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Wait till Lake loses before you do Claustrum Nov 2022 #1
She Should Have Moved To FL Or TX SoCalDavidS Nov 2022 #2
Depends on where she goes. But Maricopa is NOT Maga country. FlyingPiggy Nov 2022 #3
Hey, don't send her to Florida. We're crawling with them. sop Nov 2022 #7
Oh so sorry! If I could, I'd stick her on a rocket & send her to another planet😆 FlyingPiggy Nov 2022 #8
I'd like to send ALL those assholes and ****s to another planet. FoxNewsSucks Nov 2022 #15
I actually thought of putting down Russia. I think that would be a great fit for them. FlyingPiggy Nov 2022 #16
Definitely. They love Putin so much. FoxNewsSucks Nov 2022 #17
Siberia would be good. 3catwoman3 Nov 2022 #18
plenty of room!! Celerity Nov 2022 #23
Those forests look raked central scrutinizer Nov 2022 #32
They're already on another planet: Planet Trump William Seger Nov 2022 #30
Oh, just what we need right now... SeattleVet Nov 2022 #24
I've run out of ideas to dump this trash. Bwahahahaha FlyingPiggy Nov 2022 #25
LOL 😂 secondwind Nov 2022 #4
You should behave. Behave badly! Kittycatkat Nov 2022 #5
If I meet her I'll suggest she head to Florida MLAA Nov 2022 #6
I don't wish her on anyone mucifer Nov 2022 #9
Behave? Nah - stir up some good trouble. Talitha Nov 2022 #10
Ha, ha, ha! PatSeg Nov 2022 #11
Depends on where she moved, Kingman or Cottonwood up north even like Gilbert RANDYWILDMAN Nov 2022 #12
Sasha Baron Cohen had some fun with Kingman AdamGG Nov 2022 #14
Now that's a shithole. NoMoreRepugs Nov 2022 #20
OMD that is so funny! NJCher Nov 2022 #22
I drove across the USA once NY to CA - Kingman was the only place that gave me bad vibes tenderfoot Nov 2022 #29
She should do as a right-wing relative of mine threatened to do Pinback Nov 2022 #13
. Hassin Bin Sober Nov 2022 #19
Yeah, well... Chicago1980 Nov 2022 #21
We don't want her! StarryNite Nov 2022 #26
Looks like "red" Arizona got Cha Nov 2022 #27
Well, since everyone is leaving California in droves, Mr.Bill Nov 2022 #28
Only 2 years left until Sinema is replaced in the Senate Roisin Ni Fiachra Nov 2022 #31
I'll text her!!... hwmnbn Nov 2022 #33
I'll take you one Illinois Nazi and raise you an Arizona Nazi Blue Owl Nov 2022 #34
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