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Sun Jun 19, 2022, 12:24 PM Jun 2022

non-appearance of antifascists on Jan. 6 played a critical role in the failure of Trump's coup [View all]

This is a thread:

Unrolled text (there are links in the thread):

An unremarked aspect of this fascinating thread is that the non-appearance of antifascists on the scene Jan. 6, played a critical role in the failure of Trump's coup attempt. 1/

Trump had been building the "Antifa/BLM/Violent Left" narrative all year, but he focused on Antifa particularly after he lost the election, and stepped up the vitriol. 2/

It is now apparent that this was part of his scheme to invoke the Insurrection Act amid massive crowd violence. The Jan. 5 timing of the memorandum declaring Antifa a "terrorist organization" was not coincidental. See the resolution's language. /3

It's the first official move Trump has made against the left-wing militant movement since it was thrust into the national spotlight during last year's protests for racial justice.

Trump supporters eagerly prepared for their designated enemies to turn out in force, and shared “sightings” of them in the days leading up to them. This is was from a prominent QAnon supporter on Jan. 2. /4

There was just one flaw with all these plans. Antifascists were able to see Trump’s scheme from miles away, and encouraged all their colleagues to avoid the capital city on January 6. /5

On social media, they shared hashtags like #DontTakeTheBait and #January6TrumpTrap that spread the word. /6

So when the mob gathered on the National Mall on January 6 and headed toward the Capitol, they encountered no resistance from any counterprotesters, much to their surprise. /7

Oath Keepers and Proud Boys alike had been warning each other for weeks to prepare for Antifa or BLM violence. Instead, the only resistance they encountered came from Capitol Police. /8

The first key step in Trump’s plan—for Pence to play along and decline to accept the ballots from the key battleground states—fell apart when Pence did his constitutional duty and certified the Electoral College vote in the Senate. 9/

Then, Trump’s plans to use intended violence between his army of “Patriots” and Antifa as the pretext for invoking the Insurrection Act vanished back into the mists of their imaginations.

We were very, very lucky. Credit Trump's foils for seeing through him. /10
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the oaf creepers thought they were the ones who would get the call. i wonder why. mopinko Jun 2022 #1
That's exactly the question Novara Jun 2022 #3
I'm Guessing A Large % Of repubs Still Believe Antifa Was Behind The Riot/Sedition nt SoCalDavidS Jun 2022 #2
Despite that many of their fathers and grandfathers were Antifa 1945 OMGWTF Jun 2022 #8
Yes... +1 SilasSouleII Jun 2022 #17
They seem unable to understand.... SergeStorms Jun 2022 #25
They'll never get it. rubbersole Jun 2022 #28
You're right not fooled Jun 2022 #40
Antifa is not just an idea or a conception.... reACTIONary Jun 2022 #64
Fox "News" continues to read that script, but it's hard when there's nothing to show. yardwork Jun 2022 #39
Had this discussion with some MAGAs a couple of days after J6 InstantGratification Jun 2022 #54
but antifa did conspire....... getagrip_already Jun 2022 #57
Inconceivable! /nt localroger Jun 2022 #67
And I recall EndlessWire Jun 2022 #4
I recall the same thing peggysue2 Jun 2022 #16
I remember having a disagreement on J5 wnylib Jun 2022 #37
Your instincts may be right peggysue2 Jun 2022 #58
I don't tend to be much of a conspiracy minded person BUT 2Gingersnaps Jun 2022 #22
I agree with you and I also saw how Fox "News" was pushing the script. yardwork Jun 2022 #41
There's no question that right wing hate groups KPN Jun 2022 #66
I guess that makes us Antifa. Scrivener7 Jun 2022 #34
Interesting pandr32 Jun 2022 #5
We should feel vindicated Hekate Jun 2022 #6
Except for those posers dressed like they imagined Antifa looked like alphafemale Jun 2022 #7
Some of the Proud Boys even admitted on video... AntiFascist Jun 2022 #29
But wait. I remember prior to all this, the discussion was that there WAS no Antifa Mr. Ected Jun 2022 #9
We too often fall into their language game. Midnight Writer Jun 2022 #12
This has been a gripe of mine for YEARS. Novara Jun 2022 #26
Didn't Beto say it outright in the wnylib Jun 2022 #38
Patriot Front, Oath Keepers, Proud Boys... BadgerMom Jun 2022 #14
Excuse me? You cannot lump antifa with RW militia 'organizations.' ancianita Jun 2022 #51
I think we are in total agreement. BadgerMom Jun 2022 #59
Then you still don't understand. ancianita Jun 2022 #61
Antifa began as an abbreviation for the German Antifaschistische Aktion of the 1930s... AntiFascist Jun 2022 #68
Agree. But that's not what BadgerMom is saying. ancianita Jun 2022 #69
I would just also point out... AntiFascist Jun 2022 #70
Antifa don't care. It knows what it is. This is just division talk from corporate owned partisans. ancianita Jun 2022 #71
There's no organization with any leader or official member list IronLionZion Jun 2022 #24
I don't think Trump was the fool people thought he was. nt leftyladyfrommo Jun 2022 #10
There was no official"antifa" movement as described by MAGA!!! WTF DOJ?!?!?! uponit7771 Jun 2022 #11
The projection aspect has fascinated me for a long time. plimsoll Jun 2022 #13
I remember "umbrella man" from the BLM protest! Was he ever charged? SunSeeker Jun 2022 #15
They accused Mitchell Carlson, a white supremacist biker gang member IronLionZion Jun 2022 #23
That's a 2020 article. Do you have anything more current? SunSeeker Jun 2022 #30
No, a search shows plenty of people disappointed with the lack of arrests or charges IronLionZion Jun 2022 #32
That alone proves we are smarter then the maggots. Butterflylady Jun 2022 #18
A lot of us were busy that day bluecollar2 Jun 2022 #19
That's planned for election day IronLionZion Jun 2022 #21
Hush.... bluecollar2 Jun 2022 #27
That is the best line I've heard this year!!!!! Laura PourMeADrink Jun 2022 #42
Antifa dressed up as Trump supporters as a false flag operation IronLionZion Jun 2022 #20
An actual participant in the attempted Coup d'Etat said... Grins Jun 2022 #31
I remember many warnings on DU prior to Jan. 6 Wednesdays Jun 2022 #33
It seems like common sense to avoid a location where an authoritarian's fans are gathering. NCLefty Jun 2022 #35
Utter bullshit, how do you expect anyone on this board to not know what ANTIFA's about? denbot Jun 2022 #36
There Is no organized "ANTIFA" for it to be about. That's a RW fiction. Hortensis Jun 2022 #60
Did I imply otherwise? denbot Jun 2022 #63
Lol, I no longer imagine I know. Peace. Hortensis Jun 2022 #65
My cousin.... started off, soon after Jan.6. "The riots in D.C. were Antifa." 3Hotdogs Jun 2022 #43
kill 'em with logic Novara Jun 2022 #46
The crickets sure get one hell of a work-out 3Hotdogs Jun 2022 #50
I was just going to type that! Nt LittleGirl Jun 2022 #49
My father was antifa during WW2. Emile Jun 2022 #44
Why did he think Antifa would show up at the capital? Takket Jun 2022 #45
Not "idiotic." TFG and others wanted their opposition in DC as a pretext to declare martial law... Hekate Jun 2022 #48
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Jun 2022 #52
We had nothing to protest. Joe Biden had won and was taking office. bucolic_frolic Jun 2022 #47
Every reasonable, mature adult is anti-fascist. Roisin Ni Fiachra Jun 2022 #53
Helped in great part by the fact that "Antifa" barely exists as an actual organization... Tommy Carcetti Jun 2022 #55
Mayor Bowser deserves a lot of credit. She gave the left wing a good talking to and they stayed home Walleye Jun 2022 #56
"I was invited to an Insurection and all I got were these ankle bracelets and Federal record" n/t TeamProg Jun 2022 #62
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