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87. Look, I once shared the prejudice.
Mon Feb 6, 2023, 12:24 AM
Feb 2023

Last thing I ever expected to be is a Christian. I despised what I thought was narrow-minded, cold-hearted judgementalism and couldn't conceive that that was the dark distortion only, from the abusers of power, who sought to control and profit.

There's a lot of money and power to gather by those who want to do that. But they can do that from all kinds of platforms, not just religion. Fame, beauty, politics, celebrity, music, propaganda, movie, entertainment, and sports, oratory – all can be turned into platforms for power, control, and profit.

While religion is extremely vulnerable to misuse and abuse and it is constantly being distorted and corrupted by many even now, that's not the sole story.

So many have been motivated by love, a desire for justice, the conviction that we are all brothers and sisters – no fear, no desire to exploit others or grift, nothing self-serving. And that's a trait of religion that is not being misused or abused, any of the great world religions. Like oratory can be used to inspire and uplift of demonize and tear down, the creative arts can do the same, or they can be perverted into a tool for spreading distrust, anger, fear, self-loathing, and self-destructive behaviors. We all know what political abuses occur, but politics can also be used to protect our peoples and our public lands, educate, rebuild, extend liberties, ensure opportunities, and much more. We've seen people who've used their beauty and fame for good as well.

Martin Luther King Jr. was one who risked and ultimately lost his life to work for justice, civil rights, and economic opportunities. He was empowered by his faith in God who the scriptures taught him had a passion for justice and for the poor. Not by fear, but by love.

So many more people of faith would not recognize the idea that fear or ignorance were behind why we believe and why we are then empowered to go out and do for others from love and the courage to believe in the positive power to effect change.

I myself started the journey as many of us do, from failure. But I was very antagonistic to religion. But I met warmth, acceptance, and love in visiting a church my husband was singing in one Sunday, and found no trace of the spiritual arrogance I expected or any attempt to convert me. But I was very resistant, until watching the PBS discussions between Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyer on the Power of Myth. Campbell said that all myths have in common that they are tackling mystery that is beyond human ability to put into words. Yet all of them have elements of truth that are a real reflection of that cosmic mystery. I wrestled with that idea for awhile and began to figure out what were the true parts. Love, doing for others, mercy, forgiveness, acceptance, humility, tenderheartedness, joy, authenticity, getting oneself out of the way.

It's fine to believe differently. I don't believe my beliefs are superior, but for me they've brought great meaning and joy as I'm sure other religious beliefs have brought for others. Our beliefs are positive, good for others, inclusive, seeing the divine in all Creation, not manipulating others, not seeking power for ourselves, seeking to do justice, love mercy, and resist evil. We recognize and wrestle with the temptations to get sidetracked by pride, anger, and other attitudes and behaviors, then are motivated to use tools to restore relationships when we have harmed them. We repent when we hurt others, ourselves, our Higher Power. We're imperfectly human, doing our best, and continuing to work toward doing better. Our faith should not be denigrated, it should be elevated in contrast to the distorted, misbegotten, manipulative, controlling use of fear and ignorance to grift.

Telling the counterfeit from the true is a skill that can only be learned by studying the true. Bank tellers don't study counterfeit bills, they study the genuine ones. Likewise, those being misled by the power-hungry would do very well to find those whose faith is genuine, selfless, loving, and accepting.

Yep, agree! A lot of religions are getting rather bizarre. They are aligned with Trump, that RKP5637 Feb 2023 #1
Some of those Catholic bishops in Western Wisc Tetrachloride Feb 2023 #2
Many years ago I remember moniss Feb 2023 #5
Got you beat DENVERPOPS Feb 2023 #9
I was in school moniss Feb 2023 #36
I remember exactly what you do. What's more, I... TreasonousBastard Feb 2023 #44
And you, for stirring mine, moniss, Thank you......NC DENVERPOPS Feb 2023 #97
I remember. kskiska Feb 2023 #67
And in Missouri. debm55 Feb 2023 #73
;-( elleng Feb 2023 #3
Look into your heart.. your heart.. Deuxcents Feb 2023 #4
Very good advice. At one time I wanted to be a Sister of Charity. I didn't. I felt my mission in debm55 Feb 2023 #6
I was raised Roman Catholic, attend kindergarten and first grade PoindexterOglethorpe Feb 2023 #7
So many of us.. one way or the other, we've..can I say..survived? Deuxcents Feb 2023 #25
Yes. you have it. PoindexterOglethorpe Feb 2023 #27
THIS!!☝️ onetexan Feb 2023 #31
So was I. And I started questioning things a few years in, myself. calimary Feb 2023 #33
I Went To Catholic Schools... ProfessorGAC Feb 2023 #53
I grew up Catholic as well. I left when I realized three things: phylny Feb 2023 #72
Two things we need to be wary of FakeNoose Feb 2023 #8
You can thank JPII and Benny for that... regnaD kciN Feb 2023 #10
Wow. ShazzieB Feb 2023 #23
Yes, that's correct. JPII really got the party started with the diocese-packing. That led to... keep_left Feb 2023 #40
Oh! Well, that explains a lot! I'd already left The Church 50 yrs earlier so didn't pay... electric_blue68 Feb 2023 #51
Lol. The German Priests are in an all out opposition DenaliDemocrat Feb 2023 #63
IMO, the Catholic Church has always been a huge grifting scam. Sky Jewels Feb 2023 #11
American Catholic bishops have been awful my entire life, as far as I've been aware of them. RockRaven Feb 2023 #12
Catholics are the enemy of The KKK. AKA Southern Baptists. czarjak Feb 2023 #13
Sorry, I think you've really missed the truth. arthritisR_US Feb 2023 #20
The kkk used to be very anti Catholic, markodochartaigh Feb 2023 #34
And the Catholic Church is the enemy of women. Sky Jewels Feb 2023 #21
The KKK tried to pull their bigoted anti-Catholic bullshit here in Iowa. old as dirt Feb 2023 #43
So what?! That doesn't erase the Church's centuries of anti-women brutality and oppression! Sky Jewels Feb 2023 #56
+1 Celerity Feb 2023 #59
So what??? old as dirt Feb 2023 #90
Just because you are white doesn't make your religion "superior" (nt) old as dirt Feb 2023 #91
WTF?! When did I say that? I don't have a religion. I think ALL religion is stupid. Sky Jewels Feb 2023 #95
Religion The root of all evil! EOM tiredtoo Feb 2023 #14
Please. summer_in_TX Feb 2023 #28
+1,000,000 wnylib Feb 2023 #38
Well said. electric_blue68 Feb 2023 #49
Ignorance, fear and gullibility to grifters: The root of religion. Sky Jewels Feb 2023 #58
Look, I once shared the prejudice. summer_in_TX Feb 2023 #87
The whole framing of Christianity is incredibly damaging to women. Sky Jewels Feb 2023 #96
I find the Christian myth has a great deal of truth. Enough truth to be worth believing. summer_in_TX Feb 2023 #99
All evil? Dr. Strange Feb 2023 #93
I grew up in South Bend, IN hoosierspud Feb 2023 #15
I remember back moniss Feb 2023 #37
The Christian Church, Catholic or otherwise, has a long history of intolerance and prejudice vlyons Feb 2023 #16
Don't even pay attention to them. It's the same group of Catholic bishops that *always* go after... Hekate Feb 2023 #17
This message was self-deleted by its author Dum Aloo Feb 2023 #18
"True Catholic" and "True President" work fine for this atheist. (nt) old as dirt Feb 2023 #70
As a Lapsed, I *will*judge them. I've held on to nostalgia for"the olde religion"(after Henry VIII). UTUSN Feb 2023 #19
Realize that this is the new Right Wing that claims they are Catholic PlutosHeart Feb 2023 #22
This message was self-deleted by its author debm55 Feb 2023 #75
They're extremely conservatives ... aggiesal Feb 2023 #24
I always remeber their anthem........... DFW Feb 2023 #26
I was raised Catholic and attended samplegirl Feb 2023 #29
How dare they say that? PlanetBev Feb 2023 #30
Oh, didn't know that about Colbert. How terrible! electric_blue68 Feb 2023 #50
You know you've been powerfully brainwashed Sky Jewels Feb 2023 #80
Hey, Fadda Coughlin! Mopar151 Feb 2023 #32
Uh-oh! old as dirt Feb 2023 #52
look at it this way orleans Feb 2023 #35
Biden should leave the church Dirty Socialist Feb 2023 #39
Why should he allow himself to be bullied out of his own religion? old as dirt Feb 2023 #42
Exactly! That's like us being told to vote for a republican! imanamerican63 Feb 2023 #48
Don't give up. old as dirt Feb 2023 #88
I agree. No liberal should support the RCC. Sky Jewels Feb 2023 #79
More arguing over woo about sky beings and the wilful suspension of disbelief that is necessary to Celerity Feb 2023 #41
Well said! Sky Jewels Feb 2023 #57
It is just sad that the world's oldest con (the human invention of god/gods) is still not only Celerity Feb 2023 #61
Totally agree! And there is a YUUUUGE double standard on this site Sky Jewels Feb 2023 #65
Do Catholic Cultures have a right to exist? (nt) old as dirt Feb 2023 #84
This message was self-deleted by its author old as dirt Feb 2023 #92
My grandmother gave up on the Catholic church when.... TreasonousBastard Feb 2023 #45
President Biden is in good company. old as dirt Feb 2023 #46
I'll tell you what's disturbing, putting money in a plate on Sunday that goes to Catholic lawsuits JuJuChen Feb 2023 #47
Not to mention, if you're a woman supporting the Catholic Church, you're supporting Sky Jewels Feb 2023 #60
My wife is unlikely to quit her culture. old as dirt Feb 2023 #74
I don't really identify with a particular culture Sky Jewels Feb 2023 #78
In historical writings, I usually see that referred to as "la culture mayor". old as dirt Feb 2023 #81
No offense. But if you've recently discovered this: that surprises me. shrike3 Feb 2023 #54
No offense, but you have a history of attacking Black Catholic Cultures in the Catholic group. old as dirt Feb 2023 #77
I think the abortion issue has caused a schism in the U.S. Catholic church JustABozoOnThisBus Feb 2023 #55
The Liturgy is not the Magesterium DenaliDemocrat Feb 2023 #62
we need their names and for US parishioners to dmemand this shit stop. nt Baltimike Feb 2023 #64
Most Catholics don't follow the Church's teachings on contraception milestogo Feb 2023 #66
Not to mention divorce. old as dirt Feb 2023 #69
When I was growing up, it was uncommon for Catholics to divorce. milestogo Feb 2023 #71
A Blast from the Past old as dirt Feb 2023 #82
You can always write these Bishops letters, telling them what you think. hunter Feb 2023 #68
This message was self-deleted by its author debm55 Feb 2023 #76
Now that I think of it, ... old as dirt Feb 2023 #83
Some bishops love playing the No True Scotsman card sakabatou Feb 2023 #85
I always think it's better GenThePerservering Feb 2023 #86
When I was young - in middle school, we used to have womanofthehills Feb 2023 #89
Anyone who claims to speak for God does not have a voice worth listening to. Earth-shine Feb 2023 #94
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