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Thu Dec 22, 2022, 10:38 AM Dec 2022

We Haven't Seen Trump's Taxes Yet, but It's Clear the IRS Failed America [View all]

We Haven’t Seen Trump’s Taxes Yet, but It’s Clear the IRS Failed America
The IRS is required to conduct audits of the president and vice president while they are in office—but Trump apparently got a pass.
Shan Wu
Updated Dec. 22, 2022 6:21AM ET / Published Dec. 21, 2022 11:40PM ET 

The quest for Donald Trump’s taxes is finally over and whatever secrets Trump fought for years to conceal will soon be revealed for all to see. But one fact is already clear: The IRS botched its job.


Perhaps this should not have been surprising given that Trump’s Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin was the first Treasury Secretary to refuse to turn over tax information in response to a congressional request and when Congress sued to obtain compliance a Trump-appointed judge–Trevor McFadden–delayed ruling on the case until after Trump had left office.

But it surely must be stunning to most Americans that among the reasons cited by IRS officials for their failure to follow policy was that they were apparently intimidated by the complexities of Trump’s taxes. In an internal memo, the agency seemed to whine about the return having “about 400 flow-through returns… and since some of these are tiered… a total of 500 flow-through returns”—which meant that to “do a thorough review of these returns we would need a team much larger than the current team.”

A “flow-through” entity is one in which the income that comes into the business passes onto the owner and is commonly used to reduce taxation.

In sum, the IRS rewarded Trump’s complex business structures by throwing their hands up at the prospect of having to dig into all those hundreds of records. Excuse me, but I thought that was what IRS agents liked to do?


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Always it amounts to hand wringing, gab13by13 Dec 2022 #1
Problem is inthewind21 Dec 2022 #9
Trump obviously had control of IRS Tree Lady Dec 2022 #2
Comey and McCabe from the FBI maxsolomon Dec 2022 #36
He should have been in jail Meowmee Dec 2022 #3
According to Michael Cohen, gab13by13 Dec 2022 #28
Yes Meowmee Dec 2022 #41
The IRS UNDER DON TRMP failed America. spanone Dec 2022 #4
Bingo onetexan Dec 2022 #15
Looks like based on reported "wages" Trump kept his POTUS salary mchill Dec 2022 #5
He would have to report it as income but then could deduct it spooky3 Dec 2022 #18
It was money listed under wages mchill Dec 2022 #37
Agree. Any bets on whether he actually donated it? spooky3 Dec 2022 #40
No, Trump corrupted the IRS, just as he corrupted DOJ when he installed Barr and had him emulatorloo Dec 2022 #6
Let's be clear, it was not the IRS as a whole but Steve Mnuchin and Trump's Bev54 Dec 2022 #7
What law inthewind21 Dec 2022 #10
Not for me to decide and does not limit it to just these two. Bev54 Dec 2022 #13
The 'rules' should be codified into law, but don't count on the next House... Justice matters. Dec 2022 #14
They failed to follow internal agency policies and procedures BumRushDaShow Dec 2022 #21
Bingo!! onetexan Dec 2022 #16
Yes. There has to be a way to trace the chain of command to that decision, and at least fire that pe lindysalsagal Dec 2022 #19
I don't think we have seen it all, just part of it. Who knows what is coming? I know 1 thing: MORE Stuart G Dec 2022 #8
Tax code too complicated and there is zero interest in making it uncomplicated. Pepsidog Dec 2022 #11
Not just complicated, but "rigged" as a result of decades of lobbying by (x)illionaires and KPN Dec 2022 #17
100% agree. Pepsidog Dec 2022 #33
Yes...the private equity industry alone spent more than $600 million in the last decade Tanuki Dec 2022 #42
Well, they didn't fail to audit me once in the last ten years. paleotn Dec 2022 #12
Trump sure was lucky the IRS "failed" gulliver Dec 2022 #20
i don't think it was ...."just luck." but, we will all see soon. (my opinion only) Stuart G Dec 2022 #22
The entire tax system should be scrapped and twodogsbarking Dec 2022 #23
Hope some heads roll and indictments fall. Joinfortmill Dec 2022 #24
Math is HARD!! Maeve Dec 2022 #25
Wealthy people and large businesses can construct deliberately complex situations. patphil Dec 2022 #26
A big reason Trump did not get audited was his IRS chief was making money off of Trump properties. LaMouffette Dec 2022 #27
This!! n/t Hope22 Dec 2022 #31
Its been years since the IRS hired bean counters. jaxexpat Dec 2022 #29
Republicans hail 2 percent cut to IRS appropriation in omnibus LastLiberal in PalmSprings Dec 2022 #30
THIS is the real story- not that TFG never paid Quakerfriend Dec 2022 #32
Yes it did, but they botch this, don't think so, no this was a deliberate act republianmushroom Dec 2022 #34
It Seems The GOP Defund the IRS Campaign Has Worked TomCADem Dec 2022 #35
It's been working for them since 2007 NullTuples Dec 2022 #39
Isn't this exactly why Trump replaced any agency head w/ a loyalist or an "acting" head? NullTuples Dec 2022 #38
We have an infestation of MAGAts at every level of government. Hermit-The-Prog Dec 2022 #43
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