr 2022 #35
A course in history and foreign affairs Sherman A1 Apr 2022 #41
I have kept up with history and foreign affairs marie999 Apr 2022 #46
You just destroyed someone on the internet. Tomconroy Apr 2022 #56
How's that? Just because someone speaks Russian doesn't Emile Apr 2022 #58
Laughable. MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2022 #59
Then you should know what the potential consequences are Sherman A1 Apr 2022 #73
Sounds like Ukraine could really use your expertise and experience. nt. Mariana Apr 2022 #86
Sorry, but I never put stock in people who make a beeline for the most hysterical language available Bucky Apr 2022 #79
We have no idea who the good guys are in the middle east Calculating Apr 2022 #92
Huh? malaise Apr 2022 #32
The OP has explained elsewhere in the thread Mariana Apr 2022 #102
This message was self-deleted by its author marie999 Apr 2022 #33
There are a lot of brave people sarisataka Apr 2022 #38
This war has White people dying. marie999 Apr 2022 #43
I commend your honesty sarisataka Apr 2022 #45
Bam, there is your reason! Emile Apr 2022 #51
Skin color of the victims would be one guess. wanda4rafi Apr 2022 #47
Rwanda was pre-DU sarisataka Apr 2022 #55
I'm simply citing the atrocities that occurred there and the difference in the wanda4rafi Apr 2022 #64
We actually know who the good guys are in this one Calculating Apr 2022 #93
We could use the benchmark of sarisataka Apr 2022 #97
Is the internet viewing growing too dull for some people? Sympthsical Apr 2022 #44
As another war in Europe begins ripcord Apr 2022 #53
What's your recommendations on how to fight a nuclear armed country? Emile Apr 2022 #54
The same way we will when Putin attacks a NATO country ripcord Apr 2022 #62
I'm an old man, the end of my life is not to far off! I would like think my granddaughters Emile Apr 2022 #69
These is no guarantee Putin will use nukes ripcord Apr 2022 #70
I don't like it anymore than you! One thing I do know is, Putin Emile Apr 2022 #72
He's obviously bluffing Calculating Apr 2022 #95
Are we now in favor of the US being the world's police force? sarisataka Apr 2022 #57
It would seem so to a few here. nt MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2022 #60
No we are one of the countries who doesn't have the moral strength to stand up for what is right nt ripcord Apr 2022 #71
I can think of four major conflicts sarisataka Apr 2022 #74
Post removed Post removed Apr 2022 #75
If this were happening here would you want someone to save your grandaughters? nt ripcord Apr 2022 #80
The afghan people didn't even fight for themselves Calculating Apr 2022 #98
There's not a war in Europe now? tia uponit7771 Apr 2022 #104
Involved How? NATO is already involved. MineralMan Apr 2022 #68
Directly involved means fighting Russia. ColinC Apr 2022 #76
Well, then, I say NO. I don't think that's going to happen. MineralMan Apr 2022 #77
Fair enough ColinC Apr 2022 #78
Putin certainly has a plan for Estonia & probably Latvia Bucky Apr 2022 #83
+1, it should've said "more" involved via different weapons systems that NATO hasn't sent yet ... uponit7771 Apr 2022 #105
It's easy to be brave when there is little to no risk for the individual Kaleva Apr 2022 #81
I am still in the military ColinC Apr 2022 #87
I wonder how many who voted "Yes" would be the 1st to go? Kaleva Apr 2022 #89
I think to have a moral opinion is different from whether one is willing or able to be directly ColinC Apr 2022 #100
I trust the people who say "yes" will be the first in line at the enlistment office? brooklynite Apr 2022 #85
I think instead of boots on the ground, jets in the sky we should start with boats in the water yaesu Apr 2022 #90
+1, even better than jets cruise missiles would do the job of bombing Russia's AFBs and supply ... uponit7771 Apr 2022 #106
So are you going to suit up and take your own nuclear sub to the Black Sea? Crunchy Frog Apr 2022 #109
Exactly!! ColinC Apr 2022 #110
No! Polybius Apr 2022 #99
Russia's stated goal is the genocide of Ukrainians. Crunchy Frog Apr 2022 #107
Go to open, total war? No. BlueTsunami2018 Apr 2022 #113
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