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13. When I think about all the empty buildings in the Northeast, from companies that relocated
Sat May 7, 2022, 01:18 PM
May 2022

South because it would be cheaper, I have to wonder why they continue to stay in the South. I mean, logically I know it's because of obscene profits made by exploiting workers and freely polluting the environment, but they are sooo short-sighted. If they pick up these costs now, other costs will escalate over time, i.e.: more money put into attracting and maintaining an educated workforce; transporting/moving threatened marginal employees to safer states (because this is just the beginning of open season on liberals); and legal costs when they're slapped up with lawsuits for accessory to murder for assisting women in obtaining abortions. Not to mention the cost of the climate change barreling down the pike.

And then of course there's the whole debacle of forcing women to talk to their bosses about wanting/needing an abortion! Surely that has to fall under some umbrella medical privacy law. It's not like employers have access to HIPAA information, so unless the employee consents/feels free to volunteer that info, cool. But what if they have a fundie boss or coworker? That's gonna get a lot of pushback, especially from any unionized company. More company money for legal fees! How are investors going to feel about spending that money?

And what about the daughters of the employee? Or the Phoenix61 May 2022 #1
yes they are... agingdem May 2022 #5
Corporations are legal "persons" Eyeball_Kid May 2022 #2
Interesting view. Therefore corporations should be locked up / kept out of society. erronis May 2022 #20
Or better yet, how about "pulling out" of states that make abortion illegal? smirkymonkey May 2022 #3
Thank you! 50 Shades Of Blue May 2022 #4
Elon Musk is horrible. I will NEVER buy one of his AllyCat May 2022 #22
Very good. may I share on facebook? nt Fresh_Start May 2022 #6
Please do. BoomaofBandM May 2022 #7
Well said. (nt) Paladin May 2022 #8
And what about a national law banning abortions? The Repukes have already said they'll do it Native May 2022 #9
That won't happen unless they have Tree Lady May 2022 #12
That I know, but it's a distinct possibility. Those Supremes aren't going anywhere for a long time. Native May 2022 #14
Don't remind me I am still upset we didn't Tree Lady May 2022 #15
I'm with you 100%. Native May 2022 #16
But what could have been done? We didnt have the majority. oldsoftie May 2022 #18
We do now and still can't get anything done. AllyCat May 2022 #23
Any corporation who gave money to republican candidates Mr.Bill May 2022 #10
True.... n/t xocetaceans May 2022 #11
When I think about all the empty buildings in the Northeast, from companies that relocated intheflow May 2022 #13
It's all well and good that the corps are helping with abortion. But if you were pregnant, fierywoman May 2022 #17
Great for their employees XanaDUer2 May 2022 #19
Just like "health benefits" for employees - this doesn't work for the non-employed. erronis May 2022 #21
This is a good response to this issue LetMyPeopleVote May 2022 #24
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