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30. Not so fast, Donny boy. N.J. has laws for cemeteries.
Sun Jul 31, 2022, 09:00 AM
Jul 2022

Cemetery association must provide an account for perpetual care of the lawn, trees and such stuff. Also, you can't just sell the cemetery for condo development.

So, does he provide perpetual care for just Ivana's plot or for the whole golf course? Then, what percentage of the land is now tax free?

Sooner or later, he might have to sell the golf course to pay off law suits.

No matter how you look at it, what an asshole. And his kids --- this is what they think of their mother? But again, we don't know what she was like. To put up with him for decades ----

Normal people with money have a family plot or memorial... TreasonousBastard Jul 2022 #1
Yes. And AKwannabe Jul 2022 #9
Normal people without money, gab13by13 Jul 2022 #13
My Mom pre-paid for her funeral Novara Jul 2022 #35
WHAT - are you saying Trump is a low life? Laf.La.Dem. Jul 2022 #2
Seriously doubt North Shore Chicago Jul 2022 #3
Are we sure there's really a body there? Aviation Pro Jul 2022 #4
Priceless. twodogsbarking Jul 2022 #6
Ha ha ha nt LittleGirl Jul 2022 #10
Only in the daytime? ret5hd Jul 2022 #16
What's the FLA law? PuraVidaDreamin Jul 2022 #5
Ivana was (allegedly) buried in NJ PJMcK Jul 2022 #17
I'm looking to the future PuraVidaDreamin Jul 2022 #19
Yeah, why isn't he dead yet PJMcK Jul 2022 #20
In my past foray into golf PuraVidaDreamin Jul 2022 #25
I don't believe Ivana is actually buried there, after all she was cremated Meadowoak Jul 2022 #27
Maybe Melanaria will bury Trump next to Ivana. twodogsbarking Jul 2022 #7
It looks like there's already another gravesite COL Mustard Jul 2022 #23
I'm in. When does the peeing start? twodogsbarking Jul 2022 #33
What's more telling to me is that her kids let him do it. Afrocat Jul 2022 #8
If this were legal other corporations would have done it long ago bucolic_frolic Jul 2022 #11
You'd think for all the benefits he would have shelled out for a lousy roll Vinca Jul 2022 #12
Especially with the burial site being at a golf course, gab13by13 Jul 2022 #14
He was already receiving a tax break because he claimed it was a farm providing mulch Aerator Jul 2022 #15
I sort of recall that he had to designate an actual section Historic NY Jul 2022 #18
I kind of doubt Ivana is the only person buried at... Hugin Jul 2022 #21
what happens when.... ShepKat Jul 2022 #22
Ivana is buried at Bedminster, NJ. Hugin Jul 2022 #24
ok... ShepKat Jul 2022 #28
It looks like this may be the reason she's buried there. Hugin Jul 2022 #29
This is exactly why Trump needs to testify in front of a grand jury Mr. Ected Jul 2022 #26
Not so fast, Donny boy. N.J. has laws for cemeteries. 3Hotdogs Jul 2022 #30
i hope ivanka haunts the shit out of them samnsara Jul 2022 #31
Yeah. Don't you wish there really were ghos -- yeah, he does have The Ghoul as his lawyer. 3Hotdogs Jul 2022 #32
Sick. Baitball Blogger Jul 2022 #34
I don't really understand why an ex-spouse would be responsible for your burial plot. Wingus Dingus Jul 2022 #36
Is there any law about playing golf in a cemetery? JustABozoOnThisBus Jul 2022 #37
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