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11. sorry if this is getting old the last decade but MSU and UM support 18 NRA talk radio stations
Wed Feb 15, 2023, 02:18 PM
Feb 2023

at least. MSU -11, UM 7 - fakenewsradio.org - listing 87 that support 260 NRA stations. until americans end this shit real reform on any major issue is impossible

the schools broadcast football on those stations, probably many of the loudest in the state because they are x-limbaugh stations. the school brands, athletes, and mascots are used to sell advertising to pay for free support for the NRA and everything else radical republicans want.

the RW blowhards on those stations oppose ANY gun control, in unison, while making all the excuses possible and calling for thoughts and prayers after every mass shootings. the schools are endorsing that bullshit.

those stations make it impossible for any republican politician to support gun control of any kind.

they all sell the same anti-lgbtq, KKK, immigrant-hating, replacement theory, anti abortion bullshit

i heard the local rw radio asshole yesterday suggesting buying valentines presents from a gun store.

in florida the uni of Florida supports 10 - that made excuses for parkland and pulse.

in NY syracuse university support 9 - 6 x-limbaugh, 3 other - the uni is 150 miles from the buffalo shooting, half way in between the shooter's town and buffalo by major highway.

it is idiotic for students and faculty at those schools, and progressive and dem groups in those communities, not to complain about this shit. the schools have no excuse not to reread their missions statements and look for apolitical alts.

a mere public discussion, whatever the school or its republican donors do, will scare many advertisers away. if it happens at one school others will be shamed into following. when that starts to happen the radio ad industry will have to more to democratize the NRA radio monopoly and real reform will be much more likely.

Yep. FM123 Feb 2023 #1
Good for him! I'm glad some elected officials are pushing back against (100% worthless) prayers. Sky Jewels Feb 2023 #2
The "thoughts and prayers" response.... SergeStorms Feb 2023 #5
Exactly. Sky Jewels Feb 2023 #17
Feelings Matter. czarjak Feb 2023 #3
America is a GUN ... aggiesal Feb 2023 #4
Dayum! calimary Feb 2023 #9
Feb 17, 2016: British poet Brian Bilston, aka the "poet laureate of Twitter" tweeted it NullTuples Feb 2023 #12
Thanks! I'll check. calimary Feb 2023 #23
Here are a couple of links. ... aggiesal Feb 2023 #16
Excellent! Thanks! calimary Feb 2023 #20
Check this one - from a friend malaise Feb 2023 #30
This. NewHendoLib Feb 2023 #10
Bowling for Columbine - Happiness Is a Warm Gun montage (Warning: Graphic) GGoss Feb 2023 #13
K&R Boomerproud Feb 2023 #18
This message was self-deleted by its author Boomerproud Feb 2023 #19
Ever hear about the guy who prayed every single day to win the lottery? JMCKUSICK Feb 2023 #6
I've been saying that for years. Aristus Feb 2023 #7
That's their plan IronLionZion Feb 2023 #14
Don't wanna hear about your thoughts and prayers. calimary Feb 2023 #8
sorry if this is getting old the last decade but MSU and UM support 18 NRA talk radio stations certainot Feb 2023 #11
I've noticed crossover between RW talk radio hosts and sports broadcasters, too. maxsolomon Feb 2023 #22
imo a lot of republican dysfunction and fracturing relates to his absence. they miss him big time certainot Feb 2023 #27
May they never find an adequate replacement. maxsolomon Feb 2023 #28
Well, the important part is you found a way to feel superior Act_of_Reparation Feb 2023 #25
really.... you keep up the thoughts and prayers eh? certainot Feb 2023 #26
That's a very nuanced position you've taken. Act_of_Reparation Feb 2023 #29
it's beyond me how you get to your initial comment. certainot Feb 2023 #31
How about the fundamental qualities of basic human decency? Act_of_Reparation Feb 2023 #33
Post removed Post removed Feb 2023 #34
While rightly acknowledging the outrage, sarisataka Feb 2023 #15
Kudos to Rep. Ranjeev Puri for saying what must be said Hekate Feb 2023 #21
+1 Mr. Sparkle Feb 2023 #24
Today's mass shooting is in El Paso. dsharp88 Feb 2023 #32
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