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Mon Aug 15, 2022, 10:14 PM Aug 2022

Newsweek editorial floats the idea of Biden pardoning Trump and then announcing that he will not [View all]

seek re-election. You can read the Newsweek piece, and then determine what you think of this idea.


So let's see how this idea floats....

106 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
yes, Biden should pardon Trump, announce he is not seeking a second term and make Trump agree to the same to avoid violence
1 (1%)
no, Trump gets no pardon, gets indicted, tried and if convicted, imprisoned in spite of potential violence
105 (99%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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There is no: "fuck that" option. Thomas Hurt Aug 2022 #1
Fuck that. Ford's pardon of Nixon made TFG's behavior more likely. Ocelot II Aug 2022 #2
whereas that worked for Nixon CatWoman Aug 2022 #3
THIS! electric_blue68 Aug 2022 #62
Wth is up with Newsweek Pelosi Pepperment Aug 2022 #4
Newsweek is a Right Wing rag that should be ignored Fiendish Thingy Aug 2022 #5
It used to be a decent, credible news magazine but these days Ocelot II Aug 2022 #14
Yup..when something says Newsweek I scroll on by PortTack Aug 2022 #31
Can we stop calling any media outlet that publishes something we don't like right wing. Cuthbert Allgood Aug 2022 #61
Interesting chart electric_blue68 Aug 2022 #63
Their methodology is bonkers. Cuthbert Allgood Aug 2022 #67
Oh? I wouldn't know. ... electric_blue68 Aug 2022 #70
You're wrong, regardless of what some website says Fiendish Thingy Aug 2022 #65
It's not "some website." Cuthbert Allgood Aug 2022 #66
It wasn't a conservative viewpoint, it was deliberate misinformation Fiendish Thingy Aug 2022 #69
Saying that it doesn't do fact reporting seems more fair. Cuthbert Allgood Aug 2022 #71
That is the stupidest thing I have heard in a month edhopper Aug 2022 #6
Problem is: Biden would honor what he said, and Captain Zero Aug 2022 #33
Biden is going to run again. He know it is our best chance to hold the presidency...incumbents Demsrule86 Aug 2022 #52
That idiot and those like him would have pardoned Hitler... hlthe2b Aug 2022 #7
Fuck Newsweek and FUCK this stupid ass idea. Ferrets are Cool Aug 2022 #8
That should be one for The Onion. Brainfodder Aug 2022 #9
WTF is right! skylucy Aug 2022 #23
Add fuck no. FalloutShelter Aug 2022 #10
I gave up on Newsweek years ago when they stopped actually publishing Maeve Aug 2022 #11
Yup, fuck Newsweek. gab13by13 Aug 2022 #13
OH HELL NO is my choice. notinkansas Aug 2022 #12
Best if dweller Aug 2022 #15
That should get an award for the stupidest idea of the century. greatauntoftriplets Aug 2022 #16
Oh hell no. Such a stupid idea. Oneironaut Aug 2022 #17
There is a short phrase that begins with 'sod'. sprinkleeninow Aug 2022 #18
Like that would happen. Who wants a President Pence or President DeSantis? marble falls Aug 2022 #19
Ugh... Mike Nelson Aug 2022 #21
What BS idea. skylucy Aug 2022 #22
I hope not- but I understand after Watergate that might be hard to do Thtwudbeme Aug 2022 #24
If you do not want this to happen again, there have to be consequences Jarqui Aug 2022 #25
First, Joe believes in the rule of law, second, I think he would rather beat Trump than pardon him Walleye Aug 2022 #26
Trump would NEVER do it.... and Biden shouldn't lower himself to offer it. WarGamer Aug 2022 #27
Like you can trust TFG anyway? n/t 867-5309. Aug 2022 #28
This is just some right wing idea to try to keep Trump from going to jail remo ymor Aug 2022 #29
This is making a statement. lees1975 Aug 2022 #30
What total fucking horseshit Saboburns Aug 2022 #32
They actually pay people to write this shit? Straw Man Aug 2022 #34
Trump is a diversion from the real issues... Hugin Aug 2022 #35
Newsweek is a bad joke n/t Alice Kramden Aug 2022 #36
pop that trial balloon ZonkerHarris Aug 2022 #37
(1) The traitor belongs in prison, (2) Biden can choose his own career path. dalton99a Aug 2022 #38
+1 Mad_Machine76 Aug 2022 #53
Hell to the no on this. kairos12 Aug 2022 #39
NFW...that's what we did with Nixon, which leads directly to trump... Wounded Bear Aug 2022 #40
The sampling for this survey is biased Bucky Aug 2022 #41
I mean, why even post this bullshit here? W_HAMILTON Aug 2022 #42
Because this load of bull is out there and is being published under the Newsweek name lees1975 Aug 2022 #44
But you are just amplifying their bullshit for them. W_HAMILTON Aug 2022 #48
There's nothing wrong with reading what anyone else writes, regardless of whether or not the lees1975 Aug 2022 #59
So, you didn't learn your lesson. W_HAMILTON Aug 2022 #60
Look around. Clearly, it did. lees1975 Aug 2022 #72
That's about as realistic as floating this idea: DFW Aug 2022 #43
I'll choose an option that isn't on the poll Bettie Aug 2022 #45
Wrong... brooklynite Aug 2022 #46
We need to hold people accountable. Caliman73 Aug 2022 #47
Newsweek has turned into a right wing organization...why would Biden do either of those things? Demsrule86 Aug 2022 #49
WTF?! Mad_Machine76 Aug 2022 #50
Because giving in to sociopathic bullies always works out in the end. What a bunch of fucking Carlitos Brigante Aug 2022 #51
I didn't know that Newsweek was so RW EndlessWire Aug 2022 #54
Go fuck yourself, Professor Creel. LudwigPastorius Aug 2022 #55
They want him to trust that lying sack? HELL NO. And, DeSantis... nolabear Aug 2022 #56
Republicans/Right-Wingers Mad_Machine76 Aug 2022 #57
... pecosbob Aug 2022 #58
This is a divide tactic against Democrats...soon we will hear all the breathless not Demsrule86 Aug 2022 #64
Even IF dumpster fire could be trusted to keep his word alphafemale Aug 2022 #68
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