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Knock yourself out,We aren't scared of your half assed incompetent investigations Walleye Mar 2023 #1
Yes, it's going to be a useless shitshow, just like the others have been GoCubsGo Mar 2023 #21
I totally agree, gab13by13 Mar 2023 #2
this is all farce malaise Mar 2023 #3
I am confident the DOJ is investigating traitors like Loudermilk. fightforfreedom Mar 2023 #4
I see it differently, gab13by13 Mar 2023 #6
He's from Georgia. Duppers Mar 2023 #14
Yes big difference with the Plain(s) truth malaise Mar 2023 #15
You're so clever. 😁 Duppers Mar 2023 #19
Couldn't have got that one without you mentioning Jimmy Carter malaise Mar 2023 #20
I don't think he was the only tour leader. Wasn't bang bang boebert doing it too? panader0 Mar 2023 #5
Yes she was another, gab13by13 Mar 2023 #7
The Senate should open an investigation into Laudermilk's investigation Mc Mike Mar 2023 #8
Since we lost the House gab13by13 Mar 2023 #9
The Senate is investigating the Durham probe, the politicization of the tRump Justice Dept., Mc Mike Mar 2023 #10
OMG, thank you for that, gab13by13 Mar 2023 #12
No sarcasm. Mc Mike Mar 2023 #22
Example #324,678 of what happens when people are not held to bullwinkle428 Mar 2023 #11
Criminal, traitor, seditionist, conspirator. Can DOJ do something with this lying SOS? Evolve Dammit Mar 2023 #13
wouldn't it be awesome... cab67 Mar 2023 #16
DOJ must know who received the tours from Boebert and Loudermilk. The fact that wiggs Mar 2023 #17
The structure of government granted in our ..... jaxexpat Mar 2023 #18
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