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27. The science of space is informative
Sun Apr 10, 2022, 07:24 PM
Apr 2022

Astrophysicists have shown that the universe is basically the same every where we look. The distant stars and galaxies are made up of the same elements that we know. If the chemistry is the same, it's likely that conditions on some planets will provide an opportunity for life to begin.

Not only are the elements the same throughout space, it appears that the physics are the same as we've learned. The ability to traverse the impossibly great distances of space would be a leap of knowledge that is far beyond our own technology, obviously. The ideas that have been proposed are worthy but far-fetched attempts, at least for now.

If I were religious, I'd find the enormous distances of space to be an important part of a creator's experiments in creating life. Each galactic Petri dish would be too far away from the others to cross pollinate and ruin each individual experiment.

Another idea is that given the really long history of the universe, perhaps interstellar civilizations don't exist at the same time so they haven't interacted.

My own belief is that the universe is teeming with life, most of which isn't what we call "intelligent." If there are species that are advanced enough to have interstellar transportation, they probably wouldn't be too interested in a civilization that burns fossil fuels.

All that I"m sure of is that we only have this planet to live on. We need to take better care of our home.

No....Aliens have not ..."annihilated themselves"..They have been here, taken a look, and concluded: Stuart G Apr 2022 #1
In other words, the Orion Arm of the Milky Way LastDemocratInSC Apr 2022 #14
How close do you think they would have to be for them to know about us Cuthbert Allgood Apr 2022 #2
I'll Add This ProfessorGAC Apr 2022 #9
If They are So Advanced, They Would Have Machines That Would do all The Work Beetwasher. Apr 2022 #12
We Agree Completely ProfessorGAC Apr 2022 #15
Or they've mastered nanotechnology Crunchy Frog Apr 2022 #40
I recall reading that we could detect the electromagnetic emissions of the Earth out to about 100 Dial H For Hero Apr 2022 #24
Here is the answer about "Aliens" Yes, they exist and they have been here, they are avoiding us.... Stuart G Apr 2022 #46
So many assumptions, so little evidence. GaYellowDawg Apr 2022 #47
Does it really matter? alphafemale Apr 2022 #3
Absolutely great question. Delphinus Apr 2022 #31
The universe is enormous iemanja Apr 2022 #4
Not my conclusion. It was one of Fermi's theories mainer Apr 2022 #6
But Fermi had a sample of only one civilization PJMcK Apr 2022 #23
Perhaps a bipedal humanoid form is a favored one for evolution.... A HERETIC I AM Apr 2022 #45
I wonder... 2naSalit Apr 2022 #5
Sometimes I don't want anything to do with us mainer Apr 2022 #8
Will we recognize non-carbon based life forms as intelligent entities? OAITW r.2.0 Apr 2022 #7
That doesn't mean they won't destroy themselves mainer Apr 2022 #10
Well said. OAITW r.2.0 Apr 2022 #13
well, survival of the organism most able TxGuitar Apr 2022 #61
I suspect there just is no such thing as a warp drive. Space is vast. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Apr 2022 #11
As the Universe is expanding, we can only and will only ever see a part of it. Kaleva Apr 2022 #16
I'm a Calvinist dweller Apr 2022 #17
+1 n/t area51 Apr 2022 #22
+ another WestMichRad Apr 2022 #41
Maybe they are still around. lpbk2713 Apr 2022 #18
Arghh! Everyone is missing my point mainer Apr 2022 #19
I have reason to suspect that this planet has been visited anarch Apr 2022 #21
Until we make contact or discover remnants of alien civilizations, we'll never know Kaleva Apr 2022 #25
Mainer: Survival goes to the most aggressive and greedy of a species? Irish_Dem Apr 2022 #30
Only now do we have the means to destroy all mainer Apr 2022 #32
I meant we may have reached this level before on this planet. Irish_Dem Apr 2022 #33
Every generation invents its own endtimes nonsense greenjar_01 Apr 2022 #44
Fermi pondered this in the 1950s mainer Apr 2022 #51
Everything dies Ohio Joe Apr 2022 #49
Lots may be out there, but at very low density, so prohibitively expensive to find struggle4progress Apr 2022 #20
Even were an alien civilization comparable to our own to exist only a thousand light years away Dial H For Hero Apr 2022 #26
The science of space is informative PJMcK Apr 2022 #27
Good comments! WestMichRad Apr 2022 #39
2 space aliens looking down on earth. keithbvadu2 Apr 2022 #28
It's a test. usonian Apr 2022 #29
I've long wondered if time travel ... Xoan Apr 2022 #34
Equally likely that they annihiliated themselves through self-induced climate catastrophe Spider Jerusalem Apr 2022 #35
"so where is everyone? " How about: billions of miles away? brooklynite Apr 2022 #36
von Neumann probes The Revolution Apr 2022 #59
There is a planet where they think it rains diamonds. Xolodno Apr 2022 #37
I disagree with the underlying premise of the Fermi Paradox. Crunchy Frog Apr 2022 #38
I thought this is an interesting background on the discussion Retired Engineer Bob Apr 2022 #42
Yeesh greenjar_01 Apr 2022 #43
They're spread out over the vast distances of space, eShirl Apr 2022 #48
My brother-in-law has a strange take - the Fermi Paradox helps him believe in God Amishman Apr 2022 #50
That's why discovery of aliens would shake Christianity's foundations mainer Apr 2022 #52
Have you considered we aren't alone in the grand scheme of time? LiberatedUSA Apr 2022 #53
Best hope they never come here. "It's a cook book"! machoneman Apr 2022 #54
One thing that would do us all well when thinking about this topic. SmallFry Apr 2022 #55
I recently saw an interview with Brian Cox, who is a well-known British astronomer. Earth-shine Apr 2022 #56
There's one possibility that never comes up in these discussions JHB Apr 2022 #57
The vastness of not only space, but also of time are hard to grasp Johnny2X2X Apr 2022 #58
And we've only been using radio waves for a very short time Retrograde Apr 2022 #62
Good point Johnny2X2X Apr 2022 #63
I would recommend Stephen Webb's book The Revolution Apr 2022 #60
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