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Of course he did. MineralMan Jul 2022 #1
for trump it is just another "participation trophy" rampartc Jul 2022 #15
And DENVERPOPS Jul 2022 #50
So let's see..... Ivanka, how much gold is in one of them medals? 3Hotdogs Jul 2022 #31
He was scared of House Democrats so he never tried Tetrachloride Jul 2022 #2
Quelle surprise. tanyev Jul 2022 #3
So Bone Spurs wants honors for nothing pandr32 Jul 2022 #4
To hang next to his fake Time magazine cover PatSeg Jul 2022 #14
Exactly! pandr32 Jul 2022 #16
Yellow-bellied Corporal Bone Spurs thought he deserved the country's highest military decoration? Diamond_Dog Jul 2022 #5
Don't belittle Corporals. We are hard working young NCOs trying to become Sergeants. CRK7376 Jul 2022 #51
I apologize, that was not my intention. Diamond_Dog Jul 2022 #53
What a narcissistic putz. Cowards don't receive the Congressional Medal of Honor! Ziggysmom Jul 2022 #6
"I feel like a great and very brave soldier" keithbvadu2 Jul 2022 #48
Add it to: Nobel, Time cover, anything others earned for *merit.* UTUSN Jul 2022 #7
trump is in the 'rasslin fall of fame rampartc Jul 2022 #24
Trump fancies himself as a dictator LetMyPeopleVote Jul 2022 #8
My thoughts, also. +1, nt. Mc Mike Jul 2022 #41
Gee, I wonder what happened to all of them?? Rhiannon12866 Jul 2022 #52
I am surprised Putin didn't award him the OAITW r.2.0 Jul 2022 #9
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Jul 2022 #25
No American deserves it more. Kid Berwyn Jul 2022 #44
"For shitting his pants while under intense criticism..." krispos42 Jul 2022 #10
For What?! TFRD Jul 2022 #11
That would have triggered EndlessWire Jul 2022 #12
Probably thinking he could raffle it... WestMichRad Jul 2022 #13
This is just Trump trolling greenjar_01 Jul 2022 #17
Nah, I enjoy it packman Jul 2022 #19
Meh greenjar_01 Jul 2022 #20
Only he knows what he deserves malaise Jul 2022 #18
MOH for a MF Chainfire Jul 2022 #21
Here's some footage of him drafting up the proposal... Blue Owl Jul 2022 #22
I'd love to slam his tiny hands and head right in the middle of that document littlemissmartypants Jul 2022 #35
He's recycling old material at this point. onenote Jul 2022 #23
Pretty sure he hasn't had any new material since the 80's... Wounded Bear Jul 2022 #28
Sounds exactly like something he would do. shrike3 Jul 2022 #26
Noah Marcuse Jul 2022 #27
Cheapened Presidential Medal of Freedom jerseyjim Jul 2022 #29
also gave Gym Jordan that Medal? RicROC Jul 2022 #40
And Devin Nunes. Prof. Toru Tanaka Jul 2022 #45
CMH for what? Avoiding the clap while in college? hadEnuf Jul 2022 #30
IIRC, that was greeted by laughter, not applause nuxvomica Jul 2022 #32
He's idiotic enough to honestly believe he earned one Torchlight Jul 2022 #33
Are there any "Worst Place" ribbons they can give him? FSogol Jul 2022 #34
Yep musclecar6 Jul 2022 #36
Trashing ...don't care. Sick of Trump. Demsrule86 Jul 2022 #37
Nazi of the year is still open. twodogsbarking Jul 2022 #38
News said he talked at them for 2 hours. Being part of Ilsa Jul 2022 #39
He does not understand that CONGRESS authorizes the Congressional Medal of Honor irisblue Jul 2022 #42
No one deserves it less. Kid Berwyn Jul 2022 #43
Oh for God's sake. mwb970 Jul 2022 #46
Toddler-in-Chief Slammer Jul 2022 #47
Donald got a Neatness and Order Medal in his military school. keithbvadu2 Jul 2022 #49
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