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2. She did win. By 3 million votes.
Tue May 3, 2022, 02:42 PM
May 2022

The Senate and House Democrats get millions more votes every cycle, yet republicons nearly always control things.

Failing to show up isn't the problem. Doing nothing about republicon cheating and stealing is.

We couldn't even get enough Democrats to show up to elect a woman president. LongtimeAZDem May 2022 #1
She did win. By 3 million votes. FoxNewsSucks May 2022 #2
Well said! hamsterjill May 2022 #3
The Electoral College, 16% of the population controlling a majority of votes in the Senate... Spider Jerusalem May 2022 #7
Yes! 10 senators are sent by states whose combined population is less than that of Los Angeles. :-( TheRickles May 2022 #22
+100,000,000 SergeStorms May 2022 #23
Yeah, failing to show up IS the problem Chicago1980 May 2022 #9
"Democrats have to overachieve at the polls" FoxNewsSucks May 2022 #16
Just need a plurality. Not 70% Kaleva May 2022 #19
THIS. calimary May 2022 #24
Not where it mattered LongtimeAZDem May 2022 #30
And that's why the voting laws really mattered FoxNewsSucks May 2022 #32
Why we should just give up and not make the effort I suppose... Demsrule86 May 2022 #4
Well, have we done anything to remedy waiting hours to vote?? TheRealNorth May 2022 #5
No shit. Or the problem with unverifiable easily-hacked voting machines. FoxNewsSucks May 2022 #6
James Comey was responsible for that. StevieM May 2022 #15
If only it was so easy. barbtries May 2022 #8
It seems that my definition of easy is quite different from the OP's. 😐 TheBlackAdder May 2022 #31
Go early beat all the republican voters so they give up and go home. Bev54 May 2022 #10
This is not the time for "vote harder" leftstreet May 2022 #11
Actually, we can expect more of the... reACTIONary May 2022 #12
Spell check doesn't correct grammar, but I got the joke. XacerbatedDem May 2022 #21
Only if wryter2000 May 2022 #13
Even if we do get 60 FoxNewsSucks May 2022 #17
Ben Nelson was also with Lieberman wryter2000 May 2022 #29
SC has the power to overturn a federal law as they see fit AlexSFCA May 2022 #14
expand the suprime court. also enact court reforms . VOTE. AllaN01Bear May 2022 #18
"expand the supreme court"...YES, that should have already been done. Escurumbele May 2022 #26
I suspect the current court would overturn most attempts at codifying Roe eallen May 2022 #20
Your blog started very well, until the last negative line. Escurumbele May 2022 #25
We don't have an equivalent to faux TV and hate radio. NewHendoLib May 2022 #27
My last sentence wasn't meant to be negative calguy May 2022 #35
Of course SCOTUS can take any law Congress managed to pass and rule it Unconstitutional SoonerPride May 2022 #28
People do get off their asses. 2020 was a record year. "Vote harder" at this point has diminishing WhiskeyGrinder May 2022 #33
You assume we have a large numerical advantage to be used Amishman May 2022 #34
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