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26. Remember it. Bought a lot of issues, along with other music magazines, especially Rolling Stone. Did
Sun Sep 4, 2022, 01:26 AM
Sep 2022

not save any of them for very long.

God, we could easily get buried, physically buried, in magazines back then.

I typically bought or subscribed to music magazines, science fiction magazines (the old digest size magazines as well as Omni), Scientific American, Smithsonian, Newsweek, Prevention, usually at least one fashion magazine, and the New Yorker, and I'd usually save the magazine and book review sections from the Sunday NY Times, which I'd get delivered by a guy who drove to an airport in another city in the wee hours of Sunday mornings to get the papers there, then would deliver one to my door for $5 or $6 (this was nearly 40 years ago). As well as any odd magazines with articles or recipes that struck me as interesting.

Thought occasionally it would be nice to keep them if I had infinite room and a reliable index for all of them.

I sure do remember it Johnny Diamond_Dog Sep 2022 #1
You Are Not The Only One ProfessorGAC Sep 2022 #2
I read them all. Today I read magazines like Goldmine, Prog, and Classic Rock. Midnight Writer Sep 2022 #6
I'll Have To Seek Those Out ProfessorGAC Sep 2022 #7
Check Loudersound.com for Prog and Classic Rock. Goldmine highplainsdem Sep 2022 #25
I forgot al about Circus! JohnnyRingo Sep 2022 #13
They Had Bowie & Mott On Several Covers ProfessorGAC Sep 2022 #15
Yeah sure, I remember it...... Jade Fox Sep 2022 #3
I was only 6 when it was last issued, Elessar Zappa Sep 2022 #4
Creem, Circus, Rolling Stone... onenote Sep 2022 #5
Hit Parader as well. maveric Sep 2022 #17
GUESS WHAT.........It's relaunching !!!!! GuppyGal Sep 2022 #8
Yes. JohnnyRingo Sep 2022 #12
I was a regular subscriber of Rolling Stone almost from the beginning FakeNoose Sep 2022 #9
I remember Creem, Mr.Bill Sep 2022 #20
Yes Thompson was a frequent contributor in the early/mid 70s FakeNoose Sep 2022 #21
I'm an almost lifetime subscriber. 25 years anyway. JohnnyRingo Sep 2022 #22
I remember Nictuku Sep 2022 #10
I remember DIG Magazine from the 50s. kskiska Sep 2022 #11
Wow! You win the old contest. JohnnyRingo Sep 2022 #14
I've already got one of those. kskiska Sep 2022 #24
We all do. JohnnyRingo Sep 2022 #28
Probably not. N/T Foolacious Sep 2022 #16
I remember them all! (Well, not Dig)... electric_blue68 Sep 2022 #18
I like to keep up with new music too. JohnnyRingo Sep 2022 #23
How cool, that you had illos and photos published! highplainsdem Sep 2022 #27
And wow look at that legacy of writers!... electric_blue68 Sep 2022 #19
Remember it. Bought a lot of issues, along with other music magazines, especially Rolling Stone. Did highplainsdem Sep 2022 #26
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