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I remember many talking heads were really worried and wondered if it backfired on us n/t Claustrum Nov 2022 #1
Glad it worked but that was some risky gambling! nt Quixote1818 Nov 2022 #2
No sh*t! Mme. Defarge Nov 2022 #20
YEah Dorian Gray Nov 2022 #38
It did, gab13by13 Nov 2022 #3
In it to win it!!! So happy to see Dems using strategy like this. nt Phoenix61 Nov 2022 #4
Lake is still out there, but I feel good about Hobbs AZSkiffyGeek Nov 2022 #5
WUT? Not what very wise DUers promised dpibel Nov 2022 #6
I didn't have a problem with it. As far as I am concerned, anything necessary to win tulipsandroses Nov 2022 #7
Agree Johnny2X2X Nov 2022 #8
Jaime Herrera Beutler (WA-3-R) got primaried and lost to nutjob Joe Kent (R) Kennah Nov 2022 #9
Vancouver has the largest share of outstanding votes Zambero Nov 2022 #11
i take it barbtries Nov 2022 #10
I don't know too much about NC politics Genki Hikari Nov 2022 #31
it's great that happened somewhere. barbtries Nov 2022 #33
Sort of a "Guns Of Navarrone" approach...I like it! The Unmitigated Gall Nov 2022 #12
It poisons the electorate, though. Qutzupalotl Nov 2022 #13
This ColinC Nov 2022 #14
this is really just encouraging weakest opposition candidate bigtree Nov 2022 #15
See my post below. Their ads told the truth about those candidate. They did not "normalize" them emulatorloo Nov 2022 #17
It allows them months to expose their voters to more extremist paranoia. Qutzupalotl Nov 2022 #18
They only do it in places where they will lose in the GE JI7 Nov 2022 #28
They didn't "prop them up". They exposed their extremism. emulatorloo Nov 2022 #16
Exactly! Thanks for bringing this up! Tumbulu Nov 2022 #19
okay bigtree Nov 2022 #26
Starting to wonder if we should prop up Trump? Just A Box Of Rain Nov 2022 #21
I'd say no, given his ability to rally the braindead bigtree Nov 2022 #23
I'd say that Ron DeSantis is the bigger danger... DemocraticPatriot Nov 2022 #27
Sure, if you're big into Einstein's definition of insanity. nt Tommy Carcetti Nov 2022 #37
Einstein's (attributed) definition of insanity is: Just A Box Of Rain Nov 2022 #39
Back in 2012 during the Missouri GOP Senatorial primary xmas74 Nov 2022 #22
you gotta play against whoever shows up bigtree Nov 2022 #25
Exactly. xmas74 Nov 2022 #34
There were many Dems who expressed the same uneasiness peggysue2 Nov 2022 #24
We should do this again in 2024, but not in Bright Red states Polybius Nov 2022 #29
This ad spending has been mischaracterized, at least regarding the House race in Michigan... DemocraticPatriot Nov 2022 #30
I think you're right! Johnny2X2X Nov 2022 #35
We didn't blow our hand off with the firecracker this time Sympthsical Nov 2022 #32
It's an extremely risky gamble. Tommy Carcetti Nov 2022 #36
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